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LaCie's rugged rubber drive hits 500GB

Andrew Bush
Paris Hilton

Sink or swim?

So, does it float or not?

Scottish Government scuppers Lewis wind farm plan

Andrew Bush

What exactly do Scotland want?

I think its time to patch up the missing bits of Hadrians Wall and let them sort themselves out - they seem out of touch with the rest of the world on energy conservation. We should leave them to their own devices.

They don't want nuclear, now they won't build wind turbines in a well researched and viable location. Whatever happened to 'the needs of the many'?

They don't appear to need the jobs this wind farm would have created. Presumably they still expect Westminster to cough up for the financial needs of their people as the population dwindles and internal taxation revenues decline further.

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

Andrew Bush
Paris Hilton

Anonymous Coward

"From that point on, fibre is run in a conventional manner to the end point."

To 26 million residential households, yeah right. Isn't that why the cable companies went broke / still haven't made any money? The down and dirty local loop is the expensive part, not the snazzy backbone! That's why BT still hold all the aces.

Obviously I don't expect cables running out of toilets, but the distribution from your 'convenient location' in the street is what will cost too much if you deploy 'conventional manner(s)'. What are you thinking, overheat cables from poles or dug-up pavements with ducts? Unless of course the 'convenient location' creates a national network of wireless access at suitable bandwidth...nice. I thought a major plus-point of such a pooh-band network would be to exit the BT local loop stranglehold which exists throughout much of the UK.

Paris to you for thinking that anyone reading this article really imagines cables running out of toilets except as the vehicle for a joke.

Andrew Bush


But my toilet is quite a distance from my office and also having a wire poking out of the pan will make cleaning it rather awkward. Not to mention the rats clambering along the cable and finding their way out of the loo. The other option of having it trailing out from the kitchen sink would lead to it getting fouled on the blades of the waste disposal unit. This is madness.

Hmmm, 100Mbit/s residential connection. Blu-ray doesn't look so rosy if online content were to be available at those kind of bandwidths. The implications for installation are nonetheless a bit scary, with many variables at each location. Think about cowboy cable installers and then imagine them drilling holes in your waste plumbing, pulling out excrement covered cables, nooo!

eBayer punts Wii for £1m

Andrew Bush

Wendy Richards

Even Wendy Richards was once eye-candy, maybe still even now for some...

I thought the Way-aye was the first console from Newcastle.

Comet Holmes and the case of the Disappearing Tail

Andrew Bush

Expansion / contraction

I'm no astro-expert, but even in the near absolute zero of space wouldn't things still expand and contract as they heat and cool down. If a comet is an icy rockball or a rocky iceball wouldn't the constituent components expand and contract at different rates. Could this cause an object to crack? With water expanding as it cools and rocks contracting as they cool wouldn't moving further from the Sun create the right (cooling) conditions?

All you experts can shoot me down in flames if you like, but its just a thought.

TV villain talks into wrong end of iPhone

Andrew Bush

Its okay upside down in la-la land

When acting , its okay to have the phone upside down because the actor is only pretending to be having a conversation via the phone. The phone is just a prop. At least the battery still had some juice, more than a couple of takes and it'd be flat.

Andrew Bush

Its a new slimline iBraun

That's not an iPhone, he's beta-testing the latest slimline shaver on that stubbly chin and sideburns.

SMS-enabled solar parking meters for Eastbourne

Andrew Bush

And presumably...

They will text the parking meter operative to advise them that credit for parking at the meter has just expired so he/she can nip over and issue a ticket, pronto.

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop

Andrew Bush

The Cube - you nailed it

You're bang on the money there. The whole point in not bundling the OS is the imbalance between the OEM cost and retail boxed price. There should be no difference in price between these two other than the packaging/distribution.

And 'Upgrade' OS pricing? Okay, so the OS pre-loaded PC owner has thus far only choked-up the OEM based pricing for the OS, no problem for M$ because they can just shaft the customer on the upgrade cycle. Sweet.

BBC confirms Doctor Who series five

Andrew Bush

I still want Eddie Izzard

I can't help thinking about our Eddie each time rumours of a new Doctor are abound. The Doctor in a dress and high heels - classic. And they wouldn't have the 'assistant' mooning over the Doctor all the time, that's so boring. There's something about a beard and lipstick which is entirely un-kissable.

UK plans surveillance for Earth-menacing asteroid

Andrew Bush

Point of impact

If it lands on Lembit Opik it would be worth the massive crater or tidal wave.



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