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Linux Journal runs shutdown -h now for a second time: Mag editor fires parting shot at proprietary software


Reality is a bitch!

Really sorry to hear about the end of Linux Journal - it was a quality mag in a world of quick answers via Stackoverflow etc.

That is the real problem - we live in a TL:DR world, and the people who are still willing to invest time in reading depth are few and far between. They are also not people who spend money, free beer is what brought them to Linux in the first place!

What LJ should have done is to sell their brand rather than their words - Get their logo on the talking circuit that makes up so much of the vacuous world milking Linux - because that is what the reality of Linux is these days - a few people write some genius, and everyone else starts selling the potential, style over substance.

Not that any of this really is news. Stealing BSD code is what actually built the internet, all that has changed is the lawyers have more complex licensing to get paid to play with.


London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


How to push an agenda..!

This story is amazing for how useless the authorities seem to have been.

Anyone with any sense would have jammed the signal and just followed the drone home to whoever was controlling it, but they didn't - why?

I think this was an PR campaign for a black ops type company who were doing this to help the various useless agencies who can now lobby for more powers, and extra funding for equipment - its win / win all around!

A web where the user has complete control of their data? Sounds Solid, Tim Berners-Lee


This is what an ideology looks like

Solid, is, at best, a data wallet, which could be used to store your user name and passwords, but it can't force other web services to use it instead of its current method

- now, am I the only one who's thinking, Is Solid just wanting to be Facebook or Google, but got to the party a bit late?

If you really want to do something for users data, maybe Tim should be asking users what they think first?

Or just like the other bit tech companies, does Tim think he knows better?

This sounds to me like the only choice on offer is who do you want to be your data overlords?


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