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Virtual inanity: Solution to Irish border requires data and tech not yet available, MPs told

but what do I know?

less politicians (MEPs anyway)

Reliable system was so reliable, no one noticed its licence had expired... until it was too late

but what do I know?

Re: each drunken idiot's immediate head

On the flip side, if you wanted to replace an old system "Y2K concerns" helped stack the business case in your favour.

Intel applies hobnailed boot to countries where its men and women workers aren't paid the same

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Re: Sure

How much of that 25 years experience is still relevant? A senior developer with 7 years experience should be performing at a level that will not be surpassed by somebody whose only difference is more years experience. It's IT not rocket science.

UK.gov to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections

but what do I know?
Big Brother


- the most expensive option - and totally unnecessary as the human holding the scanner can read the voter card (unless this is a precursor to a fully automated voting/citizen management system?)


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