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Tesla's Autopilot is losing out to Ford, GM in self-driving tech


AutoPilot, years ago

Back in the age of saber tooth cats, Popular Science Magazine had an article about the new "super highways". Each lane was for different speeds, 70, 80, 90, 100 mph. Your vehicle was controlled by a device mounted beside the engine and picked up signals from a wire embedded in the road. You got to speed in one lane, moved to the next and so on until you traveled at the desired speed. The device maintained safe distance between vehicles, kept speed at the desired rate, and handled all driving needs such as steering and selecting radio stations as you traveled across country. You put in the destination you wanted to get off and you were eased into the slower traffic toward your exit point.

They didn't address the needs of the driver and passenger, such as restroom and dining stops, or the need to refuel the vehicle. I guess there would have been male/female "relief tubes" to handle the wet end of that problem.

A really good idea that didn't catch on. Since the advent of EVs, this would have been a good way to power the electric motors on long trips, with a chance to recharge along the way. Toll stations at the exits would bill for miles driven for the EV.

Google institutional investor calls for wider cuts: 30k jobs


If this guy only holds the .27% as El Reg claims, why is Google afraid of him. Tell him no, and when he says he'll sell his stock at a loss, advertise it as a way for people to get Google stock at fire-sale prices and for others to hold onto their stock as it will go back up.

Boffins say Martian colonists could pee in buckets, give blood if they want shelter


Re: If I'm not mistaking

I agree. The tests should also let you know if the Urobricks would make a gas proof barrier. You wouldn't want to build a shelter that leaks your oxygen, would you?

Crims steal data on 40 million T-Mobile US customers


As if I didn't need that last push to get off T-Mobile. I have as of yet not seen a notice from T-Mobile about this data breach.

Intel offers desktop chip that can hit 6GHz if everything goes right, you can keep it cool, stars align, pigs fly


How about all of these running at

8Ghz and better. https://hwbot.org/benchmark/cpu_frequency/rankings#start=0#interval=20

A lot of AMD FX chips have done it over the years, and a few Celeron chips.

Using liquid Helium under certain conditions makes chips go faster. Been proven since the days we used to put motherboards into dorm fridges to get more umph out of them.

Forget the climate: Steep prices the biggest reason EV sales aren't higher


Like many here in the USA, my vacations rarely take up less than 2,000 miles of travel. A trip to the closest beach is 500 miles, trip to the mountains about the same. I've made many trips to the beach over the years leaving at 6AM and getting back home before midnight. How can I do that with a EV? I generally make the trip and have gas left when i get home, driving a V-8 truck.

A trip through the Smokies needs a vehicle that can pull you uphill for about 80 miles after you get to Turnerville, Ga., and not make you pull over for an hour or so to charge up enough to get to the next charger. And there is hardly anywhere in the Smokies to put chargers except the Ranger stations and Clingmans dome.

I take trips from mid Ga. to Washington, DC, Florida Keys, all over Texas, New Orleans. On some trips I'll go through as many as 7 different states, and that covers more territory than England.

So the guy goes mountain biking in the winter? If he likes doing that, why not?

Tesla driver blames full-self-driving software for eight-car Thanksgiving Day pile up


You can drive as careful as you can--

and use all the "manufacturer installed safety features" and can still have situations where some other idiot tries their best to get you killed.

My Camry has the adaptive cruise control. If I'm on an Interstate highway, I turn it off, unless there is very little traffic. I've had the thing on and kept the distance the radar thought was right. Someone wanting to pass the car in front of them decided to swerve into my lane and pass. The "adaptive" monstrosity quickly applied the brakes and almost stopped the car in 70+ mph traffic. After several times of this happening, I shut it off and drove normally, and closed to a space where others wouldn't normally think of trying to get in. BUT, being in Atlanta, Ga traffic, those folks think over four feet is a merge lane.

I also did away with the "lane error" gizmo. Driving on a curved bridge that was 100 feet above the Chesapeake Bay, and a low retaining wall, I wanted to stay as close to inside line as I could. The damn thing kept trying to make me steer right as I would sometimes get close to the line. By trying I mean it actually was making the steering wheel pull to the right as i was pulling to the left. When I could get off the highway, I went through the manual and disabled it through the dash controls.

Next car will be a used car for about 2K, spend about 15K to get it where I want it, and not deal with all the so called "safety features".


Re: can you set the cruise control to a speed which is illegal on a given road?

Such as the marijuana (non)enforcement in many areas even though it is still illegal by Federal Law.

Right to bear arms Is Not conditional for a well regulated militia. The right to bear arms is given to THE PEOPLE, not the militia.

the armed populace is part of the militia.

Data loss prevention emergency tactic: keep your finger on the power button for the foreseeable future


Re: The "half click" and related moves

Ok, what's up with the unit hate on the 'muricans when brits measure a person's weight in Stone? Can't go all of the way and use Kg's?

I'm from the USA and I don't hate the use of stone in a persons' weight figures. But, I'm not familiar with what a British "stone" weighs. Is it where you go to the local quarry, find a stone you like and declare this is what I will use as a measure? Is it an equal weight as the "Stone Of Destiny"?

Could it be that someone on a walking adventure in the hill country was crushed by a large stone falling off the face of the escarpment, the fellow with him incuriously asked "How much does that stone weighs to have made Percival (don't know if that's his real name.) as flat, and as thick, as a leaf." One of the other hikers declares "Egad, we should use that as a weight measurement, but what shall we call it?" Another chirps "We shall call it a Percival (Again not sure about the name.) as that it was he who left behind his mortal shell to give us this unit of measure." The well lubricated member of the group makes an observation. "I would wager that if we remove the stone to recover Percival (Still not sure on the name, but I digress), we would find that being the stone landed on the top of his skull and compree-compris-oh bloody hell, squished him straight down, we could most likely pull him up straight, punch a few holes in his chest, and play him like a concertina."

"We shall deal with your inexcusable frivolity later. Percival (Damn, I've got to figure who that guy was, really.) is dead. DEAD, dead, no longer living, gone to the great beyond, reaping his heavenly reward, partying with the angels" COULD SOMEBODY GET THIS BLOODY ROCK OFF ME? "Percival (does anybody know what his name is?), you are alive?" "Yes, I am alive, but I don't feel well."

While removing the rock, the well lubricated member said, "Well, I guess we shall just call our new unit of measure Stone!"

Don't know if that's how it went, but, if someone could tell me two things.

How many Imperial gallons would equal the weight of a Stone.

Was Percival his real name?

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Re: This reply so you can't moan about no reply for the downvote.

Roadkill, one of my favorite TV shows on MotorTrend, along with Engine Masters.

US Supreme Court asked if cops can plant spy cams around homes


Re: Solution....

Just mount a a plug in laser on a gimbaled base and aim it at the camera. Cops come by and complain, tell them not to put a camera where it looks into the laser, in the bedroom, of my daughter/wife.

International cops arrest hundreds of fraudsters, money launderers and cocaine kingpins


Re: A safety measure

Here in the US of A, we get phone calls that sometimes come from familiar numbers,but aren't who you wish to talk to. My son actually answered a call that said it was coming from the cell phone in his hands.

I love getting the calls about my "vehicle warranty". Call come on with the recorded hook, "our agent has the paperwork concerning your car and will speak with you shortly". You hold a few seconds and you hear, "Please give me the make and model of your car, please."

Didn't I just hear hat you have the paperwork on your desk concerning my car? "Yes, i do. I just need to confirm some information about your car."

Which one? "Huh?" Which car? Is it a truck, sedan, van, SUV, or a semi-truck? "Which one needs the warranty?" Look on your paperwork and tell me which one you think needs it? "LOOK, I just need to get some information on the vehicle that needs the warranty!" I'm trying to help you, but getting loud with me is not helping you cover my vehicle. So, which vehicle are you calling about?

I've been referred to "managers" 'supervisors" and "bosses" and just keep asking the same thing. I've also tied them up for as much as a half hour.

We now get the infamous "V" calls (VOIP). When I see that, I answer, "Please leave your full name, the name and address of the company you work for, the company phone number with your extension number, your home address and phone number, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and your mothers' maiden name."

Just something to do to spend part of my day since I retired.

Microsoft mulls cheap PCs supported by ads, subs


The same thing was done with AOL subscriptions. I kept pointing out to customers the difference between the "free" machines and ones that could be upgraded (Ram, CPU, hard drive, etc). Also, you paid more for the AOL in the subscription mode that if you signed up using the thousands of AOL disks you got each year in the mail and magazines (you got one every week in the Sunday newspaper). At the end of the subscription you had paid enough to buy a better computer and monitor and still get on AOL.

Note: On the "free" computers, RAM, CPU, and almost everything else was soldered onto the motherboard. No upgrades, no repair if something went wrong.

HP's consumer PC biz shrinks by a fifth as inflation bites


I've already told HP-

That after the experience with the printer I bought several months ago that I will NEVER buy another HP printer again. Why I had to log in to use my printer, multiple times, while setting it up was not only inconvenient, but also a problem since every time I would be asked to log in, a pop-up with a "secure password" would show up on the screen.

I also reminded them that I am a computer tech at a big box office supply store and I HAD BEEN a proponent of their Office Jet Pro products. No more. I will advise customers of my experience and direct them to Brother and Epson printers from here on.

Convicted felon busted for 3D printing gun parts


Re: So what's this "second amendment" then ?

The right wasn't given to the "well regulated militia, it was given the "the people". No where does the 2nd say that someone has to be part of a militia.


Re: Can any American gun enthusiasts please explain

Form 4473, Question 21, subsection c. "Have you ever been convicted in any court, including a military court, of a felony, or any other crime for which the judge could have imprisoned you for more than one year, even if you received a shorter sentence including probation?"

If you have ever been convicted of a felony, you are barred from ownership of a firearm. Many states also have the provision that you may not even be around firearms, such as visiting a gun shop or a shooting range.

Lying on the Form 4473 is in itself a felony with punishment of a fine up $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Also, ask why Hunter Biden isn't in jail for his alleged lying on the Form 4473 he filled out when he purchased his handgun.

Google, YouTube ban election trolls ahead of US midterms


The laptop is not my major concern with Hunter Biden. Mine is why isn't he in jail for the alleged falsifying on his Form 4473 when he purchased a handgun. He reportedly lied on two of the questions asked. He claimed he was not dishonorably discharged from the armed forces, Question 11 g, and he claimed he had not been addicted to drugs, Question 11 e.

A yes answer to any of the qualifying questions on the Form 4473 results in results in a "No Sale" of a firearm. Lying on a Form 4473 is considered a felony. Thus, he allegedly committed two felonies.

At the top of the page is this warning.

"Certain violations of the Gun Control Act , 18 U.S.C. para 921 et. seq., are punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and/or $250,000 fine"

Where has the investigation on this matter gone, and why not reported in the media?

General Motors charges mandatory $1,500 fee for three years of optional car features


For several years-

I've been thinking about starting a business that takes older cars and repair/restore them to a "like new" condition. No showroom stuff, but good dependable, derivable, safe vehicles you would want your teenage daughter to drive each day.

About the only changes I'd make standard is all wheels have disc brakes, an EFI system for better gas mileage and emissions, bluetooth sound system, and better seats.

late 50, 60, and most 70 vehicles would be optimal.

Price it comparable to a new sedan, with a decent warranty, and you could make a killing.

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15


Have you ever?

I worked at a computer store in the US. I once had a woman bring in her computer because it had an "unusual" problem and asked if I could check it out somewhere off the floor. The Tech Bench was located in an open area, and the pull down doors were metal mesh so we could check on the progress of repair without having to open a door.

Told the manager of her request and was told to take it in the break room since it was early enough in the day that no one should be using it.

She told me to not connect it to the internet as that brought out the "problem", and if I was "prudish".

I told her, as i was booting up her computer, that I had seen some things on various computers that would shock the devil himsel--"HOLY SH*T" What the hell, How did that get on your computer? Never mind, I don't want to know. Mam, would you please lean on the door for a few minutes while I shut this down. I didn't want one of our teenage cashiers walking in and having a seizure.

On her screen were six different porn videos playing in their own screens, and the center displayed her normal desktop.

Called the store manager and told him of the reason there would be a screen covered with a box and a sheet of cardboard in the Tech bench and to warn all other managers to not lift the box or move the cardboard.

Since she did not want to do a full reset, it took several days to clean the computer and install AV software. There was one very persistent Trojan that kept loading itself back on the hdd. I finally convinced her to let me install a new hdd and do a fresh install and NO we cannot transfer any data between the two.

California state's gun control websites expose personal data


How can there be a database on something that doesn't exist?

The term "assault weapons" was first used in a newspaper article of the Hutchinson News (Kansas) in 1978 to describe what the reporter thought of the AR-15, Valmets 7.62x39, and the Wilkinson-Terry Carbine. The phrase has been picked up by anti-gunners to confuse those with little knowledge of firearms to thinking of assault rifles like the German machine gun Hitler gave the description of an assault rifle.

For years I've had to try and correct this confusion of calling the AR-15 "semi-auto machine gun", the AR means assault rifle, it sprays bullets as long as you hold down the trigger, and the worst one is "it's the weapon of choice for school shootings". It actually ranks behind handguns and is close to shotguns in it's usage.

BUT, now you see why we are against these firearm data bases. IF you have to have one, keep it on paper, not on line.

Firefox kills another tracking cookie workaround


Re: MY PC loves cookies!

I have the same set-up. Cookies, browser history, web tracking-gone. Then run CCleaner to get rid of the rest.

Your software doesn't work when my PC is in 'O' mode


Re: How friggin' tough could it be to just print the words?

An actual universal signal would not be hard to come up with. My idea is to make the switch with two different images of a light-bulb. On would be represented by a light-bulb with lines representing rays coming out of it representing that the bulb is "lit". The other representing off would have the bulb with an X through it showing "off".

If you've ever seen a comic strip, you would associate the images with off and on.

It's not really alien technology, you know.

Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools


Re: "horse back riding"

Considering that many times no saddle was used (many of the farm boys couldn't afford one, and why would you saddle a plow horse in the first place) it just meant that you were riding the horse back and not a saddle.

You could ride a horse, with saddle, or you could be horse back riding without a saddle.


Re: A couple of points

Upvote for the ingenious use of profanity to combat a KAREN.

'Universal processor' company Tachyum joins European HPC think tank


Pictures, and tours

Pictures please, or it never happened. Also, can i get to take a tour of your facility?

BOFH: So you want to have your computer switched out for something faster? It's time to learn from the master


The desktop I'm typing on now started life as a Win 95 machine, upgraded to Win 98SP, Win 7, and finally to Win 10. When I download programs, pdfs, music, photos, videos, whatever, I transfer it to a 1.5 TB external drive.

Runs fine, fast, though not as fast as my gaming machine, but good enough to do whatever I need (even video editing).

I run CCleaner once a week, defrag after that. No buildup of trackers or cookies to slow me down.

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag


Re: Ban cars?

You must be one of those that post what your controllers tell you to.

Check what states have the highest homicide rate per capita. Then look at what states have the more restrictive gun laws.

While you're at it, look at Kennesaw, Ga. They have a mandatory ownership law on the books. Only if you have a moral or religious objection to firearms ownership, a physical disability, or mental disability you are exempt. If you can pass the Form 4473 and background check, you are required to have a firearm in your home.

Check what their crime rate is.

EU lawmakers vote to ban sales of combustion engine cars from 2035


Re: In other words...

My flying car and jet pack will be delivered next week? I've been waiting on those for close to 70 years.

Declassified and released: More secret files on US govt's emergency doomsday powers


Re: All risks are relative

I think you may have an exaggerated sense of how commonly people are shot by cops in the US. It's indeed dramatically more common than in any other country, and is much more of a danger to Americans than (say) mass murders with assault weapons,

Sorry, but I still haven't found anyone that manufactures "assault weapons". could you give an example please?

Spam is back with a vengeance. Luckily we can't read any of it


Re: Snail mail can be just as bad

I get financial statements for the guy I bought this house from, 6 years ago. I've left notes on the envelope when returned as "no longer lives here" asking them to call him since I don't have a forwarding address.

I changed phones when I moved here and I still get calls and texts from people looking for her. In 2020, on Christmas Eve, I got a call from her parents wishing her a merry Christmas. They were surprised when I asked them how long had it been since they had talked to their daughter since I had gotten the number in 2016.

Now when i get a call asking for her, I start with "What has she done now? Don't tell me, nope, don't want to know. When did she give you this number?" Turns out she is still using this number to apply for loans and credit cards.

BOFH: You'll have to really trust me on this team-building exercise


Re: Odd.

It was ODD that Jamie got a note asking him to be in the gym later that night. He was met with two of the employees that wanted to work out a problem with the exercises. They discussed the problem at point with Jamie and left a few hours later.

Next morning the BOSS found a note from Jamie on his door saying he had to leave for an emergency, but had left an exercise set up in the hotel gym, and left instructions on how to do the exercise and how it was to help the "teamwork" of those participating.

After a suitable breakfast everyone gathered in the gym. They found a punching bag suspended from the ceiling, four baseball bats, two sets of latex gloves, and a partial roll of duct tape.

The instructions were to put on the gloves, stand on opposing sides of the punching bag, and hit the bag in a rhythmic pace so that the bag would swing back and forth in an ever increasing arc.

For some reason the PFY picked up the partial roll of duct tape at this time and asked if anyone knew what it was for. No one responded, so he threw it in the trash with his best basketball throw, making sure everyone watched as it flew in the air to the nearest trash can. Everybody watched and sighed when he didn't make throw.

The reason given for the exercise was to help those who felt under appreciated to work out their frustrations on the bag, while being urged on by co-workers to "hit harder."

After all the teams had finished, the PFY and BOFH decided they needed another go at it.

Nobody really noticed that as the day went on, the weight in the bag settled to the bottom.

Failed gambler? How about an algorithm that predicts the future


Re: Half full or empty

None of the Above: The cup has reached it's nominal functionality by achieving only a 50% rate of capacity.

US Army to build largest 3D-printed structures in the Americas


Re: I wonder if it would be simpler

That would be a good way to recycle waste plastic. I've made the suggestion to use waste plastic to make similar blocks for use in road building where a road has to cross a marsh or narrow body of water.


Re: Finally- a solution for the homeless

If you need multi-story, just put in the parameters of an outside staircase. Use preformed, pre-stressed concrete slabs for floors using epoxy to help fill in the small gaps/level the floors. Then move the printer to the next floor.

Finishing would really not be a problem since there wouldn't be a need for any water supply except for a sink. Power lines wold have to come through a drilled hole, or a previously placed piece of pvc conduit.

Flooring would be industrial carpeting or "grass mat" style covering.

Remember that these would not be used for permanent housing, but a place for the homeless to have an address to use when applying for jobs, relief benefits, and as an anchor place until they can find housing.

Then again, if there is sufficient open land around the city, why make it multi-story?


Finally- a solution for the homeless

The 3-D printed concrete housing could be a boon for cities that have a homeless population. Build a central structure with a kitchen and laundry, barracks in clusters of four each, and a shower/toilet facility in the center of each group connected by covered walkways.

Some could be further divided to hold family units for those with small children.

Could also be a way to house those displaced by natural disasters.

The time you solved that months-long problem in 3 seconds


Re: F--- that, Oh Fornicat the penguin

Even here in the US we know that little quaint ville isn't far from Giggleswitch.

BOFH: The Geek's Countergambit – outwitted at an electronics store


Re: Dibert has the answer

Which is similar to what Richard Pryor did in the Superman movie.

Windows 11 growth at a standstill amid stringent hardware requirements


Wasn't Win 10 suppossed to be

The last version of Windows with only incremental updates? I seem to recall that when MS was trying to roll out this was one of the features of installing it over your copy of 7 or 8.

If so, why hasn't anyone sued MS for false advertising?

Will Chinese giants defy US sanctions on Russia? We asked a ZTE whistleblower


Re: The USA will use any excuse to preserve its hegemony

"But war is being planned." Could you quote your sources?

"Taiwan is being armed with US missiles-a fact not lost on China" Well, we've backed them for over 70 years with more than missiles, so I'm pretty sure that China could just about tell you where the missiles are and their capability. No news there.

"I think China has had enough of being lectured by fat Americans who only bring war." The US really doesn't want to bring war and try to prevent it as much as humanly possible. Many legislators have had experience with war, Vietnam, Grenada, Persian Gulf, and other conflicts and don't wish to send other Americans off to fight if we don't have to. But then again, we don't back down to support those who are being oppressed or invaded.

I'm just wondering if this is from a Russian dis-information bot, or a Chinese one.

Dems propose privacy-respecting digital dollar


Money loser? Black hole for data?

How is using cash a money loser? There is no transaction fee for using it. Black hole for data? What data is needed to use cash? You total up the sale, enter the amount of cash given to you, give back change. No ID, no SSN, no card needed. No data is passed unless you use a loyalty card.

Nope, a solution with no problem to answer.

A tale of two dishwashers: Buy one, buy it again, and again


I just did that for Rubles. $0.75 will get you 100 rubles. I wouldn't mind buying them at that rate, as long as they send me the actual coins.

Russian 'Minecraft bomb plot' teen jailed for five years


Re: I'd like to say....

Here in the southern USA, we learned to make firearms from bike parts, matches, charcoal, and a lighter.

You could make ones that fired anything from a BB to a 410 shotshell, all from stuff sitting around most houses.Of course, at the same time we were being bombarded with news of how China would over run us with waves of soldiers and Russia would try to bomb us into submission.

All our parents were WWII era, so they felt the instruction was the old motto of "Be Prepared".

No, I've not read the screen. Your software must be rubbish


As we have found out so many times over so many late nights-

The real problem is usually the interface between the chair and the keyboard.

Comcast fixes broadband cables 'peppered' with holes after Oakland drive-by shooting


Re: Wow.

Won't work, you can easily make your own. Many competition shooters and hunters do it, all you have to do is pick up your empty casings, it's the only part you can't easily make in your garage.

you can, but there is a lot of physical work and effort, not to mention the cost of the drawing dies and press. you could use a 20 ton bench press in a pinch.


Now there is a limit on how many times you can reuse a casing before it's bound to fail (mostly in an annoying but not dangerous way), but it does definitely help lower the bill, even with the current ammunition prices.

Ammo prices are out of sight right now. Last gun show I went to a box of 20 9mm defense loads was $69.99.

FMJ went for almost $100 per 50 round box. Luckily, I reload.

Getting back to the making of cartridge cases, the Filipino Scouts and irregular troops made some of their 30-06 cases from curtain rods while being chased by the Japs in WWII.


Re: Rockford!

What does being close to Indiana have to do with Chicago crimes? Are people from Indiana coming to Chicago and committing murder, just to leave and go home.

PolitiFact is not someplace I would look for unbiased news.

But, to make you feel better, Chicago DOES have some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books.

A politician, entertainer, sports hero, and people that make large contributions to the "party in control"

can get a gun permit and concealed carry. How about they let the folks that need that protection from the ones that prey on the defenseless have firearms? Why does those in charge go into some neighborhoods only with a platoon of police/swat protection but don't allow those who live there a chance to protect themselves and their loved ones?

Have you ever read the US Constitution? What is the first three words of the preamble? Who does the 2nd Amendment give the right to "keep and bear arms"? It damn sure isn't the militia.

It's fake ooze, don't fall for fake ooze: Alien fossils found on Mars might just be simple chemistry, uni pair warn


Re: Never mind fossils

Now you see it....


Now you don't


I see it in both photos.

Guntrader breach perp: I don't think it's a crime to dump 111k people's details online in Google Earth format


Re: My ten cents (or pence)

It will let you only read the first two paragraphs.

Complete opposite here in the US.

The "left" in the US don't believe in the Constitution. They invariably violate the 1st Amendment by not allowing anyone to voice a differing opinion, down to destroying places that conservatives are scheduled to speak. They want to abolish the 2nd because they are afraid of firearms, particularly the "scary looking" ones.

A Ruger 10/22 semi-auto rifle, firing .22 caliber rim fire shells can be made,by their definition, an "assault rifle" by clanging out the standard stock to an aftermarket one.

They don't believe in choice, they believe that you should have what they want you to have.

Dozens of Iranian media websites devoured by the Great Satan, apparently


Re: Pravda?

Examples please. People spread lies about the new laws in Georgia. I offer them a copy of the new law, with each line of the document numbered, and ask for them to show where "voter suppression" is in the new law.

"They voted out the ballot drop boxes!" Ballot drop boxes were never voted in as law, it was a resolution due to the pandemic. They DID vote in that at least one ballot drop box has to be available, in a monitored location, in each county.

"They want you to have to show an ID before you can vote. My grandma can't get to the DMV and get a

state issued ID." I guess you missed out on reading the lines of what is an approved ID.

Does your granny get a Social security check, use Medicare/Medicaid? Does she have a Social Security Card then? Guess what, she already has one of the acceptable IDs.

"They set up the precincts so the lines are too long, you get thirsty, and hungry, and wait too long."

Water can be given out by poll workers if the line is long, food vendors (not representatives of candidates) can sell food and drinks, if the line is too long (more than an hour wait) in metro areas a bus set up for the election and extra poll workers will arrive and handle the overflow. (Yes, all that is in the new law.)

so, just keep listening to Sister Stacy, who is under investigation of attempting to register people from out of state, ineligible to vote (prisoners, illegal aliens) and dead people for the 2020 races.

Bringing gigabit internet to Rural America requires equitable spectrum access, claims industry body


One way to fix this

I've repeatedly proposed that the utility services share the cost of burying a 6 foot high, oval shaped pipeline along the right-of-way for rural roads. One side would carry electrical service, The other side would carry phone, fiber, and cable lines. A platform in the bottom of the pipe would provide a protected area for gas pipelines.

Similar underground pipelines could carry the high tension lines.

This would negate the need for telephone poles (actually misnamed since most are owned by the power companies), high tension tower lines, and power poles used to tie the houses into the power lines.

One upside to the underground infrastructure would be that the utilities would be protected from disasters like the outbreak of tornadoes we have had here in the southeast US, the damage done by ice storms and broken branches, and the never ending problem of some drivers who for different reasons go "Off-roading" and knock down the poles. Knocked down poles usually get fixed in a day. Problems like the tornado outbreak, blizzards, and hurricanes sometimes take weeks with crews from several states called in to help do the repairs. In 2017 we had part of a hurricane come through mid-Georgia and power was out four days. For two days our area was shut off due to the large number of trees blocking roads. If the underground utility pipeline had been in use, power, phone, and internet would have still been available.

Starlink's latent China crisis could spark a whole new world of warcraft


Re: A question

IF the shed/shack/utility room had a fiberglass panel roof. I have seen some dishes inside attics where there was a skylight.