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Bloke who claimed he invented Bitcoin must hand over $5bn of e-dosh in court case. He can't. He's waiting for a time traveler to arrive


This is exactly how, in past centuries, over-enthusiastic "alchemists" met their end in the torture chambers. "So, we gave you barrel of lead; now say, where's that gold?"

Uncle Sam is asking Americans if they could refrain from slapping guns on their drones


As I understand (IANAL!) these were already forbidden in USA by a 1990s-era ruling which banned all electrically-fired repeating arms (there was a crackpot company which offered paraplegics a tele-operated "safari" hunt.) They were deemed to be "fully automatic" on account of there being no mechanical barrier to issuing multiple shots per one software "trigger pull".

Decoding the Google Titan, Titan, and Titan M – that last one is the Pixel 3's security chip


This chip is already in certain 2017 consumer devices

Appears to be the same chip as found in certain 2017 Chromebooks (e.g. Asus C101PA). Some reversing work re the "H1" (aka "Cr50") device is described on my WWW: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=2433 .