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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


Re: Now it all makes sense.

The reference to the Zbook was directly lifted from Pocketnow's review of the machine, specifically;

"The HP zBook x2 actually ships with an older version of Windows 10. You’ll get 1703, the original “Creators Update”. Our review unit arrived with the Windows Update service disabled in order to keep Windows 10 from updating itself to a newer version. We are advised to use the HP Support app to install updates instead of Windows Update. I thought this was strange, until I remembered how terrible the Fall Creators Update and subsequent Windows 10 Feature updates have been when it comes to the pen interface.

I decided to install the Windows 10 April 2018 update anyway, and sure enough, the pen interface turned to garbage on account of Windows 10’s new pen behavior. It became terribly unreliable to use with “Windows Ink” turned on (scrolling things instead of drawing or simply causing the whole system to become unresponsive), and still palm rejection didn’t work at all with “Windows Ink” turned off in the pen driver’s “HP Create Control Panel”. One of the later Windows 10 updates brought a registry edit option that helps fix the pen behavior only in Win32 based programs, but not the UWP apps and not the Edge browser. You can find out more about that on the Windows Ink Reddit where you’ll also see plenty of comments criticizing this change that has caused so many programs to break."

Regardless, the point stands that Microsoft's reliance on geeks and hobbyists to QA their software will inevitably lead to wrong headed decisions, junking "boring old" stuff so as to incorporate "whizzy new stuff" that only a 15 year old would consider useful.

As I ended up in diaogue with members of the Windows Ink team on this issue I can assure you the level of users' anger is well known within the team, but their ability to change anything, based on what seems to be system based purely on upvoting among geeks and hobbyists, is self evidently limited.

As I said, utterly moronic.


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