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It's ba-ack... UK watchdog publishes age verification proposals


Personally if I had kids I'd rather than they were looking at porn than - injecting / snorting drugs, committing robberies/assaults, shooting up their school and their peers.

Put it this way the chances of death from teen pregnancy are exponentially less than being shot and with contraception and advice on how to use it being applied, lower still....

This obsession with some romanticised "innocence" that lasts until someone is 18 (or in some people's eyes till 21+) has led us into this deranged rabbit hole of stupidity.

If it wasn't for the "think of the children" you could easily solve the lack of sperm donors in this world by paying teen boys to do what they do anyway, except into sample containers rather than socks etc (i'm sure legions of mothers would be glad not to find socks that could do double duty as hammers for one.....), boost entrepreneurship, keep them out of trouble (why join a gang and rob someone when its more lucrative to well....stay home....)

(before anyone reports me, my tongue is firmly in cheek and I am being in NO way serious in anyway shape or form, just indulging in what would have passed up till relatively recently as humour......its sad i have to make that clear...)


Re: How is the "facial estimation" AI trained, I wonder?

teenage girls will resort to the well worn tactic of make up, amazing with practice how many years you can plus or minus, adding in or removing various accessories i.e. glasses popular with more "mature" relatives, hairstyles way past fashionable etc etc and if teens have anything its time on their hands and will expend serious effort, more so if they are teens with adhd and hyperfocus (as one of the things that ignites hyperfocus is a challenge and competition "bet you cant get access to abcdef site" "you're on")


More like the SNP would just ban it under their "equally safe" policy which describes pornography as "commercial sexual exploitation" "where those who take part are harmed and harm other women by their participation"

Same worldview as ofcom...i.e. something must be done


Labour supported Sarah Champions attempt to tack on restrictions on vpns to this stupid bill

The establishment tread think tanks and career civil servants) appears to believe the world of San.Angeles as envisioned in demolition man has far too many freedoms (in their eyes "ways for the proles to mess up their neat, tidy and orderly system") and tbus why give anyone any freedom at all. All while the right wing talk about freedom while demanding book bans, abortion bans, introducing ever more restrictions on right to protest, more vague laws to make people unsure where the line of legality is

We are in a world made up of THE worst of 1984, V for Vendetta, Atlas Shrugged and many other dystopian worlds - won't surprise me soon to see "fingermen" out on the streets demanding to know why people are out after curfew or just arresting anyone defying it or at a minimum demanding "papers", kids taught govt propaganda buzzwords "now repeat after me children "ENGLAND PREVAILS "and to make sure no "improper information " gets loose, the unsafe "internet" will be replaced by the"wholesome, family friendly and govt vetted "BritNet" (aka a more totalitarian version of China's net)

Stop the world I want to get off

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos


Re: Actually, I kind of agree with him

will you please take a hike you transphobic bigoted loudmouth, do the right wing "news" sites not have forums? Perhaps you just enjoy trolling to fill your otherwise empty life?


Re: Early stage dementia?

Look at some of the stuff his dad has said....its got to be something thats genetically passed on...

Logitech's Wave Keys tries to bend ergonomics without breaking tradition


Re: Gooey Coating

you dont happen to smoke do you?

Car dealers openly beg Biden to put brakes on electric vehicle drive


Re: From the inside...

its not been a "British" brand for well over a decade now

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAIC_Motor own what was MG Rover after taking over Nanjing who bought MG Rover in 2007

Brit borough council apologizes for telling website users to disable HTTPS


Re: So what's new?

Sounds a bit like cumbernauld....now that IS a shithole, ditto Dundee where the council seem intent on making it as much of a shithole as possible, V&A comes....hmmm lets build a massive office block RIGHT in front of it so you can't see it from the main shopping drag, why "oh someone will pay a HUGE amount for that view, why let the proles have it for free?" and whats happened....to save face the SNP local authority has sold it to....the SNP run scottish govt as a home for social security scotland..,,,,who "aren't yet setup for in person contact, so no we can't print a letter off and leave it at reception" no instead we have to send it off to somewhere else in scotland to be printed and mailed months later.....

Britain proposes 'super-complaints' to help keep the internet safe


So posting imported American Christian nationalist anti-lgbtqia+ "free speech" aka bigotry will be A-OK but heaven forbid you advocate for refugees, suggest a 5 eyes ally might be in the wrong, advocate for lgbtqia+

Yeah I can see exactly where this is going.....whether under the "tell me a story" Tories or Tory-lite under their current leader who didn't at all come from an extremely well heeled background....

Airbus to test sat-stabilizing 'Detumbler' to simplify astro-garbage disposal


Re: Certainly cute and maybe useful

Anaerobic adhesives might work

'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet


Re: I suspect the one word answer is "idiot"

Military also plus for military they also do counter terrorism check and for roles with access to the highest level you have another screening still.

Ask a builder to fix a server and out come the vastly inappropriate power tools


Re: Most-Inappropriate Computer Repair Tool

Deadblow hammer probably, head is filled with steel shot, so the hammer head doesn't bounce back


Re: Ouch!

Actually soldering is closer to brazing as you are melting the filler metal only

Welding is where you melt the parent metal also, in this case you would be melting the copper of the PCB.....

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law


Re: I've always been curious...

Same video can be seen in any number of markets worldwide, so a video for the Usain market might advertise Glock handguns quite legitimately for example but that would cause a firestorm elsewhere......ditto alcohol in the middle east, tobacco in bhutan

Apple jacks prices to juice profits because $19.3B a quarter isn't enough


Re: 19.3B USD per quarter..

Answer the USA several decades ago, yes there are "investigations" to keep the proles happy but those are just costs of doing business.

Look at the threats that emerge from the US when one of "their" companies is investigated elsewhere......


Re: Sort of the same here

I gave broadcast TV the heave ho years ago, I flick through when visiting my parents but honestly there is nothing I'd watch and near all of it seems to be iq lowering dross....

No discovery I wouldn't like to learn about anything, no I'd rather just watch storage wars..........


Re: Overpriced shite? Must be Apple

Bit like audiophiles where some pay >£7000 for a plug fuse due to its "quantum leap's in musicality".....

Judge tosses Sonos's $32.5M patent win over Google with savage slam down


Re: A pox on both their houses

Ditto iriver who despite producing products with better sound quality were outdone on the usability front by apple and then by smartphones

EU threatens X with DSA penalties over spread of Israel-Hamas disinformation


musk is a real life Ted Faro

In other words we had better start on project zero dawn sooner rather than later and keep the data for future generations safe from the likes of Ted Faro.....

Elon Musk's ambitions for Starship soar high while reality waits on launchpad


Re: Getting people to Mars seems relatively easy

People said the same about Hitler.....

Right to repair advocates have a new opponent: Scientologists


Re: Expose,

Burning at the stake, breaking on the wheel are 2 options more in-line with the current home secretary's views on law and order....

Police ignored the laws of datacenter climate control


Not sure why they still cling to chalk when whiteboard pens and smart displays have been around for decades now (albeit my school replaced whiteboards with chalkboards/blackboards (to use UK parlance because.well they are black in colour) for well "reasons" likely either someone was a traditionalist, pens were seen as a luxury and a new blackboard came out of capital budget but consumables came out of another and well we buy lots of chalk so why should we.buy pens?)


Knob and tube is NOT safe

It's LONG overdue to be replaced


Sounds similar to the American knob and tube wiring (that some STILL claim is "perfectly safe")


Urgh fabric covered Vulcanised India Rubber insulated cabling....where the rubber has a charming habit of falling off the wiring due to perishing and then either giving someone a nasty (or fatal) shock or starting a fire (hence why it's mandated to remove it in favour of pvc)

Musk's first year as Twitter's Dear Leader is nigh


Re: Going downhill fast, and so is Twitter

Let's see up till recebtly Vauxhall/Opel (since sold to PSA/Stellantis), Holden, Daewoo, Isuzu (iirc)

Switch to hit the fan as BT begins prep ahead of analog phone sunset


Re: Are these powered from the DC supply at the switch in the same way as POTS?

Tbh surprised mobile operators haven't put either backup gennies or solar panels charging a battery bank yet....


Re: "we won't force anyone until 2030' schtick is to wait for the old codgers to pop off.



Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure


Except they devalue way faster than the car does so you'd prob be better putting money into investments if seeking a return is what your after


2cv is a car I cannot see the love for, ugly as sin, slow as frozen treacle, pollutes like a Victorian chimney, loud. "But you can't tip them" if that's where someone has to go to justify a car....that speaks volumes tbh....

Morris minor I feel the same way about....both I would send to room 101 or the crusher


Just fit all vehicles with pantographs ala trolley buses and string power cables above the roads.....ugly as sin but cheaper to roll out and easy to maintain.

Easy way to cut emissions from lorries on trunking routes (depot -> motorway -> depot ) small battery to cover the couple of miles at most between depot and motorway, after that run on pantograph with zero tail pipe emissions


Re: don't forget

Nah he probably just had a "brilliant idea" one morning and decided they were pointless (the sort of "brilliant idea" he is known for)

US AGs: We need law to purge the web of AI-drawn child sex abuse material


Re: Some wrong assumptions are being made

ditto uk

Where a lot of production moved to more "liberal" jurisdictions after the effectively banned bondage materials as the model has to have at least 1 limb free at all times

So many companies just went to the Czech republic


Already illegal in the UK

Heck even those lewd simpsons cartoons are already illegal to possess as they come under "images of or appear to be that of a child" (or words to that effect), heck some labour member of the house of lords wanted to start censoring any written mention in any context.

Windows File Explorer gets nostalgic speed boost thanks to one weird bug


Re: File list - easy way to create?


Works wonders and does exactly what it claims to. Original author has sadly died but code is being maintained by someone else

Freecycle gives users the gift of a security breach notice


Iirc Freegle and Freecycle are 2 different entities?

I fell out with Freegle as their local mod team were on a Soviet Russia esque power trip and being utterly out of line by threatening to "add stuff to your file" - that got them told to get fucked and to delete my data

So henceforth near everything that would have gone via Freegle has been interfaced with the council rubbish bins

Moscow makes a mess on the Moon as Luna 25 probe misses orbit, lands with a thud


Nah it was a collaboration between Mr Spoon and the Clangers

Want to pwn a satellite? Turns out it's surprisingly easy


starlink going offline?

Make for an interesting LEO fireworks show

Enough pissed off astronomers out there.......

We need to be first on the Moon, uh, again, says NASA


Re: Just one question

Really? That abundance of caution why starship blew up? Mainly due to the half assed way the launch area was constructed.....


Re: Just one question

God in hell you right wing muskrat fanatics are everywhere. He is a cult leader, no different to Jim Jones....he wants power and unquestioning adulation (a bit like a certain former president)


Re: Just one question

Wonder how well a recoilless rifle like the Carl Gustaf would fare on the surface of the moon or in space?


Re: So reading between the lines ...

Oh god not more muskrat spam.....

Starship an object designed to look like male genitalia.....ever so mature....

Pass on flying edgelord spacelines

Nobody would ever work on the live server, right? Not intentionally, anyway


I love Tri-X

Didn't they stop production of it though?

I shoot digital but I'd kill for a decent filter that could accurately mimic Tri-Xs grainyness

Friendly AI chatbots will be designing bioweapons for criminals 'within years'


Also "my company/stock portfolio stands to benefit from a closed ai shop where a small number can access a central system costing an expensive amount and controlled by an entity that financially benefits me"

LG to offer subscriptions for appliances and televisions


Re: So we'll be glued to their sets, not stuck with them, then?

What heatwave? It's been raining cats and dogs for near 3 weeks now with only brief glimpses of a non grey sky

Now June was properly warm and I had my hopes for a lovely dry summer....instead the UK weather server appears to have had its location set to India and the season set to monsoon


Re: Rent seeking

Vibrant secondhand market? Public want new and shiny and definitely not someone else's cast offs that have been treated who knows how badly and have who knows how little lifespan left before something burns out (planned obselescence)

NASA humanoid robot to be tested as remote oil rig attendant


Re: 1972 called with a movie plot

Will there be atomic detonations?

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?


Re: Freedom is an illusion

Bookface being the 2023 version of prole press

Quirky QWERTY killed a password in Paris


Re: All your QWERTY belong to us...

Also apparently they mean lbs not Oz as $60 an Oz is pretty steep, are they selling the sweets from the bag individually?