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Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

John Curry
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I think...

...a lot of people are missing the point surrounding iTunes. Whether you can choose to use it or not, Apple allow you to go to their website and download it for zero benk, and then use it to organise your media collection.

So, let's say you do this. You don't have a portable player, but have a massive cd collection that you've ripped, or mp3s that you've download from legal/illegal sources. You download iTunes, organise your media collection, grab some album artwork, maybe buy some new DRM free stuff from the Music Store.

Then you think to yourself "wow, my music collection is truly organised now. I'd really like to get a portable player so I can listen to this stuff on the go."

After you've spent all those hours doing the work, your only choice is Apple. Yes, you can buy something else, but you're then going to have to spend hours reorganising, and if you want to buy from iTunes, you have to keep 2 software libraries in sync. Joe Public just isn't going to do it.

And to be frank, why should they? Yes, Palm have probably gone about this completely the wrong way, but if Apple are selling DRM free music, and offering iTunes for nish on their website, they should at least allow other companies to fully sync with it. Not just playlist sync, but full syncing. They shouldn't necessarily have to provide end user support, but they shouldn't be bloody well allowed to offer a free piece of software to rope you in, and then only leave you with one choice of hardware.

Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen

John Curry


So let's just check - had this Manhole cover been left unattended, and let's say someone with a physical or mental disability had fallen down the hole, would you have the same reaction?

It's possible for anyone to be distracted - the fact that she was texting doesn't really make any difference at all. The problem here is that someone left a dirty great hole in the road, unmarked, which resulted in injury, and which could have resulted in something much worse for someone more vulnerable.

She's well within her rights to sue, in should do.

Apple's big week: the good, the bad, the ugly

John Curry

@ AC 13/06/09 20:37

O2's terms are no different to 3's. Whatsoever. There are restrictions on tethering built into the terms and conditions, and they're enforcing them.

On 3, I have a £20 a month plan, with unlimited texts and 1gb of internet usage. I can't use it for tethering though (I've done it twice, and now they've blocked it - some kind of packet inspection presumably).

If I want to turn that 1gb into tether friendly bandwidth, I have to pay an extra tenner a month. That'll get me 1gb of tethering data, on top of my 1gb of phone-only data.

Silly, but there you go. £15 for 3gb of iPhone tethering is a pretty good deal I think.

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

John Curry

Maybe less of the religion bashing...

I'm a Christian (Methodist), and I've never had to pay for anything. I tithe, but it's voluntary, and stumbled across it myself - it was never even mentioned to me, let alone forced upon me.

Plus, my minister actively encourages debate, never pushes an opinion onto anyone, and is thoroughly supportive. Good chap too. Enjoys a nice real ale (we're not ribbon holders, before anyone mentions it).

It's probably best not to just make sweeping generalisations - more often than not they're entirely wrong. Entirely up to you if you believe what I believe, or if you choose not to. That is indeed your choice, and fair play to you for it. But don't lump us in with the bloody Scientologists. They're clearly only in it for the money.

Google gives a peek of Android 1.5

John Curry

@ James Dunmore

Er, not sure which shop you were in on iPhone 3g launch day, but both of my local O2/CPW stores had queues well out of the door a good 2 hours prior to opening time.

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband

John Curry

@ Ad Fundem

Menstruating Manatee? Surely that HAS to be the title for Ubuntu 10.10???

Emotional arguments do not make Street View illegal

John Curry


If you're in your own home, or somebody else's home, or a private building or function, then privacy should be all yours.

If you're out in public, you have no right to 'privacy' whatsoever. You're choosing to put yourself in that domain for others to see. The fact that 'others' now means potentially millions if people doesn't change that fact. This applies in the same way as television crews filming a football game. If you attend, you're giving up your right to privacy.

If your main concern is avoiding being caught out at adultery, your main task was to simply avoid the google camcars. That's not really much different from avoiding bumping into someone who knows you, in that it's a random element. What next? Request that an entire street be closed down so that no-one can catch you out doing rumpy pumpy where you shouldn't be?

Concerted Linux-netbook effort needed to beat Microsoft

John Curry


...that it's not necessarily stupidity or laziness that means people stick with XP.

I bought a second hand Advent 4211 (which I absolutely love), and had never really investigated Linux. I initially tried Mandriva. Didn't work. Wouldn't boot. Decided to try Ubuntu, and really liked the look and feel of it. Didn't work with wireless card though. I'm not massively technical but decided to take the plunge and install a new wireless card. Got it up an running, and absolutely loved it. For about 5 minutes.

The bootup time is longer than XP, which was a bit of a bummer considering that I'd read everywhere that Linux is faster, speedier than "slow and cumbersome" XP. I found the network manager somehow just disconnected itself every 4-5 mins, so my mobile broadband connection died frequently, a problem I don't get with XP.

The OS itself also wasn't amazingly stable, nor were the apps. Firefox regularly would t recognize my Internet connection, and the supplied media player was terrible. Skipped songs, slow to load, frequent crashes. I also can't easily connect my iPhone to it, or use any of my music production or web design software that I've paid several hundred pounds for.

So, I stuck and extra gig of RAM in, and went back to XP (which was no easy task in itself as removing Ubuntu borked my boot MBR thing for several days, and Ubuntu had overwritten my harddrive recovery partition without my say so. )

I'd absolutely love to move to Linux, but simply don't see the point at present. I'd really, ideally like to have a dual boot system with XP as my main OS, but with a pared down EEE style Linux that can boot in 20 secs or so and have me browsing with my mobile broadband or wireless connection.

Until then, it'll be XP all the way, even though I'll happily check out new iterations of Ubuntu etc etc.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

John Curry

Fuck me...

...shocking display of small minded sexism here. We live in a male oriented world you fuckwits, and the fact that on average women are paid less is just the tip o the iceberg.


Jacqui Smith ecstatically ignores more scientific advice

John Curry


.....it takes the type of intelligence normally found only in the Daily Mail to genuinely try and equate the effects of horse riding with the effects of ecstacy.

Anonymous Coward "Cumulative Effects" has it more than right here. The rest of you actually seem to be more than a little stupid. Ban paracetamol? No thanks, it has actual medical value and the ability to treat real ailments. Ban cars? Er, no, completely different argument.

The balance is between risk and benefit, and cost to society. Yes there's risk involved in driving a car, but the benefits far outweigh them, both for the individual and society (green arguments aside). Horse riding has a risk, but it is kept entirely to the individual involved (and the horse).

Drug taking not only effects the individual, but also those around that individual. It can, and does, lead to anti-social behaviour. It can lead to crippling addictions, which can in turn lead the user into crime and poverty. It's a bit selfish to suggest that there's nothing wrong with that just because you want to get your jollies off.

Of course, the same can be said of alcohol, and gambling, and I reckon there's a large degree of hypocrisy there, but the sanest way to put a point across on that isn't to say "badgers carry TB therefore ban badgers" or some other such tosh.

Social workers sacked over Gary Glitter email

John Curry


...child abuse is very funny, and something that should be made light of.


Shure SE102 sound-isolating earphones

John Curry

Regarding The Pedantry

The SM57 is used in studios both amateur and professional all over the world, and it's widely known it's the easiest way to get a great sounding recording of pretty much any guitar cab on the planet.

Granted, it's often used in conjection with a 'classic' condensor, but anyone who denies it's use in the studio is probably a cretin.

Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

John Curry
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Performance Index

Something no-one else seems to notice is the Performance Index issue.

Microsoft states on it's website (or maybe in the help file for the PI. I don't recall which) that a new machine which is bought with Vista pre-installed should NEVER score less than 3.0.

Both Vista machines I've owned only score 2.0.

So, where does the fault lie? The hardware vendors for installing an operating system they technically shouldn't be? The retailer (PC World in this case) for not telling me I' get substandard performance from it? Or Microsoft for allowing the hardware vendor to install said software on such a machine anyway?

I'm really honestly surprised that no-one else as picked up on this.

Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain

John Curry
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I believe...

...the bible specifically says somewhere that "Man should not lie with Man". Mind you, the bible says a lot of things, and the church is happy to pick and choose the literal parts at will.

Agreed that it's clear this chap was simply trying to be funny, but it's still not cricket. I hate the way the church is simply allowed to say "ah, but we can say what we want, it's in this book we have, see?" as if that's a get out of jail card for being an offensive bigot.

And for the Daily Mail readers, please stop banging on about political correctness being "out of control". Firstly, it's not. Really. It's just that people now realise that actually, it's not on to just be able to discriminate against or bully people because of their choice of sexual orientation. Secondly because this hasn't got anything to do with "political correctness". It's got more to do with the fact that a religion whose major tenets are tolerance and forgiveness shouldn't be doing anything to suggest that gays will go to hell or should carry health warnings.

The Anglican Church : Successfully Being Regressive Since 1534.

Game sharer gets £16K fine

John Curry


...that people are complaining about "outdated" business models, and using them as a justification for theft.

The bottom line is that this company made a product, and you can't just steal it because you claim it's not worth paying for. By that justification, I should be able to walk into my nearest Curry's, pick a new TV off the shelf, and wander away muttering some rubbish about "outdated business models".

Yes there's improvements to be made in the area of copyright law, but you can't simply steal until they're made. You could instead just choose to not buy those things which you claim are worthless and undesirable anyway.


Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

John Curry


"Speed cameras in any of tehir forms don't work, for the fact that people are paying attention to their speed more than the road and because too many drivers today are driving at the speed-limit and not at an appropriate speed for the road (there are many instances where driving considerably below the speed-limit is preferable e.g. a small lane in a country village, limit 30, stupid to drive at that speed)."

Appropriate speed? Hmmm, let me think - do you mean something like a limit set out by an expert body which gives you an indicator as to the absolute limit which you should do on a particular road? That sounds awfully like a speed limit to me.

Your country lane example proves a point - that is the absolute maximum you can risk doing on that road. But you should drive at less than that in order to be safe, especially in less than ideal conditions. The point of that limit is to show you that in absolute ideal driving conditions, with a car in it's prime, and an experienced driver, you can do 30 miles an hour. Anything other than that means you should be going slower.

Imagine a world where you can just do 70 in the right hand line, and not have some absolute idiot tailgating you and flashing because they want to go faster.


John Curry

Apparently, all you have to do to beat them is...

...drive at or below the speed limit. Novel idea isn't it. Apparently it'll also give you a much better MPG ratio, will spare you a fine, and miraculously prevent people being killed by your lack of courtesy for those around you.

3 days on: The iPhone users still to make a call

John Curry

Bow to me (or something equally as ludicrously smug)

Due to a quirk in the system (my credit check from a failed order earlier in the week had been saved), I was apparently officially the first person in the country with a fully activated iPhone.

Chuffed? Oui oui...

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

John Curry


I really, really hope you're either:

a - not a real person

b - joking

c - full of ill directed male bravado

On the off chance that none of the above apply, let me take this opportunity to call you a buffoon.

Thank you.


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