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O2 brings forth a Friday fail for some unlucky UK customers


Re: Emergency

they sent her a facebook message saying OMG bbz we will call you xxx

All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer


home and away

it also happens to me at home too......

I get you work with computers right? Me saying yes then the reply back from them ..... " can you look at my mircowave its not working"

Hey yeh sure what version of windows it running :-/

France wants in on the No Huawei Club while Canuck infosec bloke pretty insistent on ban


Re: Again....

i wont be happy if they snooping on me while i'm looking at pornhub .......would put me off!

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


7gb today ..... 700gb next month ..... 7tb next year ......

Samsung’s flexible phone: Expect an expensive, half-bendy clamshell

Paris Hilton

Re: I still think a bifold device will be a market failure

"People want and are used to a 16:9 / 2:1 type form factor, because videos are 16:9 and people spend a LOT of time watching video on their phones"

this should be - people spend alot of time on the toilet watching porn, porn is in 16:9 for that perfect viewing while having a dump (or something else)

Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio


don't worry i'm sure a classic windows reboot will fix the problem . i'm off to boot my ubuntu laptop