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Apple ends corporate COVID mask mandate


Re: Can't they just tweak one of the employee phone apps...


William was his father and IIRC wrote for the Fail...

Your job was probably outsourced for exactly the reason you suspected


similar if not higher cost of living and half the salary

UK has frankly been taking the pee.for decades in terms of pay, cost of living here is as high if not higher than the USA yet the pay is half as.high.

Though quoting salary is of little use if the cost of living varies massively i.e. silicon valley rents etc are going to be massively higher than in Bangalore etc....

A far better metric would be salary Vs cost of living

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall


Re: Monthly?

Cabin filter had probably NEVER been changed....my Saab was stuffy...finally found the pollen filter and it must have weighed close to 2kg and was caked in dirt....the new one weighed 10s of grams. Air was so much fresher and freer flowing afterwards....


Re: Roll on ...

How long before various online sites are hawking "functionality tester" boxes to activate all those features… .....

Is this you in this explicit snap? No, it's just Discord phishing


Re: Danger to others

I'd just shrug.....

After surgery on my reproductive bits about a rugby teams worth of medics have seen it, before during and after

So it's become....big whoop....

Microsoft resorts to Registry hack to keep Outlook from using Windows 11 search


Re: What about Windows 10?

Seems Google's previously formidable search ability has been neutered, now it just returns random merde, as bad as bing....

Watch a RAID rebuild or go to a Christmas party? Tough choice


You mean Western digital I take it? Given Winchester was an early IBM drive named.in honour of the 30/30 rifle cartridge

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15


or just manager can raise OR approve payments not both

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images



So he created not one but two phishing apps and quite possibly is linked to far or al right figureheads.....

Clearview AI wants its facial-recognition tech in banks, schools, etc


Do I smell a class action lawsuit?

Someone should tip off one of those class action lawyers, I'm sure this could be a HIGHLY lucrative avenue to pursue (and highly expensive for clearview)

Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption


Re: What was the proportion of kiddie fiddlers again ?

So essentially build "Britnet" -= all family friendly, child safe, govt approved content, no foreign rubbish or filth"


Legacy IT to blame for UK's inflexible benefits system


Also because they realised UC is unable to handle "complex" claimants (read seriously disabled) to the extent the system has a block put on to stop them being moved over at the moment (I get the feeling that "leaving a small number on the .legacy system was felt to be the fairest way" will get aired, when in reality its because they realise UC cant handle it and will cost a fortune to modify


Re: My BS-o-meter just shot off the scale

Its taken so long as its an ill designed shit show, designed by the well heeled to punish those daring to need support. Its left people destituteas it assumes everyone has "last months salary" to tide them over for 5 weeks.

Also blind to people paid 4 weekly, who some months get 2 pay cheques in a calendar month, UC then cuts their payments and leaves them short next month.....then again why would anyone expect different from a minister who was described by someone as "the thickest guardsman officer I ever met" and a dept beholden to Unum.....


My BS-o-meter just shot off the scale

I know politicians lie, but Rishi Sunak's nose should be longer than a barge pole....Truth is that the DWP thinks anyone on welfare whether disabled, retired, mentally unwell, temporarily unemployed is a criminal intent on stealing "their" money. Aided by their friends in the American private insurance industry, (seriously look into the links betrween the DWP and private insurers and basically insurance companies weasealed their way into "assist" the DWP and pushed heavily for welfare cuts and punitive measures, all so they could up their policies sold backed by advertising about "protecting your family" andn making reference to welfare cuts (that they drove) )

DWP act like the probation service or an inquisition rather than a social security agency, people are constantly harassed, harangued and judges decisions are frequently ignored. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a "benefits monkey" they placed on the desk of anyone who approved a claim, in the same way the immigration dept had an asylum monkey they put on the desk of anyone approving an asylum claim......

Sunak et al have NO idea how the rest of us actually live, they complain about having to give social security rises while quaffing x hundred pound bottles of champagne, claiming meal expenses per day worth more than many people's social security payments for the week....sickening....

Ford to sell unfinished Explorers as chip shortage bites


Re: Thank god for small favors

Thats where an electric blockheater is worth its weight in gold...seriously it is fantastic to unplug, get in and have warm air from start up, also keeps the oil warm and thus makes starting easier (Particularly in parts where its -45c or below)


Re: $50 Credit

Yeah lets exploit one of the last few unspoiled areas of wilderness in the USA.....ANWR was set up for a reason....

UK spends £36m on 18 little 'bullet-proof' boats to protect Royal Navy assets


Re: Well tried and comprehensively already field tested .....

couldn't get ammo?? I think you have been mis informed friend....

The FN FAL aka the L1A1 aka SLR in UK service used the NATO standard "colt cartridge" chambered in 7.62 x 51mm, also that UK and many commonwealth FALs were not built by FN in Belgium but instead built in the UK to "inch" pattern by IIRC Enfield vs the "metric" pattern FALs built by FN in Belgium

Remember Norton 360's bundled cryptominer? Irritated folk realise Ethereum crafter is tricky to delete


I wouldn't call 2GB of RAM and a 6GB GPU "Powerful hardware" tbh.....

Nationwide Building Society's Faster Payments turn into Slower Payments for 2022


Re: Third time in two weeks

and thats about the only link to the concept of a building society they have, the board appears to be hellbent on turning nationwide into a bank by a thousand small creeping changes...

Sure as hades their renumeration isn't "for the benefit of members" and the AGM policy is "don't vote then its assumed you support the board", which is frankly skullduggery of the worst sort


Nationwide, a bank by another name

Claim to be a mutual yet pay the board several million pounds in direct salary and several millions more in "performance payments" and "expenses". All while slashing interest paid, removing perks and jacking up charges all over. The regulator should put a stop to this or demutualise them as it appears they are only a building society for the marketing puffery and potential other benefits (taxation perhaps???)

You've stolen the antiglare shield on that monitor you've fixed – they say the screen is completely unreadable now


Re: HAZMAT suit please, nurse, gloves please!

Cancer ward at local hospital in tobacco country Canada, guys between 40 and 60 on oxygen tanks and red/blue/purple....not a pretty way to go at all...never smoked but that hammered home the lesson further...

Too busy feasting on meatballs, Windows struggles to update itself in IKEA


Re: Good news, bad news.


Tesla disables in-car gaming feature that allowed play while MuskMobiles were in motion


Re: Back to horse-drawn buggies please!

I've heard of a case of a circus worker who stopped off at a pub while taking the elephants for a walk, got loaded drunk and while staggering along was stopped, arrested and charged with being drunk in charge of 2 elephants. Drunk in charge of seems to be a bit of an open ended charge as I've heard of various ones levied including a pram

On Christmas night, a computer logs a call to say his user has stopped working…


More like....

Very little helps.....

Thankfully I failed their psychometric tests many moons ago (I have never seen the likes of which since....everything from word (not number) sequences to all manner of other bizarre tests which bore no resemblance to the advertised role...joys of itesting in the earty 00s....

China lists 100 topics citizens can't include in online vids


Re: "Just like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter"

Or a firing squad depending on how angry it makes Winnie the Pooh

Newly discovered millipede earns its name by being the first to walk on one thousand legs


Re: Move over Spot

So basically a Virtual Elysium then?

MPs charged with analysing Online Safety Bill say end-to-end encryption should be called out as 'specific risk factor'


Why am I reminded of the end of the republic in Star Wars where they all cheer at the announcement of an empire being created in the name of security and safety....


Re: It's OK, freedom of speech is a quintessentially British right

Unless of course your a wealthy public figure where you can say whatever you like as everyone knows you could bankrupt them in the courts, even cowing certain media outlets into not criticisng some public personas due to their sue happy nature.

Also if your views align with those of the ruling party where the govt will extend laws to protect your right to be bigoted and offensive, while declaring a "war" on those who oppose said bigotry

Meg Whitman – former HP and eBay CEO – nominated as US ambassador to Kenya


Re: if she does to Kenya

Make her ambassador to Somalia....she could singlehandedly bring their civil war to an end....

well its not like she could make matters worse there is it?

Shocking: UK electricity tariffs are among world's most expensive


Re: Electric should be cheaper, gas more expensive

Try an induction stove, seriously, the power available is impressive, I can boil a pot of water way faster than my dads gas cooker can.

Microsoft adds Buy Now, Pay Later financing option to Edge – and everyone hates it


You could use that argument for virtually every form of credit....from car loans to credit cards...so no I don't buy into the current pearl clutching, curtain twitching moral panic over BNPL....


loan sharks? Seriously? Make payments on time and you don't pay any interest, miss payments and you get defaults on your credit score and penalty charges, which you will also be on the receiving end of if you miss payments on any of the following: mortgage payments, car loans, bank loans, credit card repayments, you'll also be hit with penalty charges if you don't have the funds for a direct debit and woe betide if you go into an overdraft where you'll now be paying 40+% interest due to the regulator mandating a standard interest rate for arranged and unarranged overdrafts, in their delusion they thought it would lower charges, when anyone with a grain of common sense could see that it would lead to the banks gouging everyone with abandon.....

Don't like Microsoft but the pile on seems to come because BNPL gets used by young folk and those on limited incomes, seems a form of snobbery tbh....some of it also driven by banks trying to kill the "upstart" competition to their control of the lending levers, can't have the little folk getting above themselves, have to keep them in their place subject to high interest rates, whereas those with hefty incomes can borrow at virtually zero interest.....

You forced me to use this fancypants app and now you're asking for a printout?


Re: Paperless?

Least it tells you how long you have to wait lol...scot gov would at best give you - you are x in the queue, with no indication of potential wait time...


Dabbsy -get an allergy test mate

Could be you don't have hayfever per se but an allergy to something else, which rears its head in the winter when windows are closed due to lower temps and thus lower ventilation - i.e. dust mites (my personal bane), pet dander etc...

Government-favoured child safety app warned it could violate the UK's Investigatory Powers Act with message-scanning tech


V for Vendetta / 1984 incoming

The more time goes on the more convinced I am that we are rapidly spiralling towards some hideous hybrid of various dystopias including 1984 and V for Vendetta....

Though instead of mandating telescreens, they've persuaded the proles to voluntarily buy them through the medium of "home assistants" something that could be useful with proper privacy safeguards but instead have become an electronic spy in the homes of its users, just waiting to unleash a treasure trove of context free information for the authorities to "prove" wrongdoing.....

Apple, Amazon fined to the tune of €200m for colluding over Beats headphones sales


Re: That's Terrible

Ditto Oakleys, where even within Europe its seemingly ok to have pricing disparities...

BT's Plusnet shows Google how it's done as email woes enter their third day


Re: Stuck with it

That seems to gave been a jump from the frying pan into the fire....I'm with Zen and currently looking for pastures new due to the non existentence of technical staff with a clue......trying to get them to contact Openreach is like pulling teeth.....

Ofcom slams slammers: Telcos fined for switching punters' phone lines without their knowledge or consent


followed by met2 telecom ltd trading as met telecom...........

Stinker, emailer, trawler, spy: How an engineer stole top US chip designs, smuggled them to China to set up a rival fab


The Kfir, Apartheid era South Africa also had their own version called the Cheetah (developed with Israeli assistance)

Orders wrong, resellers receiving wrong items? Must be a programming error and certainly not a rushing techie


Re: It wasn't always an accident

So the old chestnut then....bullying, must have made the perpetrator feel like such a big person.....

Give us your biometric data to get your lunch in 5 seconds, UK schools tell children


Re: SNP are building an authoritarian Orwellian

Personally reckon in terms of surveillance and authoritarianism they are just 2 different approaches to the same end point....


Re: Not much of a surprise

I think the East Germans would think we are going too far....

Wonder if we have more or less CCTV than the chinese.....


Re: Not much of a surprise

Yep yet mention any hint that the Scottish Govt under the SNP are building an authoritarian Orwellian surveillance state that East Germany would baulk at and your denounced as a "yoon traitor", "delusional", "doing down Scotland" etc (See R/Scotland as a prime example of SNP groupthink and how rapidly any criticism of the SNP/Scotgov is downvoted or the poster abused.....)

Perhaps the First Minister should go the whole hog and publish a "yellow book" of approved politicial thinking.......


Simpler Solution - Free school meals for all?

As above, we are the 5th largest economy in the world and yet we can't give kids at a place they are mandated to be, free food and drink at lunchtime?

The mind boggles...clearly Calvanism never went away (suffering is good for the soul)

Heart FM's borkfast show – a fine way to start your day


Re: For those outside the UK

Heck I sideloaded radioplayer Canada (not available in the playstore in the UK due to geolocking) denied location access and now have access to a myriad of Canadian radio stations, including a plethora of rock stations...all of which are far superior to the banal inoffensive drudge that is uk radio and as a bonus the ads are even tolerable and on the whole non grating to listen to.

Other times I fire up Spotify and don't deal with annoying "presenters"

What do you mean you gave the boss THAT version of the report? Oh, ****ing ****balls


Forking Shirtballs!

As per "The Good Place" can't have been that bad as it was only Forking Shirtballs in the headline not Holy Forking Shirtballs

All I want for Christmas is a delivery address that a delivery courier can find


Re: Can they find my phone?

If you have android

Hit up Google (I know I know) and type find my phone

There is an option to locate but also to make the phone ring even if its on silent, which is kind of disturbing as it means google has much more control over your handset than people realise...

Motivated by commerce, not conscience, Google bans ads for climate change consensus contradictors


Scientific Consensus

The scientific consensus was settled for decades that stress was the sole cause of stomach ulcers and that there was no viral or bacterial cause....until a researcher drank a solution of heliobacter pylori and promptly developed stomach ulcers....to this day even some doctors still think stress is the cause of stomach ulcers and fail to run the test for heliobacter pylori causing their patients to suffer health issues unnecessarily, see also galileo where the consensus was that the sun orbited the earth and this was settled scientific fact.

My concern is by yelling "long established scientific consensus" we are going down the same path yet again and shutting down scientific debate, leading to other causes or the real cause being missed.

Correlation is not causation i.e. just because the hockey stick curve correlates to CO2 doesn't mean CO2 is the cause (doesn't mean it isn't either) and absence of evidence is not evidence of absence - i.e. just becase we can't find solid evidence for something doesn't mean it isn't happening, it just means we don't have all the facts yet.

Climatology seems to attract the same extremists and fanatics that nationalism and religion does, those intent on bullying and intimidating any one who questions the orthodoxy by branding them "deniers" aka heretics or traitors, shouting down academics who call for continuing research into other causes while reducing CO2 "your wasting time CO2 must be our only focus", putting other people's lives in danger by blockading roads and stopping ambulances getting to those who need help / hospitals in a timely manner.

Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?


Re: Linux for gaming?

Proton might cover you

"Proton is a compatibility layer for Microsoft Windows games to run on Linux-based operating systems. Proton is developed by Valve in cooperation with developers from CodeWeavers under contract."



Re: Settings/Control Panel

I'm just waiting for them to offer a subscription based "Microsoft Linux <insert marketing approved name> - Certified to run all your business critical applications turbocharged with the reliablity and security of OpenSource, <insert any current management buzzspeak i.e. blockchain, cloud etc etc>"

Which in essence will likely be based on Debian or RHEL with a microsoft translation layer built in



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