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Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


Re: "psychologist Mindy Mechanic"

I thought the phrase went "When you're a kid with a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

What are you gonna do? Give me detention? Illinois schools ban pyjamas in online classes


Re: Mighty Maxim

There used to be (still is? I don't know ... it was forty years ago, or thereabouts) a gambling & drinking establishment in Auburn, California. I can't remember their name, but I do remember their bumpersticker:

<bar logo & name> "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear"

There was also the establishment that had a large replica of a revolver across the front. The name was Pistol Dawn.

their logo, "Drink All Night, Pistol dawn".


Re: Having

answered work calls while lying in a bed (in hospital wired to the machine that goes "ping")

I heard many years ago that the NHS loves the "machine that goes PING".

Yes, yes, that machine, with the melodious voice that every few minutes goes piiinngggg.

Toshiba formally and finally exits laptop business


Around 2015

You could put one on display, come back a few weeks later and pick it up, and all the case screws would fall out. Saw quite a few where the hinges just came loose.

Another anti-immigrant rant goes viral in America – and this time it's by a British, er, immigrant tech CEO


Re: We hear these stories all the time

Hi person. Greetings from the Byron, Ga. USA. Home of Middle Georgia Raceway where the 1970 Pop Festival was held.

Smiley because, well sometimes one is needed.

Cool IT support drones never look at explosions: Time to resolution for misbehaving mouse? Three seconds


it quits working when I----

One problematic fix i had to do was an older gentleman kept bringing in his laptop complaining that his wi-fi quit working. Turn on laptop, connect to my wi-fi, worked fine every time he brought the laptop in.

Shortly before I retired he had the laptop back in. My wi-fi isn't working, and hasn't worked properly since the last time i saw you.

Again, connected to the wi-fi I used and it worked fine (I had learned to just leave the connection in the list).

Showed him it worked fine and again asked if he had any problems with his other wireless devices.

He said he never had any problems with his phone or tablet, but every time he plugged in the Ethernet cord, his wi-fi quit working on his laptop.

Cue Loony Tunes music and a Yosemite Sam angry face.

Hooray, space boffins have finally got InSight lander's heat probe back into Martian ground again


Game time

Supervisor: You've been at that for almost six months. Any progress?

Boffins: Not much. This is the slowest game I've ever played.

Supervisor: What game are you playing?

Boffins together: Why, Whack-A-Mole sir.

OK, so you've air-gapped that PC. Cut the speakers. Covered the LEDs. Disconnected the monitor. Now, about the data-leaking power supply unit...


All you gotta do is---

play some bagpipe music, very loudly.

Good folk of Forfar: Alan Hattel would like you all to know he's not dead despite what it says on his tombstone


Re: Spike Mulligan...


Here Lies Lester Moore

Four Slugs From A 44

No Less

No Moore

Actual grave marker in Boothill Graveyard Tombstone, Arizona

We’ve had enough of your beach-blocking shenanigans, California tells stubborn Sun co-founder: Kiss our lawsuit


Re: U.S. Constitution says what?

I would say that you need to get rid of the democrats. Try and get as many independents elected as you can.


Re: Americans are so polite

That's because in California only the rich (in general) can get permits and get armed protection.

The state legislature tries their best to disarm the populace, even though the Constitution says they can't.

Note: Celebrities, actors (even ones not American citizens), politicians, and the rich can get their permits, but regular citizens somehow or the other get their applications "lost".

BOFH: The case of the Boss's hidden USB inkjet printer


They could have said---

"Sorry, you were in the hospital, but now they've sent you to Hospice. We've had requests for organs to transplant, and some folks are in a hurry."

ACLU sues America's border cops: Tell us everything about these secret search teams targeting travelers


Re: "and believes the government needs to be accountable"

Another person that doesn't understand laws and regulations for buying military equipment.

Short of a nuclear warhead, any civilian with a Class III Federal Firearms license can buy and use any military surplus they wish.

M-16, M-60, M1-A1 tanks, Patriot Missile systems, I've even been to a government auction where bids were taken on a Minuteman missile.

Class III FFL applicants undergo very strict background and FBI checks.

Myself, I have permits and licenses to import "ammunition, components, firearms, and weapons of mass destruction" from Canada. My background checks from both countries took several months to complete, so it's not anything like the ATF Form 4473 and NICS background checks.

Internet jerk with million-plus fans starts 14-year stretch for bizarre dot-com armed robbery



Were these students mainly of the female persuasion, and possibly partialy undressed?

Londoner admits illegally accessing National Lottery accounts


Re: Statistically speaking, his chances of a prison sentence are low.

The chances of winning "anything" in a lottery is really 50%. You either win something, or you don't.

The alien since it isn't like an astronomical problem.

Are you who you say you are, sir? You are? That's all fine then


You are #1 in the Que

Tried to contact a streaming service about signing up. Went to their "chat room". Started chat, asked my questions, and hit send.

"You are #1 in the Que, a representative will be with you in a moment."

Five minutes later, "All Representatives are busy at the moment, we will start the chat when one gets available. you are number 6 in the Que".

This is underneath the banner advising 24/7 award wining support help.

Every few minutes the message came up with me getting farther down the line

UNTILL, someone brings up the chat page.

While I'm typing my response, the chat page closes.

Guess they didn't want my money, which they didn't get.

Chef melts under heat, will 86 future deals with family-separating US immigration agencies


Re: Good to know that they are not proponents of border security

Exactly! What about when OBAMA set up the immigration policies you are fussing about. Why didn't he/you protest when Obama had the children put in cages? Why didn't he/you protest when Obama started the separation policies? Don't blame Trump. Blame Obama.

You don't research who started what, you just go along with the "what can we blame Trump for today" crew.

Chef roasted for tech contract with family-separating US immigration, forks up attempt to quash protest


I like redheads, I'm partially disabled, I do business with blacks (often in my home), I'm not a woman, but I don't care if she's cute or not. I'm like Reverend Ike. As far as business goes, I don't see black, white, red, or yellow. I see green.


I see a lot of IRS audits in the future

Want to pull the software away from everybody just because you don't like the government? How many lawsuits for lost productivity from customers? Breach of contract?

IRS audits for him, his accountant, his family, his business, for years past.

Loss of future business?

The guy is more than likely screwed for the next 10-15 years.


Re: Flaming idiot, social justice warrior and political hack

"Locking them up and mistreating and abusing and neglecting them to the point of having many die is also illegal."

Links to proof of this would be nice, if you could ever find one.

If you have large numbers of refugees showing up, it takes time to process the cases.

The citizens are tired of the "refugees" coming in, given a court date for their case to be heard, and the "refugees" disappear and never show up.

California, where most of the "let them in" protesters live, has several large military bases that have been closed down. There are thousands of units of base housing and barracks that could be used to house them in fenced in, gated areas. Couple of security personnel at the gates and roving patrols to keep everything safe could insure that there is a place where family units could stay together.

Of course those who are loudest protesting the conditions of the refugee camps could take legal and financial responsibility for a busload at their home.

When the migrants show up at the border and fill out the paper declaring refugee status, each member is implanted with an RFID chip for identification purposes.

The chip would remain until the refugee status is removed. Note: Refugee status is not a permanent visa. Status is in effect until the situation that made the person request to be a refugee has ended.

Refugees are not actually immigrants.

Eighty-year-old US 'web scam man' on the run after pocketing $250,000 in Dem 'donations'


Re: Apparently he escaped to Mexico...

Who will ask him to set up a deal like his to funnel funds to an "undisclosed account".

US soldier cleared of taking armoured vehicle out for joyride – because he's insane, court says


Re: "gun" used to mean a non-portable projectile weapon

Sorry, but you are way wrong about there only being single shot firearms during the American Revolution, much less when the Constitution was written.

The Continental Congress gave a contract to John Cookson for 100 of his lever action repeating rifles based on the Lorenzoni system, which was developed in 1660. Cookson also offered his gun for general sale in Boston Globe advertisements.

If you are in England,an example of the Cookson repeater can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum, British Galleries, Room 56, The Djanogly Gallery, Case 5.

There were also Cookson model repeater handguns, Loernzoni handguns, and eight shot revolvers-yes I said revolvers.

If you find yourself in Lillehammer, Norway, go to the Maihaugen Museum and ask to see the revolver used by Georg Von Reichwein during the Thirty Years War. Hans Stoppler was the gunsmith and made the revolver in 1636.

There are many examples of multiple fire repeating firearms during the 1600 to 1800 era.

Cloudflare punts far-right hate-hole 8chan off the internet after 30 slayed in US mass shootings


Re: inspired by 8chan

Regan did not cut mental health spending. He cut the EXCESSIVE INCREASES IN THE BUDGETS OF FEDERAL AGENCIES.

Sorry for the caps, but sometimes people miss the important part of the sentence.

It's so hot, UK needs to start naming heatwaves like we do when it's a bit windy – climate boffins


Re: Don't we have this already?

My little conversion table tells me that is about 106 F. Late July to early August in mid Georgia, USA. we seem to get a few of those days, with high humidity.

Google pays out $13m to make Wi-Spy scandal go away: Bung goes to peeps and privacy orgs


Re: Not enough

So, in other words, since your cell phone conversations go over the "air" as you state, then it's ok to listen in on them?

Don't you "own" those packets going over the "air" or are they public domain?

How did they get passwords and other personal information over the "air"?

The big question, why did they want to do this?

Why are they not fined $1 million per password, name, IP address, any piece of personal information?

Enjoying that 25Mbps internet speed, America? Oh, it's just 6Mbps? And you're unhappy? Can't imagine why


You only get WHAT on fiber?

I live in an ittsy-bittsy town in south central Georgia (USA) called Byron. If you're a rock fan you will remember it as the home of the 1970 Atlanta Rock Festival.

I am on Cox cable, pay for 30 mbps, use Netflix, Amazon, internet phone, and a streaming service.

When I saw the figures above for some Brits on fiber, I checked with several speed test sites.

Getting speeds of 112 to 160 mbps depending on how far away the server is.

Wife is right now watching Family Feud (Family Fortune over the pond) and I'm glad she isn't watching Naked Attraction on More4.

Apollo 11 @ 50: The long shadow of the flag


Re: The most expensive dick swinging contest in history

A few questions about the "fake moon landing".

!) Where was it filmed?

2) Who filmed it? Name, address where I can interview him.

3) Where is the outtake reel?

4) How many people we eliminated to keep the hoax contained?

5) How is it that people who claim knowledge of it are not still being eliminated?

6) If everyone was eliminated, how did the story get out?

7) three mantras evidence, evidence, evidence.

Humans may be able to live on Mars within halls of aerogel – a wonder material that can trap heat and block radiation


Re: "supercritical dryer device"

Don't worry, it will not make your home go plaid.

Last week in space: Giant aircraft, asteroid impacts and exploding satellites


Re: Stratolaunch

I always thought the Purple Wigs were amply supplied. I just also liked the costumes on SkyDiver.

The show is on a 24 hour rotation on SciFi4You.

Bulb smart meters in England wake up from comas miraculously speaking fluent Welsh


Did you lose yours?


Re: Who defines a "niche" language?

All you have to do is come to central Georgia. Mandarin has taught here for years. Some of us even speak conversational Korean.

Oh yeah, that's a fail on your part.

Activist shareholders to target Zuck with giant angry emoji inflatable at Facebook AGM


Remember these?

How many of you remember Geocities, SixDegrees, Blogger, Friendster, MySpace and other social media sites?

Wonder why I thought it was not a good idea to purchase FaceBook stock?

Wonder what I think will happen to Facebook?

It probably will not be too long in that happening.

Just waiting for the next big shiny thing in social media to pop up?

Also, I don't use companies that make you contact them only through Facebook, or use Facebook as their website.

Let's make laptops from radium. How's that for planned obsolescence?

IT Angle

Re: Milk Snatcher

In Macon, Ga, USA, we had 1/2 hints of milk in glass bottles with the cardboard stoppers. If you couldn't get the little flap to come up with your fingernail to open it, you had to punch it down into the bottle with your thumb and get a small splash of milk if you were lucky. If not, you got a lap full of milk.

Actually, there is no IT angle here.

Bring it on, Chipzilla! Nvidia swipes back at Intel in CPU-GPU AI performance brouhaha


And would they come up with the correct answer of 42?

Dedicated techie risks life and limb to locate office conference phone hiding under newspaper

Big Brother

Re: You wouldn't like me when i'm angry

1) We only wish we could open carry at work like that.

2) Never seen a 357 that used a clip.

3) You must be a Pelosi/Ocasio-Cortez sycophant.

4) Please research before you post.

Otherwise, it was kinda funny.

'I do not wish to surrender' Julian Assange tells court over US extradition bid


Re: The USA wants Assange for what he did

Boy are you ever wrong. Liaison, spotter, recon, and transport aircraft are all used by the Army.

Look up the Key West Agreement and what followed.

The Air Force, after their inception, did not want the Army to have fixed wing weapon platforms, and really pushed back on armed helicopters.

I have flown in Army fixed wing aircraft (OV-1 Mohawk, look it up).

Facepalm, since you will when you realize you didn't research before posting.

Parents slapped with dress code after turning school grounds into a fashion crime scene


Re: I like causing headaches.

So you're going dressed as Mork from Ork?

User secures floppies to a filing cabinet with a magnet, but at least they backed up daily... right?


Re: stop me if you've heard this one....

My "iPad adjustment tool" was a 16 ounce claw hammer.

Back to drawing board as Google cans AI ethics council amid complaints over right-wing member

Paris Hilton

Re: Transphobia

Question: Don't trans-gender individuals have the same rights as any one else? What other rights are they asking for themselves that doesn't apply to people who are not trans-gender?

Paris, because that's the only one with a question mark.

Boffins may have found something more salty than Brexit Brits' tears this week: Underground pools of water on Mars


Re: Water in Mars?

"Sorry, the player works only in the UK."

But I was thinking the same episode. Maybe the lettuce won't turn people into killers this time.

Office Depot, OfficeMax, Support.com cough up $35m after charging folks millions in 'fake' malware cleanup fees


Re: PC Health Check Program

Use of the PC Health Check was stopped in 2016 after reports of the TV news report came out.

I worked at Office Depot in tech and had stopped using the PC Health Check as the only diagnostic tool several years before when my manager had called Support.com when a customer looked at the report generated during the service and it said "no malware found and removed". He was told about the way the health check worked and we agreed to not use it as the only diagnostic tool.

We (at my location) did a lot more to repair computers than most other stores (all of us in tech built and maintained our own computers).

The new PC Check hooked up with an online tech and ran several diagnostic tools, sent back a report page detailing what was wrong, and made suggestions. The customer could then choose what they wanted done, or decline the services.

Many times the services were to update software, install A/V, upgrade RAM, defrag hard drive, and the funniest one I ever saw was a note at the end the report for a computer that the hard drive was about to die, not enough ram, cpu fan was on it's last legs, and several other big problems.

The note basically said that it would be cheaper for the customer to just buy a new computer than have the old one repaired.

I'm getting my coat and go home since I'm retired.

Carolina coward fesses up: I was a tech support scambag, and I made millions out of defrauding the elderly

IT Angle

Re: I only hope he never bursts into flames

I ran the tech department at the local location of one of the largest office supply stores in the US (sales, support, repair).

I also had a love/hate relationship with Dell computers. When one came in through the front door, my comment usually went "Another Dell!" Made a lot of money off those doing upgrades, replacing hard drives, and virus removal. (Sometimes I had so many Dells in my workbench I didn't have room for any more computers.) I really hated when they sold workstations as personal computers.

Had one guy come in and bought the dreaded Green Card he was instructed to get through the "FBI Warning Screen" saying he had been convicted of distributing child pornography. Couldn't talk him out of it. Asked when he had been arrested? He hadn't. When did you go to court? He hadn't.

Soooooo, how did you get convicted?

He was back a few days later when told he needed to send more money due to "unexpected expenses getting his case taken care of".

Finally listened to me. Got his computer cleaned out, installed av/anti-spyware, and it cost less than his Green Card.

Told him how to handle even the most persistent of the pop-ups, and to call if he had a suspicion of a malicious action against his computer.

Turns out the guy owned several business and over the next few years i had from 3 to 4 computers from him, a friend, or an employee of his each day.

IT? Why not?

Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!


I'm surprised too. I don't post to YouTube, do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other "social media" sites. I don't allow them on my computer or my phone.

Which means I have no idea about posting and livestream rules for them. I would think that they should have a synopsis of a livestream posted before they get permission to do one, and if it becomes a hate filled rant, or something like the one done by the shooter, a screen sized notice should come up with the wording "Your Live-stream has been reported, blocked, recorded for legal purposes, and law enforcement is on it's way to your location. Place your weapons down, place your hands on your head, walk to the nearest wall, and remain there with your head against the wall until law enforcement arrives. Failure to do so could result in serious injury, or death, if you do not comply."

Since recently most mass shooters have committed suicide when they hear sirens coming to their location, that might make them go ahead and put themselves out of our misery.

SAD, well because this is a sad situation.

Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property


Re: No problem

Why do you believe that you have to be in a militia to own firearms?

STOP, so maybe that misinformation can be gotten rid of.


Re: No problem

How do you know they aren't a terrorist 1) looking for places to go all jihad on, 2) have on a suicide vest and think your house is a good place to send themselves to Allah, 3) a Democrat wanting to move into your "mostly" conservative neighborhood?


Re: Muppet

He doesn't have to be in a militia to own a firearm.

It's a common misconception that the 2nd Amendment is about militias.

Having said that, I thought of digging a 10 foot deep trench, filled with 7 feet of water to handle the PZ threat.

Fail, since, well, you did.

They're BAAACK: Windows 10 nagware team loads trebuchet with annoying reminders to GTFO Windows 7


Fully patched and updated

I own several Win 10 machines (desktops/laptops) and I've really had less compatibility issues than I did migrating some of these machines from XP to 7. Yes, some are old and were built to run XP. Last week I even installed Hexen II on one of the desktops that started life on Win 7, but now runs Win 10.

I also have machines that run Win98, Win95, and versions of DOS from 3.11 to 6.22 (all in about 40 machines)

Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street


Re: The reg wanted to see a police review?

In a case like this, it would go to the state DOT (Department of Transportation) and jurisdiction would then be handed off to the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), the ones who investigate things like complex traffic accidents, airplane crashes, and so forth.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster


Re: "Sailors don't do beanies. Only the Army wears those."

Sorry son, but mine fit just right. Didn't lose it when flying in a chopper, running across the ground, or rappelling down the ropes. I would stuff it in my blouse when doing a jump.

Mine was black in color, had the "subdued" butter bar, and the hard won Ranger tab.

This was back about 1972 before the black beret meant "I just got out of Basic."

Cop films chap on body-worn cam because he 'complains about cops a lot'. Chap complains


Re: I'd go in with a camera recording too.

If the officer had said " Sir, I'm recording this so I can go back over this when I type out the report so I will not miss anything pertinent to our investigation." Even if the guy doesn't say anything about the officer recording, there is a record of him being told.

Face Palm since the cops over there haven't figured that one out.



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