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Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Funny how stories like this come up when you've been thinking about this only a few days before..

There's a set of traffic lights installed only a few years ago on a national speed limit dual carriageway on the A617 near Mansfield, it's a fast road section where doing the NSL is perfectly safe for all but one section; the aforementioned traffic lights are at the bottom of a downhill run and partially obscured by trees.

There's a point when approaching these lights at NSL that, if they change, there isn't enough time at amber to stop safely for the red. Some people simply sail through the red, others have let tyre smoke out trying to stop in time.

I acknowledge that the best practice should be to slow down as soon as you see the lights, but let's be honest very few people do that. If the amber on those lights was increased to 4.5 seconds, I heartily believe that this junction would be much safer.

TL;DR, amber times should factor in the time to stop based on the road speed and conditions.

The Oatmeal hits $850,000 goal for Tesla museum

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt
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I've been loosely following this campaign and the previous one, Matt (creator of The Oatmeal) seems genuine and is a geeks hero when it comes to standing up for the average Joe.

Elon Musk however, bravo for the large donation :)

@GoGlen On the presumption you've actually sat down and worked those numbers out, 10/10 for effort, 0/10 for street cred for doing so though ;)

T-Mobile clams up over Full Monty 'speed-cap' claims

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They've confirmed that there's no 1Mb/sec limit, but they haven't confirmed that it's above that.

When 3G first went national in the UK it was circa 384kbit/sec, I wouldn't be surprised if they limited us all to that or something like 512kbit :/

2011's Best... Smartphones

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Where the fsck is the Galaxy S2 in this list??

Dual core 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB Internal Flash + MicroSDXC slot, Super AMOLED+ screen, runs Flash like a boss and overclockable to a stable 1.4 GHz, nearly p***ing over a Quad Core Transformer Prime :)

Pics or it didn't happen? http://is.gd/LQvWBj (90 KB PNG)

Crysis 2

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I just completed the game about 10 minutes before the timestamp of this post, and I have to say Horridbloke nailed it on the head, the game is visually stunning but lacks the gameplay elements that should come with being a total bad-ass super soldier. You feel boxed into linear gameplay and the story fails to hook you in. Nuff said.

Breakthrough paint blocks top-end spectrum

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Pulse anyone?

Anyone see the horrific references to the horror film Pulse? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454919/

Gadget Show competition spews text spam

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Premium rate texts

@tony72 The way premium text services work is you send a text message to them at your normal cost (most of the time), and then any text message they send back to you costs a premium, sort of like a reverse charge premium rate phone call.

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Jon Bentley

Have personally met Jon Bentley (the silver haired presenter) walking up Adams Lane in Clent, he was listening to an 80's walkman with those stereotypical headphones on, he stopped to chat briefly, very nice guy.

eBay to appeal patent decision

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Danny - Showing your age there mate ;)

And yeah, patent'ing something thats been around for decades is stupid.

Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja

Jason "Foxdie" Gaunt

Fighting for ones honour...

I'm not normally one for violence, nor for pay-per-view TV events (who the hell needs it these days when you have youtube and various other methods of getting things without paying? *winks*) but for an event like this I would quite happily shell out anything up to 50 quid to watch!

So many television programs try to depict people defending their honour or families honour but because naturally its on television you always take it with a pinch of salt even if it says its reality TV, but I feel a televised event like this hits the nail on the head for both entertainment and standing up for ones beliefs.

Although we try to move past it, violence and anger is in our nature, I say give people a legal way to settle their differences that can't be settled with words with nothing but their own person in a controlled environment. No guns, no weapons period, just what you were born with, THAT is honourable fighting, not being a coward by stabbing or shooting someone.


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