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First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista


Quick Launch?

Dare I ask whether any useful parallel to Quick Launch remains? It's the most useful thing about any Windows taskbar - a couple of rows of small, regularly used app shortcuts!

Nikon D90 digital SLR with HD video recording


Casio EX-F1

As far as I can see, the EX-F1 isn't an SLR.

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers

Thumb Down

When the record industry tries the technical

It's unfortunate that the record industry is both powerful and backwards. Stil, at least one fortunate consequence is that because of how outdated they are, they have an equally unenlightened view of technology.

With the decentralised infrastructure of P2P, and the content transferred over it being partial and encrypted, I can't see that they can take any relevant action short of disconnecting the entire nation from the internet.

Casio demos 'world's fastest-shooting' digicam


Could be an SLR

There's no obvious reason why it's necessarily NOT an SLR.

SLR means single lens reflex, i.e. look through the viewfinder and you see through the lens. If you lock the mirror up, and happen to have a sensor that can capture video or lots of images together, it doesn't disqualify it from being an SLR. Indeed the new SLRs such as the D3 can do exactly that.


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