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Windows 10 Insider wondering where Notepad has gone? Fear not, Microsoft found it down the back of Dev Channel

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"... an issue that could result in Notepad unexpectedly being removed after resetting your PC."

What kind of spaghetti mess is going on over there?

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... but not your H-1B geeks, L-1 staffers nor J-1 students

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ServiceNow slammed for 'tone deaf' letter telling customers contracts can't be tweaked as COVID-19 batters businesses

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Flex spending.

"...customers in highly affected industries with greater budgets flexibility..."

DevOps to DevOops: Docker Hub proves so secure that 430 Docker images out of 2,500 have no vulnerabilities

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Re: Age old problem.

"Docker is really just a bunch of "other people's VM's" in essence,"

Sharing docker images is sharing config files, but Docker Hub'esq sites cram the bins in there too when they shouldn't. I can see if you have some specialty embedded IoT'ish thing, but otherwise share only the configs and let the user add the bins. Either way will still lead to abandonment but, at least it's easier/lighter to update a config.

Adobe kills off Advertising Cloud, notes pause in enterprise spending, but is weathering COVID-19 crisis

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Re: How long do they believe the shift to subscription may last?

During this or any lockdown you might realize you've been heavily focused on 1 thing and have finally realized other interests exist. In those instances, how many photographers will drift away and how many new photographers will be born? I'm guessing but, I think there will be a smaller number of new photographers compared to the ones drifting away, especially as "professional" photography is becoming more and more of "hey, buy this from that kid who took this shot on his phone".

Someone got so fed up with GE fridge DRM – yes, fridge DRM – they made a whole website on how to bypass it

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Right to Repair... Jon Johansen's life.

It''s also a public domain issue when such techniques are shared. Even in the "Right to Repair" legislation it's an issue. Jon Johansen's life was turned upside down due to DeCSS even when people had a right to 1 backup. S.S.D.D(evice)

Bloke rolls up to KFC drive-thru riding horse-drawn cart only to be told: Neigh

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"I was humiliated...."

How day making would it be to see someone crying HARD on a carriage in a drive through...? The visuals of that, I'm Lovin' It.

"...to welcome him back in the near future."

Are future vehicles like bicycles allowed, or are they discriminating because he doesn't have a double-drawn carriage... yet?

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 will offer heretical no-optical-disk option. And yes, it has an AMD CPU-GPU combo

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If the downloads are encrypted, you *could* put them on any drive and play with no need for a UHD OD.

If UHD is desired and if the cost difference is only like $100, you might as well get the UHD model as buying a separate UHD player would probably cost at least that or more.

If you're buying a next gen console for better gaming graphics and expecting "HOLY SHIT!!", be prepared to be let down like never before.

MongoDB 4.4 aims to be a dev crowd-pleaser, but analysts say it's still short of 'general-purpose' database territory

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Iffy stability claims.

In this link from 3 weeks ago you'll read some claims made by MongoDB which are lies, there's also an extremely odd example of a "retrocasual".


When you pretend you're solid, you're soft.

Logitech G915 TKL: Numpad-free mechanical keyboard clicks all the right boxes

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Take what yout will from this but, decades later I still compare every new KB to various old IBM KB's. As of 2020, I'm positive it's not just because I'm old.

A proven fact by unseen gods... 99% of all new KB's suck balls, their quality standards are shit. And no, I can't be civil when describing them, too much money wasted.

Developers renew push to get rid of objectionable code terms to make 'the world a tiny bit more welcoming'

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Re: Then, there is Monopoly

Monopoly. The core fundamental strategy is to grow a vast greed by controlling all utilities and evicting people from their own property so that you can grossly overcharge them to live on your own, but preferably in hotels/condos so you can suck more money. If you keep working at the game, you will get $200 every week and although it eventually won't be enough to live on, you might be able to put up a mortgage to pay your overlords until you get that $200 the following week, if you make it. Once all players but 1 can no longer live through the week, the winner is decided by who made everyone else homeless.

80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds

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Code... WHO CARES!

All my retro-art ASCII cats print out puurrrfect at 80 lines and these old people still care about... old dusty code? I followed that link to a "webpage"... no Javascript, no auto-play videos, no voting buttons, no emojis.... only 5 followers.... WOW these people are soooooooo ANCIENT they don't even understand... visit my patreon and help fight the old people... join us on Discord and M.AKE A.SCII G.REAT A.GAIN!!!

Mulled Chrome API shines light on long-neglected privacy gap: Sites can snoop on your find-in-page searches

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I'm just a hobbyist now, but that method is WAY too slow for me, does Google Sheets really work like that? I would up using something that basically equated to (link_list = 5 * (height / lines)), which fully loads what is visible, then 2 buffers of results both above and below the visible area. But I have tried it the way you're suggesting (and a few others), but that specific way was always slower on insertion. The way I side stepped long literal CTRL+F style searches was by hashing each line prior on the server so the server could then just spit out linked lists of whatever size. Yeh, the initial CPU usage on the server during document creation is hefty, but if you want snappy results and lower subsequent server CPU loads.... :-/. Again though, I'm just a couch coder, but I really couldn't get that method to work great (at least not on a Raspberry Pi). I understand both ways are similar, but fetching only what is visible and having the server search like that every time?

Photostopped: Adobe Cloud evaporates in mass outage. Hope none of you are on a deadline, eh?

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Re: Everybody rush to the cloud.

I agree with your sentiment, but it doesn't apply to Adobe because Adobe's software still runs locally!!! What you say, how can that be "cloud" software? Well... "flexlm" was already trademarked.

cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode'

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Re: simple shit so much easier with cmd

Correct, it's just too Microsofty, at least to me.

I think powershell has the tools, but its syntax is just so intentionally different that every bit of syntax you need to use to take advantage of powershell has basically no usage outside of it. Taking an OOP'ish approach is cool and all, but if everyone that looks at the syntax goes "WTF?", then the game is lost before it has began. It's not a WTF in a simple way either, it's one of those WTF's that cause eye scrunchies.

Alibaba Cloud revenue grows 62% – but it's still just a sixth the size of AWS

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Re: "why buyers beyond the middle kingdom would consider its offerings"

Yes, the USA has some sort of legality, but Alibaba isn't a small player, so ultimately at some point a large USA company and a large Chinese company will balance together at the point in which they only cave in to their respective governments. I think this can be seen for any company regardless of nation, so the question might not be who do you trust to store your data, but who do want to keep your data from. There could be reasons that certain companies would want to hide "evidence" under another nations laws.

Linus Torvalds drops Intel and adopts 32-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper on personal PC

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mythical Year Of Linux On the Desktop comes

It's not a myth, it's happening in 2021 next year.

Tech's Volkswagen moment? Trend Micro accused of cheating Microsoft driver QA by detecting test suite

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Re: "We believe this allegation is misleading"


Based on the reasoning to why WHQL exists, arbitrarily deciding what goes where because of WHQL isn't passing anyones test case... besides Trend Micro's. If it was passing, then it's kind of like owing $100 to a clerk, but because the clerk is blind you hand over a $1 (not exactly, but a similar privileged decision).

Fancy watching 'Bake Off' together with mates and alone at the same time? The BBC's built a tool to do that

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Re: Network latency?

Technically you don't even need that if you're willing to drop packets, as already seen in live sports on broadcst TV or streams.

Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue

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While I agree 100% and really don't care at all about any of this....

1. If Nvidia already distinguishes "gaming", why not "cryptocurrency"?

2. Didn't Nvidia give really long presentations revolving around cryptocurrency for advertising?

3. Didn't Nvidia supply locked down software drivers for their chips specifically for cryptocurrency?

4. Didn't Nvidia specifically sell their hardware Quadro chips to OEM's for cryptocurrency exclusively?

The above might make it seem like I care about this topic, but I really don't at all. However, it is hard for me to believe Nvidia or any company that did all that would really have no idea what was going on and made the honest mistake of considering crypto sales equal to gaming sales

Node.js creator delivers Deno 1.0, a new runtime that fixes 'design mistakes in Node'

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Re: One look at that Deno architecture slide

No I understand, you don't have to get excited.

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Re: One look at that Deno architecture slide

Wait, so is the context you're thinking of is what the server is written in, or how you communicate with it? When I see "server language", I see "talking to the server". I can't say I've been worried about having access to a compiler to talk to a server.

I also don't know of any UNIX server programs that are written in C++ besides Node/Deno. In fact, using your terminology of "server language", Deno is written in C++ and Rust, so I'm not sure what you're arguing about to begin with.

Yes I'm older, clearly.

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Re: One look at that Deno architecture slide

Bob: I'll help you, which server language are you using?

Jim: C++

That only makes sense in one happy & productive place, Microsoft's IIS dev team.

RUST is kind of odd to suggest for either system or server. While I consider it a system'ish language, I'm not sure if anyone is using it to replace their network or storage drivers or the interfaces to them. For what _I_ consider a server language (ie. Perl), I see its purpose but not for the server language itself but, for supporting modules in decoding, authentication, gaming, etc.

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Re: Wonder how long it will take…

"What I (and I think most) people are complaining about it the whole culture of importing loads of untrusted third party modules"

Absolutely. It eventually becomes not trusting CDN in general. While they call it NPM, it"s really CDN where the 'C' now stands for "Code". It's 1 thing to not have a DB present/online for queries, but it's a whole other thing not to have the code for the DB itself online.

if (Node) { string } else (not_node) { string } summarizes my utmost, apex global view on how to utilize Node as a tool. Great to have, but it's not in charge of anything.

NHS contact-tracing app is best in the world, says VMware CEO... whose company helped build it

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Re: Decentralised

"Some Israelis are objecting to being 'treated like terrorists'"

Throw them over their Berliner wall and shoot them... do Israelis deal with problems any other way?

SSshhhhhhhh... pay no attention....

Russia baaaaad, Israel goooooood.

More Kool Aid?

Facebook-for-suits puts on a fresh jacket. 'Classic' Yammer is so 2018. Behold, a public preview of 'New' Yammer

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LinkedIn is for people who walk on water.

If you're hiring someone and find that they have a LinkedIn account, you're no longer hiring someone.

From pair to p-AI-r programming: Kite floats paid-for spin of its GitHub-trained code autocomplete assistant

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... just take a typing class.

You're supposed to write what is in your head, not what is suggested to you. If what is suggested to you is the bulk of what you'll write, you're rewriting too much. If anything, this "serivce" teaches you how to NOT write code as the less that is suggested, the better off you are.

Users of Will.i.am's Wink IoT hub ask 'Where is the love?' as they're asked to pay for a new subscription service

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Re: Cue the lawsuits in 3, 2, 1...

It is, even in the USA. This is classic bait and switch.

GitHub Codespaces: VS Code was 'designed from the get-go' for this, says Microsoft architect

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Yeh I bet.

"Firefox is currently unsupported, and there are known issues using Safari"

Of course, web based development is only as good as... Chrome :-/. With Electron+Chrome inbreeding, you're stuck feeding Cletus not only the same food, but by the same hand. As soon as one or the other changes, Cletus becomes excited and throws things... but Cletus loves you.

Does a .com suffix make a trademark? The US Supreme Court will decide as Booking marks its legal spot

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Re: Simple solution

"You have only the rights to "booking.com"."

Eventually a company/person won't care and use lawyers to harass other companies into submission. If anything, allowing it will only give more ammunition to the unethical. Even if lawyers were free, the unethical would still take that 50/50 chance of success.

Video game cloud streaming shaken up as Nvidia loses more big names, Microsoft readies its market killer

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Re: Gotta go fast!

"Maybe it does work in places with a decent and fast Internet service, like Japan."

Ehhhh, the obvious truth is that if you paid $10 a month you'd pay $120 a year, a new GPU costs at least 5x that every 3 years (at most) for "high end gaming"... so clearly it can be much cheaper. The problem is the glitch. It's like a scratched CD or record, it has always destroyed the experience and streaming anything at any speed will always have many more disruptions. So are these so called high end gamers the purists they claim to be or practical pretenders?

Who can we count on to slow Huawei's continuous growth? US prez Donald Trump and COVID-19

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Re: Comparison?

Honestly, I think that essentially the entire trade regulation is to make Apple and Cisco look good and as such reveals how dishonest American government and capitalism has become by erecting a "China... Bad" marquee.

OnePlus 8 equals buttery-smooth refresh rates, water and dust resistance, but an inflating price tag

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Re: Is it just me

There's just no way I'm upgrading unless forced. The tactic of stopping security upgrades to force another sale was cooked up in a board room and put on the plates of developers to digest and develop a taste for it. The board told them that taste is... innovation.

Still waiting for your Atari retro gaming console? You're not alone: Its architect has just sued the biz for 'non-payment'

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Re: These retro gizmos

Sure, the emulators, but what I find the funniest is that they chose to use a $5 empty plastic box at a show, instead of paying $20 on ebay for a real Atari to use temporarily... that's incredible foreshadowing.

Google tests hiding Chrome extension icons by default, developers definitely not amused by the change

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Re: When will they learn?

"Especially on platforms (e.g. Linux) where you can't rely on system library versions working correctly and have to bundle static for a lot of things."

Say whaaaaaat? Sounds like you missed the entire age of Internet Explorer + O.S., because depending on a web browsers libraries to make your code work, well... just be glad you missed it. If Chrome OS wasn't non-stop being shoved down peoples throats by a multi-billion dollar spy company, even that would of died off years ago. We've all used Chrome OS, yes it works, but it simply just isn't "all that".

I will say this though, love or hate WASM, at least it brings the finality to all things pondered or incipient to what can and cannot work in a web browser... with no excuses. However, if you're absolutely 100% positive that you've finally found the perfect way to do something in C/C++, just ask somebody else. No matter to all that, just get the popcorn ready for the world meet world conflict when JS scripters crash into C/C++ coders, that could get _VERY_ nasty (in fact, check my icon choice).

We're number two! Microsoft's Edge browser slips past Firefox in latest set of NetMarketShare figures

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Re: Oh really...

There's no way. So many things are linked to the default browser without indicating which browser will open, things like "Check out this news"... which really means "Check out this news in edge."

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"The key feature for Edge is not clear."

Without humor, it is for me. Everytime I wonder if it could be my browser, I'll use edge as a reference because I never use edge. If in such cases it actually works right in edge, I'm in no way feeling better thus edge's key feature is that nothing should ever work right in edge... so...

Amazon says it fired a guy for breaking pandemic rules. Same guy who organized a staff protest over a lack of coronavirus protection

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Re: Catch C19

"And maintain social distancing regulations while you do so, so that the management don't have a stick to beat you with."

But should you be punished for associating with a known felon? If so, even in both cases, "management" is given too much leverage. I'm not implying that what you're saying is entirely wrong (because it's certainly not) , but if given the opportunity to take a better path is possible, then choose that path. Amazon doesn't only have the opportunity for a better path, but they are choosing conveniently which path better suits their business model, not their employees. Basically, Amazon pulled out their company fish bowl and decided to give it a shine without thinking about the fish.

Relax, breaking a website's fine-print doesn't make you a criminal hacker, says judge in US cyber-law legal row

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Re: Overly Paranoid.

Doing this is gray? Maybe impulsively thinking that is a trained impulse? Surely things similar to T&C are justified, but in public facing communications? If anything, T&C like applications are what have lead to the downfall of all communication, journalism in particular.

T&C's wrapped around public communication is also the legal scapegoat for the obvious current flood of Moral Panic.

Moral Panic


Epic Games floats $1m bounty to ID source of 'commercial smear' claiming Houseparty chat app has been hacked

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Re: Rags to Riches

They are now 100% positive the Houseparty chat app has been hacked by hackers.

Australian state will install home surveillance hardware to make sure if you're in virus isolation, you stay there

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"Just f**king stay at home and stop being so f**king selfish."

It's bizarre. COVID-19 is no more deadly than the typical nasty virus with a 1.8% death rate, yet hide to not be selfish? Is it because it's no problem if the ones who are always dying have different skin colour and speak a funny language? Of course not, how dare the question !!!! We first worlders have been self isolating for decades to help those poor people in... our own backyards.

Please everyone, stop being so selfish.

Internet Archive justifies its vast 'copyright infringing' National Emergency Library of 1.4 million books by pointing out that libraries are closed

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Re: It has been pointed out ...

Now that is blatant F.U.D. and attempts to induce hysteria.

Apple: Relax, we're not totally screwing web apps. But yes, third-party cookies are toast

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Re: Progress

"I disagree. Take a simple example:..."

O.K. but why does your "app" have to store the keys in the same place as a "web service"? Is that even a good idea?

What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out

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Re: Fork and adapt

Actually, that is exactly what will happen and there will soon be 100 "new" NPMs "based on" it. Or, NPM will maintain it themsleves like the holy grail and pretend it's SOOoo important just to make it seem as if NPM itself is SOOOOOoooo important (they've proven many times that there is always room for self grandeur).

Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft speech-to-text AI systems can't understand black people as well as whites

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Re: "it assumes race creates an accent and speech patterns"

"Race doesn't actually exist."

I agree with everything you wrote but race does actually exist, and I hope it continues so. As a heterosexual, it's very nice to have many races.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Black hole quasar tsunamis moving at 46 million miles per hour

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Re: Has anyone told GoSafe?

As far as random checks, I don't know. I haven't looked it up, but I've been pulled higher than the national average and have never been randomly pulled.

Traffic court (yeh, I might of been doing 30 over). While attending the "lesson", a video was shown with national statistics of the USA of reported violations (with costs omitted, but this still seemed odd). As the speed limit rises along with the population, there still is that tie-in of X amount over yields Y, but the higher the limit AND excess of violation the value of the citation rises (ultimately because of money, with the excise of the "drag racing" limit, most states that limit is 95mph). As of about 7 years ago, you could do up to 12mph over in a 35mph+ without probability of citation. It is all state dependent of course, but these were the mean statistics, and of course there is outliers and census data determinations.

What I have seen in traffic "reeducation" (or whatever it's named this year) has yet come to be, which is 1mph under your states drag racing limit is permitted, but anything at all over yields huge fines. I think they'll never do it, but considering a lot of states are now cracking down on riding the fast lane, who knows.

Supposedly (I cannot confirm this), Montana has made a trade off between taxes and citation values, which makes me wonder just how high those citations might be if this is true.

Now in 15mph posted areas there was no data given (I assume it also includes posted 25mph as well), but it was clear that if you speed at all, you will be cited.

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Re: Has anyone told GoSafe?

I know this is all UK here, but here's a heads up if you ever drive in the USA. If the speed limit is 30, you do at least 35. Doing the exact limit in the USA is suspicious behavior. The exception is that if the speed limit is very low like 15mph, then you better do 10mph (but anything > 5mph under the limit is also fineable). Either way, nobody does the exact speed limit.

World's smallest violin to be played for opportunistic sellers banned from eBay and Amazon for price gouging

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Re: A better response ...

I'd leave off the part about health. That said, if the message has to have the part about health, so be it.

The crazy part is that it takes all this to expose scum sellers when all day, every day, there is always that seller with a 250% markup on everything for no reason. Of course after all this COVID-19 hysteria, back to SNAFU.

Taiwan collars coronavirus quarantine scofflaws with smartphone geo-fences. So, which nation will be next?

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Re: Which is more important, Privacy or Death?

This has me wondering about mandatory genocide. Can you _PROVE_ it wouldn't help?

Seriously, you roll up to buy your $20 coffee in a car priced more than entire families make and BOOOOM... game over. Totally random and PC friendly (let A.I. control it, that way nobody gets expected results).

Forget toilet roll, bandwidth is the new ration: Amazon, YouTube also degrade video in Europe to keep 'net running amid coronavirus crunch

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Re: Excuse me...

"That claim has been debunked many many times"

Well, you'd have to have VERY reliable sources to believe that as I'm not sure how continuously powering 50+ network devices around the globe is cheaper than temporarily powering 1... your own (mathematically I don't see how it's possible, do you have sources?).

But even if you're right, all things aside, all of this has shown the state and quality of streaming media services, which is poor at their core.

But to be serious, I'm 100% certain that COVID-19 was engineered by the MPAA and RIAA to help boost optical disc sales, which is obvious because the new PS5 and XBOX are just 6 months away.



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