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'Men only' job ad posts land Facebook in boiling hot water with ACLU


Re: Use your brains

diodesign: Nothing is black and white anymore. The female consumer targeted by said retailer might be a blogger whose income depends on keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. Said retailer is thereby depriving men of the “opportunity” to become fashion bloggers if the retailer excludes men in said advertising. Oh wait, more women than men ARE fashion bloggers… must be because of a FB ad. You see… you can make ANY circumstance fit a discrimination argument if you think about it hard enough (good news for lawyers). Meanwhile, FB has ads to sell and personal data to mine. Clearly the most pressing concern is that not enough women are seeing Uber ads on FB and missing out on such a wonderful career opportunity.


Use your brains

1.) You're a supposedly "for profit" company and you want to run ads

2.) Independent studies show that male drivers are better able to make money (i.e. be satisfied with your product / service)

3.) You don't want to upset your accounting and/or marketing department by wasting money on ads

4.) So do you:

a.) target your ads by gender (and likely some other criteria)

b.) not target and waste at least 50% of your campaign dollars

Before the hyper-sensitive, looking for any reason to find offense, crowd gained traction, no one would have been particularly surprised by option a. In fact, your competency would be seriously questioned if you chose option b.

This is no different than a retail company targeting women because spending patterns indicate women spend more money, return more often, and/or are more satisfied customers. That company is likewise "discriminating" against men because they are in the dark about the company's clothing. Oh wait, discrimination against men is okay. I suppose that you also think Uber is depriving women of real "jobs."

If many of the comments here were posted to a general news site, it'd be understandable. A good percentage of you, however, have the technical understanding to know better. And how many of you claiming to be deeply incensed by the very notion are actually women? Get a life.


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