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Microsoft resorts to Registry hack to keep Outlook from using Windows 11 search


What about Windows 10?

What's their excuse for results not showing in Windows 10?

Oh that's right - they can't make a search algorithm that works for anything. My mistake.

British Army Twitter and YouTube feeds hijacked by crypto-promos


Military grade security

Does this now set the benchmark for "military grade" security?

Red Hat pulls Free Software Foundation funding over Richard Stallman's return


They've probably been planning this for a while anyway and this is the perfect cover.

Phishing awareness gone wrong: Facebook tries to seize websites set up for staff security training


Re: NameCheap

Whoever gave you the down vote clearly hasn't seen the amount of phishing sites Namecheap host and their awfully relaxed approach in taking them down.

The unanswered question at CentOS community Q&A: How can we trust you now?


Re: Are people sure they get what Stream is?

What a silly comment.


"How many people running servers would delay switching from say 7.1 to 7.2 and risk compromise?"

If there's a known security vulnerability, it gets patched and backported pretty quickly. If there's a bug, those also get backported. The idea is your software version stays the same and you can PLAN for the bigger updates. You obviously have no idea how to run servers in a production environment.

Aussie telco Telstra says soz after accidentally diverting traffic meant for encrypted email biz through its servers


"Due to a technical error".


"Due to a user error and an error in our standard operating procedure that allowed for such error"

There we go, fixed it for you.

Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well


As quoted by

As quoted by Have I got News for you:

BREAKING: Test and Trace chief Dido Harding to lead replacement for Public Health England

UPDATE: Dido Harding can't find her new office


It's harder to tell apart satirical and real news these days.


Dido fucking Harding. What a perfect example of success by failure. Shit truly does float to the top.

Irony, thy name is SANS: 28k records nicked from infosec training org after staffer's email account phished


Information in public database

So glad to see the info was in a public database. That makes it all better then!

Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo


How on earth do they think this is a threat? Absolute bullies with nothing better to do

Ever wonder how a pentest turns into felony charges? Coalfire duo explain Iowa courthouse arrest debacle


I'm not a pentester by any means, but surely, the contract detail is extremely important in these situations. It is literally the only thing stopping you going to prison.

These guys were really unfortunate, but also very lucky to have their charges dropped. I just think, speaking as a non-pentester, these lessons were already learnt within the community and they didn't have to learn the lesson themselves to know this?

Digicert will shovel some 50,000 EV HTTPS certificates into the furnace this Saturday after audit bungle


And this is why you don't go for free certificate authorities. Oh. Wait...

Euro ISP club: Sure, weaken encryption. It'll only undermine security for everyone, morons


I've said this before - you can't uninvent/undiscover maths.

If you put a back door in, the terrorists move to another (or their own) platform using the same technology, leaving everyone else who's innocent open to prying eyes.

Just because you make end to end encryption unlawful doesn't stop criminals from being criminals. Are these people thick?

Equifax to world+dog: If we give you this $700m, can you pleeeeease stop suing us about that mega-hack thing?


Allowing a settlement cap like this, or bailing out a failing company just shouldn't be allowed, as they won't learn their lesson.

Capitalism is designed to allow companies to fail and nothing should interfere with this process. Maybe then companies will think twice on things like how they handle your data.

Hello, tech support? Yes, I've run out of desk... Yes, DESK... space


Reminds me the time I had a call from a user who insisted the software they were double clicking on just wasn't opening. After climbing 3 flights of stairs and walking across the office, I turned on their second screen which was switched off, turned around and left.

Facebook Messenger backdoor demand, bail in Bitcoin, and lots more


They can force back doors as much as they like, but that’s not going to suddenly uninvent cryptography. Miscreants will just find new platforms or implement their own platforms using the same technology, whilst everyone else can be readily spied upon for no reason, but then that’s obviously their intention, I guess.