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Atlassian: Look at our ginormous Jira revenues!



Our team has switched to jira for no good reason except to justify the position of a new employee who seems to do nothing but micromanage our bug tracker. We get flooded with notifications for every little adjustment, whether the manager tweaks the labels or blows his nose. The interface is crap with poorly labeled gray-on-gray buttons (which turn the mouse cursor into the type-text cursor when pointed at) and the gray-on-gray text is hard to read, flooded with garbage comments like, "Collin made (unspecified) changes 5 minutes ago."

Jira has made our productivity plummet.

IBM’s McAfee-as-a-service cloudy antivirus wobbled for nearly a day


No SuckAfee for me

McAfee made it clear it didn't want my family's business years ago when first it refused to install on my Windows 98 system merely because I didn't have Internet Explorer 6 installed, then a half decade later when I tried to help my mother renew her McAfee subscription but was refused because her billing postal code coincidentally was also used in a Middle Eastern region and the idiot payment processor developers were too lazy to actually correlate the user's postal code with the rest of the address.

I recently bought a new laptop that came with a one-year subscription of McAfee antivirus. Day one, I uninstalled McAfee and installed something else.

Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads


Typical data misrepresentation

44.2 million iPads vs world-wide laptop sales... which add up to 122.6, nearly 3x the iPad sales.

Ford could likewise claim that the Edsel was the most successful automobile of its era because more adults bought one than kids did bicycles, skateboards, or roller skates.

Microsoft claims Office 364 back to business as usual. Oh no it isn't, say suffering sysadmins


I delete it

I recently bought a new laptop that came with a free trial for Office three-sixty-whatever. Day one, I uninstalled it because I don't need it, don't want it. A recent compulsory Windows 10 update reinstalled it, so again I uninstalled it. I get the feeling I'm going to have to keep doing this after each big update.


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