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Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade


Time up Freetards

I've done it myself - utilised P2P and Pirate Bay for the odd song, precisely because of the DRM issue. Can't justify that now though. Just wish that Amazon had used a better bitrate...

Public ID card support holds steady - says gov report


60% In favour?

You must be kidding! I knew a good percentage of the people in this country were morons, but 60% comes as a genuine surprise. Ah well, I sincerely hope they get the country they deserve.

Blockbuster: DVD to Blu-ray shift slower than VHS to DVD


Agree with most of the above...

Blu-Ray will pick up, but it's gonna take years. unfortunately, judging by the noises come from my CRT TV, I'll be in the market for HD kit pretty soon but to be honest I'd rather have waited till the premium prices collapsed. I guess most folks will be waiting till their perfectly good CRTs give out, and even then there's going to be a trade off - what will I have to look forward too? Excellent upscaled DVD and Blu-Ray playback but pretty grubby SD Freeview until the number of HD channels on freesat makes it worthwhile to move to that (Murdoch isn't getting a penny of my hard earned). Grumble, moan etc...

Top Jock cop calls for universal DNA database


This just reinforces what I've always thought...

That under no circumstances should anyone, ever, give credence to any of our boys in blue who court the press. We pay these clowns to do a simple job, apply the law; the law made by those we elect. We can at least vote those twats out when the laws they create go bad (that means you Brown). But where, prithee, would we be if we gave the 'polis' every new power they asked for?

Might I politely suggest that Mr House take himself back to 1930's Germany where he clearly belongs.

Sony to bring E Ink eBook reader to UK in September



I'd maybe consider this if: it was retailing for about £20.00; the ebooks cost £0.50; it would withstand a tumble from a shelf; it could act as a coaster when my real coasters aren't handy; it didn't brick when I need to wipe peanut butter from the screen/buttons/both; it never needs a fresh set of batteries or charging and if it will last a couple of hundred years without becoming obsolete.

Top airline bosses launch assault on airport ID card plan


And because UK.gov is "listening"...

...we can be certain that Jaqui will throw this letter in the bin and the whole shoddy affair will go blundering on.

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

Thumb Down

Analogue radio - just kill it already!

"FM should be switched off by 2020" good grief - why wait so long? It's this procrastination that's leaving the public dissinterested. Announce the complete analogue switch off in 2012, change to DAB+, get the car manufacturers on board and make sure the reception coverage is up to snuff and watch the public move over in droves. This procrastination drives me nuts. Sure there will be some backlash (not least from those with non upgradeable DAB radio's - which includes me) but that's just tought titty. Get on with it!

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill


@ AC

"how would you feel if the law hadn't passed and some "brainwashed" fundamentalist came along and blew up your office..."

What a ridiculous statement. All the laws in the world won't stop that from happening if someone is determined enough. When will you people (who don't even have the bottle to give a name to your brain farts) realise that there will always be some nutcase somewhere with a grievance that is intent on killing, and there will be absolutely nothing that you, the police, the government, the security services and the secret service can do about it. If this Bill does become law, people will still die in terrorist attrocities in this country.

Even given this, I still want to live in a country where the police have some evidence before someone is incarcerated. I couldn't care less about the things people might do, the things people read or the things people think. These things, which were until very recently the bedrock upon which our laws have been built, should never be a crime. I sincerely hope, in supporting this Bill, that you get the country you deserve (hint: try reading some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for a clue of what that might mean).


Well, that's a first...

Watched him give his resignation speech outside the Commons today and caught myself nodding at every word. My ghast is flabbered. A Tory with principles, who'd have thunk it?

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg


Not the only ones

Gotta agree with the posters above - this sounds like a 419 to me too.

Police likely to ignore Brown's cannabis changes


Dear Mr Brown

Don't you realise you're missing a trick here? Legalise the damn stuff and think of all the tax £££'s you could rake in! For a man so obsessed with taxing us all till we squeek this should be a no brainer.

30 years of Spam - and we ain't finished yet


11% of people...

"11 per cent of people admit to having bought goods in response to spam messages". Fuckwits. Shooting's too good for 'em. Seriously.

GCap reaches for DAB off switch



Yup, add my name to the more-than-a-little-bit-pissed-at-this-decision list. Living in an area with dire FM and AM reception but great DAB, I'd much, much rather listen to repeats of Guns N Roses than the piss churned out by the BBC which are the only viable alternatives. GCap - you myopic bastards.

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'


@ Philip Marshall

Phillip, I'm reliable informed that 100% of all people born consequently die at some point. It doesn't matter how much you exercise or how many sprouts you eat. This means that in about 100 years, over 50,000,000 people in this country will have died. That's the size of the UK.

We no longer smoke in enclosed public spaces so you have your clean air. Frankly, you're welcome to it.

Sometimes I think the do-gooders and powers-that-be in this bloody country won't be happy till we're all wrapped in cotton wool, confined to our houses, drinking water and eating fucking soya lest something nasty happen to us.

As a poster in an unrelated comment once said - "Do gooders get fucked!".

/Rant - I'm going for a smoke.

Jailed terror student 'hid' files in the wrong Windows folder



This is such a heap of shit. 8 years, and for what prithee? He killed no one, he harmed no one. Drunk drivers get less when they DO kill someone. 8 years for some "terrorist publications". WTF is a terrorist publication, precisely? Just because you know how to build a bomb does not necessarily mean that you will in fact build one! Now, if he'd been found with the materials necessary to construct a bomb there might be a case to answer but the poor bastard only had some files on a bloody computer, and he is Muslim.

I'm not a Muslim but it's piss like this that makes we want to blow shit up!!!

Yes, it is true that he MIGHT have been a potential terrorist but every single one of us has the potential to wreak fucking havoc should the mood take us. The potential to be dangerous is a human failing - not a fucking crime!!!

So, it seems we bang folk up because conceivably they might commit a crime at some point in the future? Aye, that's justice right enough. Welcome to 21st century Britain.

Scottish? You're drinking too much



As a race we've been drinking too much for centuries. We'll continue to drink to much, mostly coz it's fun. We also smoke too much, have the most appalling diet and excercise way too little. We're also aware that we're not immortal and that we've all got to die of something. So, please leave us alone to enjoy our booze, fags and deep-fried pizza - we're happy.

'It's Britney, bitch' riding high again


Good Grief...

Would have thought that horrifying picture of Britney's crusty snatch would have put anybody off... live and learn...

Scotland launches electronics design centre



...there have been a number of high profile electronics closures in Scotland (Motorolla, NEC) in the past few years, but it's just plain wrong to say that there's no electronics industry; take a drive across the central belt one day for proof.

Lucy - not sure anyone in Glasgow drinks Champagne - pretty sure that was a bottle of Buckfast being smashed across the side of the new electronics design centre.

Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse



@ b shubin: agree with your peeing analogy (though I prefer "don't shit where you eat") - it's only sensible afterall, for no other reason than it makes a lot of sense to stop plundering nature when we can use alternative energy sources, recycle and stop shoving mountains of waste into landfill.

That said, no do-gooding environmentalist tosser is going to convince me that I'm saving the planet from "the greenhouse effect" when it should be patently obvious to even the densest moron that the big hot orangy thing in the sky always has been, and always will be, responsible for the earth's temperature - excluding blips like volcanic explosions/meteor strikes - which in the great universal scheme of things affect our climate for a nanosecond.

As anon said above - if cretins stop building on flood plains (or if they must, at least have the sense to build houses on stilts), and other cretins stop farming away the hills (where rainfall would otherwise be stored, spongelike), then your some way to solving the problem.

Oh, and while I'm ranting - a few hundred years ago we were able to grow grapes in the north of England which suggests the average temperature here was way higher than it is now. Armaggedon didn't come then, and it's not going to come now. Not unless Bush decides to go berserk before he leaves office.</ rant>


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