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'Fat birds get laid sooner, have more one-night stands'

Khyle Westmoreland
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Me too...

Though even worse, I didn't realise until I read the comments...!!

Paris because she doesn't need to be fat

'McDonalds' burger-lers making millions

Khyle Westmoreland

No such thing...

...as mcds-ops.uk

iPhone compass evidence surfaces

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It's not even a Google innovation - Garmin GPS devices have had these built-in for YEARS.

Though that said, you generally have to keep the device perfectly horizontal for it to work - iPhone users might not like the idea they're now being dictated on how to hold their device as well as how they can use it...

Paris because she spends a lot of time being horizontal.

Private firm may run UK spy über-database

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Yes yes yes yes!! With any luck the same program will have the dual advantage of ruining Phorm's database at the same time :-D

No point in AC because the gov't and Orange already know who's using this mobile interweb connection...

Native Client d**k-swinging met with fake Googasm

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> The perception is that Google and Microsoft are rivals, whereas with the default Windows

> Customised Links, Free Hotmail, Windows Marketplace and Windows Media bookmarks in

> Chrome may they be more than just good friends.

Erm... are you sure you didn't just opt to import the IE bookmarks and settings? ;-)

Mozilla plans mobile Firefox, plus 'public resource' usage data

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@ Solomon

...surely Google gives away its primary product, and they're doing alright? :-P

Paris 'cos she likes to give her primary product away too

BOFH: Remote access malarkey

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That thar BOfH evidently be missin' out on International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ye'd have thought he'd be makin' the scurvy dog boss walk t'plank for talkin' t'him like that!

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Khyle Westmoreland

Ah Well...

I'll give them a ring tomorrow to cancel my account...

(not that I'm cancelling particularly because of STM, I'm just moving house and need to cancel :-P )

Yet another hole found in BT Wi-Fi router

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You can't flash these with DD-WRT... Linux running on a tiny box ftw!

Swede packs off GPS to make world's biggest sketch

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> P.S. GPS gets confused on Eurostar trains as well. It doesn't expect cars to be driving at 186 mph

You're obviously getting GPS (Global Positioning System) confused with satellite navigation (AKA sat-nav; the practice of deriving your location from GPS and then plotting a course to take).

My GPS was perfectly happy on Eurostar - shame we only ever went at 185mph!

Paris because I'd like to ride her at 186mph too!

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

Khyle Westmoreland


Surely you're just preaching to the converted here?! We already know this! Most of us would probably have said even just reinstalling Vasta would have solved some of the speed problems!

Oh, and: "so far, the only thing I have missed is the enhanced application switching mechanism in Vista, i.e. the Alt-Tab and Windows-Tab functionality."

You're doing something wrong if you can't get Alt-Tab working in XP! ;-)

UK's number one router open to VoIP hijacking

Khyle Westmoreland

@ Dave Cumming

Well I don't know about you but I get a nice geographical number from my VoIP provider; free of charge when you sign up too. So yes, my bank would have no problem calling me. :)

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

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Yeah, and we're still out!

Swansea went down from about 9pm to 9:30, when the whole area came back up. Then about 15 mins later our modem went down again and STILL hasn't come back up yet (12:50 the next day). Rest of the area's fine though.

Wouldn't be a problem except I'm not going to be in the house again until mid Jan and my housemates wouldn't have a clue what to do if they called CS!

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'

Khyle Westmoreland

Well I don't know about your friends...

But everyone I've showed it to in Wales found it just as funny as all the English people I've showed it to! Methinks you need to get to know a livelier bunch of people ;-)