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Developing for Windows 11: Like developing for Windows 10, but with rounded corners?

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Re: The new slogan

And for crusty old geezers octal.

So what if I pay peanuts for my home broadband? I demand you fix it NOW!

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hint: the same place it was yesterday,

Sadly though, not always true after the Fisher Price trained UX intern scrawled their coloured pencils all over the bloody UI again and the app has been updatded this morning in the name of improving the user experience.

But yes, theres always the same senior exec who is *always* on mute when they start their droning, 'oops, sorry, snigger, i'll get the hang of this one day'.

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan

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Accidental news channel

What I find surprising and slightly worrying is that FB has become in some people’s mind an essential service. I hear that non-news providers like weather, health and emergency services have been blocked, maybe by accident and maybe temporarily, and they are up in arms. Get off FB and leave that cess pit of misinformation to drown in its own mess, and get back to trusted portals.

Pizza and beer night out the window, hours trying to sort issue, then a fresh pair of eyes says 'See, the problem is...'

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Re: ~/.procmailrc

Well done, first this year :)

There are two sides to every story, two ends to every cable

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mystery brain fairy

+1 made my day.

Wireless screen in estate agent window just begging for someone to fill it with mischief

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Re: Wireless Display

So just another phishing expedition?

A cautionary tale of virtual floppies and all too real credentials

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Re: FTP config files...

err, you mean there are other users?

Typical '80s IT: Good idea leads to additional duties, without extra training or pay, and a nuked payroll system

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Re: Oh good grief....

Thanks, that's now stuck on loop in my head for the rest of the day :)

Congratulations Peebles. Felicitations Queenzieburn. Openreach is bringing you FTTP (yes, they're real places)

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shambles and deceptive

Well, I live in rural(ish) Dorset, and the frustrating thing is my neigbour had FTTP put in last year, but I'm not able ot get it. same road, gardens next to each other, and the muppet installers wouldn't even extend the trench by 1 foot to reach my land. grrr.

Beware the fresh Windows XP install: Failure awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth

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Big African rats

Not quite IT, but back at the end of the 70's I was working in Nigeria helping maintain their phone network which used big ass microwave transmitters. These were often in the middle of nowhere and took hours to get to. One day the whole of the north west sector went down and I duly drove up the route and after 5 hours finally found the station that had failed. Turns out there are some mighty big rodents and one had managed to eat its way into the transmitter room, eat through the EHT cables, fried itself and and basically caused the PSU to explode all over the equipment room taking the other equipment out with it. This things body was about a foot long and it still sends shivers down me neck thinking about meeting one of those.

BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam

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Another great opportunity for our tech savvy overlords

To bluster that us Brits can build our own build a world beating 5G equipment, just like a replacement for Galileo, the dead end contact tracing app, and all those successful guvment IT projects. Don’t get me wrong on this, we’ve got great engineers and scientists, and we make good stuff, I just despair when lazy leaders have a good idea.

Neo4j has this great IDE-a: How about we stuff all our graph workspace, database, algorithms and visualisation wizardry in one place?

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since the early 1990s,

most have used an integrated development environment (IDE) to make the process more productive and consistent and achieve vendor lock-in, encouraging lazy programming, reliance on frameworks that become EOL and unsupported, meta-data for the IDEs that is undocumented and which changes for every release, and if you are really lucky yet another build environment, so that’s fine then.

How many days of carefree wiping do you have left before life starts to look genuinely apocalyptic? Let's find out

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Re: Personal habits?

Note to self: do not read el reg while eating.....

Help! I'm trapped on Schrodinger's runaway train! Or am I..?

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Needs a do not eat lunch and read at the same time warning ....

Great, absolutely juvenile

High-resolution display output or Wi-Fi: It seems you can only choose one on Raspberry Pi 4

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and this is why

these useful toys are not to be confused with dedicated quality digital signage players ....

We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE

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Actually, Greenpeace have pulled this stunt https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/uk/bulldozer-brought-to-pms-constituency-for-johnson-to-fulfil-his-heathrow-vow/

So lie down dude.

I don't know but it's been said, Amphenol plugs are made with lead

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Re: "The router went dark"

I think this actually featured on a bbc program called something like young scientist of the year at some point in the late 60s/early 70s.

'Software delivered to Boeing' now blamed for 737 Max warning fiasco

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does this affect more aircraft than the ill fated 737 max?

so... the linked figure implies the AOA gauge is optional on lots of models, including the long haul 777. Should we be worried? Why the f*** are what look to me like critical safety features optional anyway. So much for the oft repeated mantra that 'your safety is our number one priority'.

The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-adored Linux toolkit

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systemd is clearly missing a critical feature...

In the spirit of taking over the entire ***x world, all systemd needs now is a vulnerability scanner and repair module. I'm sure it can be trusted.

'World's favorite airline' favorite among hackers: British Airways site, app hacked for two weeks

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And it doesn't help that when I called one of my banks (3 cards effected FFS) they said I should change the PIN on my card. WTF. Only when I asked for my card to be stopped and a new card please did they say that yes thats a good idea.


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