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Microsoft suggests command line fiddling to get faulty Windows 10 update installed


Re: @Mike 137 - "because of an error in the error code handling routine ..."

They had error handling routine!?

Broadcom ditches VMware Cloud Service Providers


Re: The End

Ugh, what is wrong with Kubernetes?

Civo CEO on free credits, egress fees, and hauling it all back on-prem


That CEO should look in the mirror first

"A year will have gone by, and you [the customer] build all your tooling around their ecosystem, which is very proprietary. And then to try and get out of that later ... there's no open standards to move to another cloud provider."

- Why on Earth would you build all your tooling around their ecosystem? Because it is easier, right, There are tools, which are Open-source and work with every Cloud provider. Prometheus/Grafana stack, CockroachDB, Yugabyte, PostgreSQL, etc, etc. But it is a lot easier to let somebody else to do the testing and the integration. Well, now you have to pay them. The biggest problem for most executives is that they do not listen to the right engineers who tell them not to go for the "easy wins"

"And you also have all the high egress fees to get your data out as well, which is going to cost you money. So then you end up signing a spending commitment with them because you're locked in."

- When it comes to egress, may be one has to understand the problem first before start complaining. When you run you own data-center you buy your own equipment, not only the UPS, rack and servers, but also routers and switches. When you go to the Cloud you pay for VM instances, K8s, storage and other services, but you never pay for the ingress or the internal traffic. So, if the egress fees are so outrageous, how about paying for every byte you use, anywhere, and pay a lot less for egress.

Will Chinese giants defy US sanctions on Russia? We asked a ZTE whistleblower


Re: I don't think many Chinese companies will defy the sanctions

"In a list of 50 European countries ranked by GDP per Capita (PPP) Russia held the 40th place, sandwiched between Croatia and Bulgaria." - Ah, I see the problem here. Many still consider Russia part of Europe.

Red Hat 8.5 released with SQL Server and .NET 6 ... this is Linux, right?


Re: Hmmm

About a week ago I asked similar question and pissed quite a few people. My question still stands, though: Why would one want to use MS products on Linux? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose.

SQL Server on Linux: Canonical offers official support, AWS Babelfish helps users move to Postgres


Re: Why?

I may have been missunderstood at least by some.

But it is alreay a MS product. If you made a pact with one of the devils stay there. If you want out, then use an open source DB such as Postgress. Don't do it half way.



I always wondered why would anyone want to run MS SQL server on Linux. Just because they can?

'I put the interests of the country first': Colonial Pipeline CEO on why oil biz paid off ransomware crooks


Re: I put the interests of the country first

But, who owns the state ...

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture


Re: Democracy?

Let's call the things with their proper names, shall we?

"Late stage global capitalism" ---> Comminusm

There, I fixed it for you

So what can we expect from a Joe Biden White House when it comes to tech? We'll try to answer that right now

IT Angle

Re: Big tech will eat the world

FedEx are the pros? I am not so sure about it. If they are so much better than Amazon then why are they trying to emulate it - well, at least the dilvery part. Do you know that FedEx has intruduced the same gig-driver program as Amazon (called D3 at least in Canada). ... And when it comes to technology, there is no compare. FedEx is generations behind.

Rocky Linux is go: CentOS founder's new project aims to be 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Re: Oracle?

Oracle? Are you sure? Free for now ... and tomorrow?

AWS going AWOL last week is exactly why less is more in cloud server land


Re: What bugs me is...

Ah, but the pointy haired bosses do not care about how much it costs the company. The only thing that matters to them is that they can pass the blame. The Cloud is someboy else's computer, right!? So, it is not our fault, we chose the best. It is Amazon's (Azure's, etc.) ...

Nothing new under the sun.

LibreOffice rains on OpenOffice's 20th anniversary parade, tells rival project to 'do the right thing' and die


Re: "We were caught quite off guard"

Another area LibreOffice is severeky lacking is Vision equivalent.

Other than that, I use them intergangably with MS Office and my documents, spreadsheets and presentations are OK 95% of the time.

Ring glitch results in global ding dong ditch: Doorbell bling flings out random pings but they're not the real thing


Re: Enjoying "I told ya so"

Lucky you. You have to deal only with a friend. Our director IT does the same thing - "I want Cloud, Cloud, Cloud ... Oh s--t, now fix it"

McAfee seeks $2bn return to stock market after Intel unpleasantness


Re: How many corps are now dropping McAfee? Or are still using it?

I also work for a big US corporation (200K + worldwide). We are firmly in bed with McAfee. My laptop has become unusable. The CPU load is 60-70% when idle. But our Infosec, in their infinite wisdom, keep on piling security "malware" on our PCs/Laptops. The number of different McAfee services keeps on growing but there is also Tanium and CyberArc and ...

Several days ago I had to go to the office and when passing the Help desk area I saw piles of used laptops and most of them had a sticker - "very, very slow".

UK, US hospital computers are down, early unofficial diagnosis is a suspected outbreak of Ryuk ransomware


And how would an offline backup help you? Ransomware does not manifest itself right away. Usually it takes days, weeks, even months to spread. Most probably one would end up with multiple backups of already infected systems. The only difference is that your online backup system may end up borked while the offline one will happily provide you with an infected copy from couple of days ago. You would not want to restore a copy from an year ago, right? The data will be irrelevant.

I wish I knew a better way, but I do not. The only thing I know is the way we do things in IT does not work anymore, but we keep on doing the same old thing hoping for a better outcome.

What was that definition for insanity :)

She was praised by the CEO and promoted. After her brother and mom died, she returned from compassionate leave. IBM laid her off


Re: What the Hell Has Happened to IBM?

"That's not changed in the last 200 years."

Make those at least 4000 years or there about. At least since there is a written human history. Nothing new under the sun.

AI in the enterprise: Prepare to be disappointed – oversold but under appreciated, it can help... just not too much


AI - The new hot trend ...

... especially at organizations where NI is severely lacking.

NASA to stop using names like 'Eskimo Nebula' and 're-examine' what it calls cosmic objects


... and how about the black holes?

When is NASA going to rename the black holes? Isn't that more offensive to somebody than black lists?

Scala contributor: Open source and diversity key to tackling dev skills shortage


Re: 500,000 computing-related jobs open in the US that were not filled

"500,000 computing-related jobs" could be anything, from the precious few true hardware and software engineers to multitudes of hel(l/p) desk agents, project managers and data entry clerks.

Read my lips - there is not shortage of skilled IT labor! There is abundance of incompetent IT managers who are squandering the resources they have!

DBA locked in police-guarded COVID-19-quarantine hotel for the last week shares his story with The Register


Participating in Agile rituals

That is what Agile was turned into - a cult.

If you miss the happier times of the 2000s, just look up today's SCADA gear which still has Stuxnet-style holes


Re: Old design old problems

So, WEB servers and https make the design secure? You sure about that?

PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure


The government of Ontario introduced a single flat electricity rate which is approximately half of the normal rate. I think it starts today and will be active for the next couple of weeks, at least. So, no excuse, time to join the team

Fancy a career exposing cloud data leaks? Great news, companies are still largely clueless


Re: Blind leading the blind

So true. I guess you have met the development managers in our department. "Admins? I do not need no stinking admins or DBAs! Just gust give us the Cloud and our teams will do miracles" - That is what our development managers have been singing for the last couple of years.

Car crash: Ford writes down $181m in Pivotal stock as investors claim cloud biz still can't do Kubernetes properly


Even FedEx coul not help?

Wow! Pivotal is not doing well? Even after all the money that FedEx had sunk in their PAAS. No surprise there. It becomes a pattern of FedEx making wrong IT bets.

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?


AI may be OK, the Human Inteligence, no so much ...

This is a real one from 2018. I very good friend of mine works as a software development manager. Couple of months ago she was in a meeting about implementing OCR with AI in order to read reports being printed by their systems on daily basis. The success rate of the pilot was below 40%, which according to the upper management was due to the printers producing copies not good enough for the OCR and the AI being not advanced enough. As the reports in question were being generated by systems connected to the network, my friend suggested that her group could simply interface those systems with their main DB thus removing any need for printouts, manual feeds and OCR with AI. Her managers became very frustrated, told her that she does not understand, they have always done it this way, and that she must support the Corporate decision.

Unexpected MySQL database meltdown fingered in GitHub's 24-hour website wobble


Time for NewSQL?

How about using a truly distributed, always available, active-active SQL DB like CockroachDB (if one want to stay with open source)? Come on guys, let's keep the innovation spirit alive.