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El Reg procures OGC mousemat

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It could just be me.....but it just does not read correctly. "Helping 'the' government" or " helping government's'" would seem 'bit more proper English'

Hull disappears off t'internet

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Jobs Horns

HAHAHAHA me again

"are you lot from the karoo forums by any chance??"

Er I have and still have the pleasure of KC karoo and the rest of the world. Believe me they are sh!te. Ahead of the game? If its monopoly then maybe. The speed difference I get between my home 2mb and a mate karoo max 8 gazillion bits per nano second is huge. I can get more than him in an hour and no I'm not talking p2p bull either. And another thing about the p2p bit they do hack systems. I received "a letter" when I lived in hell and I can tell you now that the film they said I downloaded wasn't... It was on my VOD server which I might add has a number of films all of which have been purchased. They did the usal threaten me if I dont sign the letter and promise not to download again. SO I sent them a letter showing them the log files of when and how the data was received from my server along with a photo of the dvd in question and a letter from my solicitor. You could hear them panic from my house. After that I brought up the firewalls. And luckily moved out of dull a few months after. So yea Karoo are tw@s.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOHOHOHOHO oh my dear word. Why dont they just f@$k off. I hate them. They have the worst system ever. And they hack clients in there spare time. Hope the system never comes back again. Biggest pile of cow arse ever. They should not be allowed to have the monopoly.

Dwarves hidden in sports bags target Swedish coaches

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cant help it

Nothing wrong with a little crime. They should get inch high private eye on the job. I can see the film now "zero vert crime"

Video game ad banned for 'realistic' violence

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Missing the point

Yes very true. But I'm 35 and reckon I can judge for my self whether I'll go shah-itstafuk from watching an advert with shooting in it. I doubt even after a full weekend of all the shooting and killing found in all the games released I'd turn up at work on monday in the mood to kill everyone. Well no more than any one with Monday blues anyway. Wonder why football wasnt banned after all the violence that causes just because your team didnt kick a ball as well as the other one. How many stabbings and hospitalisations has that GAME caused to the viewers not the players. Hmmmmm And yet people still take there kids to see it. Its never gonna go away because it only takes one idiot to ruin the fun for everyone. Dont like it dont play watch or do it. SImple.

N95 struggles to find itself

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Thumb Up

google maps gps

http://www.google.co.uk/gmm as stated at the top there made me giggle. Both of them look good and I'll give a go tonight. The best thing on the http://www.google.co.uk/gmm is the video of john trying to find this famous London curry "Chicken Tikka Masala" er........ Isnt that Indian not English. Made me laugh. Cant wait to get to America this new years try out that well known All American dish sweet and sour chicken. HEHE

UK censor to appeal against Manhunt 2 verdict

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Official petition

It is possible for an official petition to be setup on the government website ( yup I know it prob wont work or will link to some random site) but supposing one was setup to get rid of the British Board of Film Censors or change the fact that they can ban or request changes. at 18 you can do most things so why not be able to watch or play what you like. Surly by then you are old enough to understand if its crap or you dont like it switch it off. Do people think that any adult would be so scared they wouldnt be able to press the power button. I suppose using a carrier bag to kill somebody with, could be classed as recycling. The game could be sponsored by ASDA in the UK and Wallmart in the USA. Wow what an idea....... Manhunt 3: Recycling crap.

Sage clocks £1.16bn revenues

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Good profit there I see

However, once the effects of amortization and other charges were stripped out, it made a pre-tax profit of £223.3, up one per cent.

Thats all thats left of £1.16bn. Hmmm think they need some better accounts software.

Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

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virtual nick

Does this mean his avatar will go behind bars, after all if i did the same thing for real I wouldnt be able to use the excuse "god told me to do it".

Indian man marries dog to lift mutt-murder curse

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IT Angle


yea did the same thing. Getting married to a bitch just brings on further curses. On the plus side after the divorce I got a well cushy I.T. job. So theirs the I.T. angle for me.

Living brain in powerful robot body tech goes live

Paul Darcy

Pest in a robot

So as a 4 inch moth its a pest eating crops. Now to the near future the moth is now driving a combine cutting the crops for us thinking its going to get the next crop for itself. Suddenly it dawns "these buggers are using me" then off it trots to the nearest town in its 10ton churning and ripping machine. WOW hollywood needs to script this so we dont fall for it. Whos using who. The scientist thinks he is onto a break through and all the time the queen moth is using mind power to take over the world WOOOOHAHAHAHA!!!!!! B movie time.

After months of denial, Microsoft cops to IE vulnerability

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Mines better than yours

HAHA here we go again ie vs firefox. Well i'm doing this in firefox because up until not too long ago our company didnt allow ie7 to be installed. But I still need ie for some sites as firefox either doesnt open or wil not send data from the sites. personally I wonder why anything that wants to do anything other than show text and pics is not questioned by browsers. For the numb nuts it would make them safe and for those with knowledge, well we can go into further settings and change the backend to suit. It might slow the end user down a little bit but it would stop the users from getting malware and the likes on there system without there knowing. Or am I been too blond or simplistic.... It could be my hang over clouding my thought.

Halo 3 UK launch fails to fire

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Hollow 3

Well the hype went into hype-rspace then. Shame really. Reckon if it was a warmer night it could have been better.

Jack Thompson sets about Halo 3

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Just For once pleeeeeeaaaazzzze

Will do gooders just for once Fook off. I have been on computer games for 20 years plus. I have 2 healthy kids a real good job with an excellent career a number of houses no debt and I have never thought of killing any real person. BUT people like this who talk about virtual training grounds for virtual snipers to kill virtual enemies makes me want to take of the virtual saftey off on my virtual assault rifle and go CRAZY!! Dont like it dont do it. Just leave it go home to your cave and grow flowers. Leave us too it. How many people play games and have been doing for who knows how many years have really gone postal cause of a game and how many havnt. Reckon 00.001%. How many kids in iraq iran and all over that area are ak47 owners just waiting for a soldier to walk into there sites and have probably never even seen a computer or console game. Why doesnt he start on religion now thats the hidden killer.

US Army dalek assassins to pack mini-missiles?

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"The new US initiative seems to suggest a guided missile not much bigger than a tube of Pringles; one that could perhaps be carried by the new generation of man-portable, hand-launched silent mini-planes now going into action."

once you pop you just cant stop

US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading

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HA Religion

Once more religion shows how useful it is. Does any person who is religious actually read and understand any of the readings in there given books. Wars, killings people getting assaulted physically or mentally just because of their different views, by those preaching from there book of gods. The only thing I can think of that is any where near what gods are really like would be the Diskworld books. If there is/are gods (I’m not a disbeliever in anything, I still get presents at Christmas so there must be a Santa) then why don’t people try to understand those who have different views or understandings. Religion has killed or harmed more people than it has saved.

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'

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Get a life

Its a laugh. Bet you would have laughed it up if it was about an English bloke or a scot or any other apart from the good proud welsh. I found it funny. Racism is getting used as the word for anything the individual doesn't like, to fight the many with. Soon there will be a race finder general and he will be burning folk at the stake for using the t**fy word or the N***r word. people get a grip we are better than we used to be on accepting other cultures and races. Hell, the benny hill show was so bad but made millions laugh every week but now its practically banned. I demand an apology.... for what been welsh and having no sense of humour????