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BOFH: You say goodbye and I say halon


Am I wrong here?

Or would introducing a higher concentration of nitrogen possibly cause "the bends" when coming out of that environment and a potential way to punish certain parties?

Apple's expert witness grilled by Epic over 'frictionless' spending outside the app


Re: Hitt's hit

That's actually the case in the US with the ATF. Their expert witness (Dan O'Kelly) has repeatedly testified in court that the AR-style lower is not a firearm as defined in the law.


Apple's global security boss accused of bribing cops with 200 free iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits


Re: Why didn't he just buy out of state?

It's not a matter of "buying", which is a whole other level of issues. (You cannot purchase a handgun from an out of state dealer, it has to be shipped to one in state to perform the necessary background checks)

This is a matter of carrying a handgun on your person in your day-to-day life. Some states take a "must issue" stance in which the state must issue the permit unless the background check fails. Some take a "may issue" stance in which the local LEO (Head Law Enforcement Office) can choose to approve or deny. In "may issue" jurisdictions, there's a lot of talk about the system being biased for those who are politically connected or willing to offer something "under the table" to get the permits approved.

And in the US, any firearm purchased from a federally licensed dealer must perform a background check (that involves querying a national crime database) to complete the transfer. A private party can sell a firearm to another private party, but if the seller is caught "in the business of selling firearms" they get hammered pretty severely.

This allows someone to sell a weapon they no longer want causally, without having to bear the expense of going through an FFL to complete the transaction. Since this would involve transferring the weapon to the FFL, who then has to document the weapon make, model, serial number, etc, and then that FFL transferring it again to another person, it creates a bunch of paperwork that the FFL is required to keep for 10 years.

Samsung to introduce automatic call blocking on Android 11-capable flagships


Re: How does it work?

If the number is in the switch's database, it will automatically associate with the subscriber's name.

The "spoofing" is done just by changing the outgoing Caller ID, which is legal in the US for use by Call Centers, Police Stations, and especially Domestic Abuse shelters

Google screwed rivals to protect monopoly, says Uncle Sam in antitrust lawsuit: We go inside the Sherman parked on a Silicon Valley lawn


Re: FFS ..... Goose meets Gander and Both go on a Mindbender

Good God. I'm starting to understand AMFM... someone help.

Rambo: First Bork. Turns out John Rambo is no match for a bad CMOS checksum


Re: Please no....

Operation Wolf?

'I don’t want to see another computer for the rest of my life'... Brit Dark Overlord cyber-extortionist thrown in an American clink for five years


US Prison System

The best description of the US prison system is "demonic". Between the inter-inmate predation, and the unholy charges to talk to family via phone, the entire system is a gross failure of US society.

The entire system is designed to incarcerate slaves and put them to work in the "Prison-Industrial" complex on a scale that would shame China.

FYI: Yeah, the cops can force your finger onto a suspect's iPhone to see if it unlocks, says judge


Re: Not an item for debate

All of which takes money. Money the government has (from civil asset forfeiture) and the defendant (whose accounts have bee frozen as "possibly related to the "crime") doesn't.


Re: Maybe you just need the right password

My preference is "&3tF00k3d"

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere


Oh noes! I got one too. 4 days ago. With a 2 day deadline...


I'm a hacker who cracked your email and device a few months ago.

You entered a password on one of the sites you visited, and I intercepted it.

This is your password from <my email> on moment of hack: <password I've never used>

Of course you can will change it, or already changed it.

But it doesn't matter, my malware updated it every time.

Do not try to contact me or find me, it is impossible, since I sent you an email from your account.

Through your email, I uploaded malicious code to your Operation System.

I saved all of your contacts with friends, colleagues, relatives and a complete history of visits to the Internet resources.

Also I installed a Trojan on your device and long tome spying for you.

You are not my only victim, I usually lock computers and ask for a ransom.

But I was struck by the sites of intimate content that you often visit.

I am in shock of your fantasies! I've never seen anything like this!

So, when you had fun on piquant sites (you know what I mean!)

I made screenshot with using my program from your camera of yours device.

After that, I combined them to the content of the currently viewed site.

There will be laughter when I send these photos to your contacts!

BUT I'm sure you don't want it.

Therefore, I expect payment from you for my silence.

I think $821 is an acceptable price for it!

Pay with Bitcoin.

My BTC wallet: 1YnYAxprVrTo1WzPPzMo86ste5Ssp4xsy

If you do not know how to do this - enter into Google "how to transfer money to a bitcoin wallet". It is not difficult.

After receiving the specified amount, all your data will be immediately destroyed automatically. My virus will also remove itself from your operating system.

My Trojan have auto alert, after this email is read, I will be know it!

I give you 2 days (48 hours) to make a payment.

If this does not happen - all your contacts will get crazy shots from your dark secret life!

And so that you do not obstruct, your device will be blocked (also after 48 hours)

Do not be silly!

Police or friends won't help you for sure ...

p.s. I can give you advice for the future. Do not enter your passwords on unsafe sites.

I hope for your prudence.


Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all


Re: @MadonnaC Choice

Funny you should mention that. Chattanooga, TN. Most people would consider it "rural" and 10Gb fiber is available to every home serviced by EPB power.

FCC drops idiotic plans to downgrade entire nation's internet speeds


Hardware difference

ADSL2+ (the most common technology on landlines) will only do 12.5M max. In order to provide 25M, the provider is looking at Bonded Pair (which sucks up twice as many lines) or VDSL, which required grooming the old lines. And in many areas, especially the "rural" ones, the county commissions refuse to permit the upgrades without hefty "fees".



Try working for the ISP and explaining this to people who have no idea that their county commission controls the right of way and insists on their pound of currency before they'll let upgrades commence. Then blame the ISPs during hearings.

User had no webcam or mic, complained vid conference didn’t work


Re: Your Network is broken!

I have a default answer for this (and have since 2001 and wireless cards in laptops).

"Because Nikola Tesla was wrong."

FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'

Black Helicopters

The same FBI

You mean the same FBI that has interfered in the smooth transition of power and a select few have decided they know better than the American Electorate? Why wouldn't we trust them with a universal back door. It's not like they've abused their power and wiretapped candidates and elected officials just because they didn't like them.


AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it


WoW and Resources

Remember the Gates of An Quirage (sp)? That little "event' wiped out everyone on the server because there wasn't enough resources on ANYONE's PC to render 1000+ players + NPCs

BOFH: Oh dear. Did someone get lost on the Audit Trail?


Re: Ah!!

Just so that you know, we have the same in the states. It's generally for farm use, and it's both gas and diesel.

Phone crypto shut FBI out of 7,000 devices, complains chief g-man


Best Password

I still say your best defense is an offensive offense. Make your password "Sodoffyoufuckingwanker"

Then, you can give your password with impunity. And they'll of course refuse try it. Then, when you go to court, you simply say that you provided them the password and they still violated your human rights because they didn't believe you.

Brit broke anti-terror law by refusing to cough up passwords to cops


Just make the password "fuckoffyoubloodywankers" - you get to insult the plod while providing them the exact password, which they'll never try because you just gave it to them.

Singapore court awards $2.9m over bad job reference


"This employee works well when cornered like a rat and under constant supervision."

That being said, I know one person who suspected a particular former employer was providing a bad and biased reference. Due to her separation, she had already engaged a lawyer. They had their receptionist call and ask for a reference. Which what then added to the suit for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. Which, in Florida where this happened, is almost never decided in the employee's favor. This one was.

Sorry, but those huge walls of terms and conditions you never read are legally binding


"No one reads those"

When I started at my current employer, on an Internet Hell Desk, I was assisting a new customer setting up a modem. Part of the setup includes walking through a walled garden that requires the customer agree to a "Terms of Service" This is as close to the exact wording as I can remember:

Me: "Ok, now just read the Terms of Service, scroll down, and click agree."

Her: "I'm a lawyer. No one reads these. I'll just agree."

Me: "Umm, you really should have read that first. <Company Redacted> now owns your soul."

Her: "I'm a red-head. I don't have one."

Much humor was had, manglers got involved, and there was some talk about possible misconduct. The fact that the CUSTOMER said it saved my job.

Need a change? Well, the Euro Patent Office needs a new president...


I will apply and stress my intentions to implement a US style patent system. It works for the US and the rest of the modern world should accede to our ways.

Oh, did I miss the [sarcasm] tag?

Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes


Re: Humidity control

No. It's not. I used to smoke (switched to vaping) and cleaned the inside of my PC at least quarterly. This meant a full strip down, wiping down the board with 91% and qtips, cleaning all the fans and heatsinks, etc. A complete environment clean.

All this stemmed from a position at a company that had to replace the payroll computer at least yearly, because the elderly lady working on it chain smoked. Computers can die of smoke inhalation.


re: Commando?

The first time I heard it, it was from a female co-irker (who later that night offered to show me what she meant)

Google hit with record antitrust fine of €2.4bn by Europe


Ahh, but you're thinking legally. Google doesn't have to operate in "the old ways"

Were I them, I'd be looking at elections and "Search Engine Optimization" to get more "reliable" persons into positions of power. Persons who can then make more friendly decisions to them.

User loses half of a CD-ROM in his boss's PC


Re: He was lucky

Yeah, I saw the same episode. What they missed was they were using new, undamaged CDs. If even the smallest crack appears at the center hole, the stress at over 48x will break the CD.

For a VERY short time, 90x drives were available (2001 or so) and these had such issues that fragments of disks would some out the side of the PC case.

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'


It's not that he called himself an engineer

To understand the issue here, you have to understand where the problem lies. It's not that he's called himself an engineer. It's that he's gone and proved the State is issuing tickets that it shouldn't be. Given the makeup of the State, and it's lackeys, it's no surprise that this occurred.

BOFH: Elf of Safety? Orc of Admin. Pleased to meet you


Re: Right Royal Softly, Softly, ...... Catchee GCHQ and Assorted Monkeys ....

No, I can understand most of what AManFromMars types.

I can't really say that for President Cheeto (and I voted for the guy)

High tides: Boffins spy on dolphins baked on poisonous piscines


I'll get my coat

Puff, Puff, Pass?

Florida Man sues Verizon for $72m – for letting him commit identity theft


Re: The time has come .......

The fact that the suit is hand written actually explains where this came from.

Prisoners, often having nothing better to do, file suits all the time. It gets them out of their cells, even if only to go to court. And it increases the cost of the judicial system so that they get to "stick it to the man"

The sheer number of these suits floods the system. Unfortunately, every single one has to at least be heard because sometimes there's a diamond in the dross. Just search for "nutriloaf" <shudder>

Botched Microsoft update knocks Windows 8, 10 PCs offline – regardless of ISP


Re: Not just UK

I believe they're functioning by someone telling them what to do behind them. (Mobile posting is hard, and I checked the anon box by mistake)

Among the senior techs, we're not sure some of our "front line" [i]can[/i] read, at least american english.

US election pollsters weren't (very) wrong – statistically speaking


Not A Democracy

One thing that keeps being missed is that the United States is not a Democracy. We are a constitutional "Representative Republic". In order to change this, would require a constitutional amendment, which just ain't gonna happen this way. Listening to some people, 4 major metropolises mean more than the other 85% (geographically) of the country because they're "more populous". Until (and unless) the voting rolls are cleaned up and some sort of verification of citizenship is put in place, the system will not change.

Sorry Nanny, e-cigs have 'no serious side-effects' – researchers


Re: Addiction

Quite franky, you're overstating this. I smoked for almost 10 years. A large part of it was taste for me. Without those flavors, I'd be back to smoking.


Re: Caffeine's addictive

Already being done. Cannabis oil instead of the usual flavorings, and it takes up part of the volume used by veg glycerin or propolyene glycose.

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?


Since I'm on the wrong side of the pond ('Merica, Eff Yeah!) I only drink Twinnings Earl Grey and a loose leaf "Russian Caravan" both of which don't take kindly to milk or sugar at all.

Lauri Love at risk of suicide if extradited to US, Brit court hears


Re: @Ratfox...

"As we have all seen that extradition is only one way - country X to the US NEVER US to country X, for some very strange reason."

Because you never look. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:People_extradited_from_the_United_States

Andrija Artuković

Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta

Stein Bagger

Gaston Bastiaens

Bruce Beresford-Redman

Hermine Braunsteiner

Porter Charlton

John Demjanjuk

Gregory Despres

Lahcen Ikassrien

John Kirk (New Zealand politician)

Alain Mesili

Francisco Arce Montes

Manuel Noriega

Ruslan Odizhev

Jayant Patel

Francesco Pazienza

Liam Quinn

William Trickett Smith II

Guillermo Suárez Mason

Jean Succar Kuri

Pierre Vallières

Vo Duc Van

Nai Yin Xue

Hüseyin Yıldırı

Would YOU start a fire? TRAPPED in a new-build server farm


United Cutlery makes a very nice "M48" hammer that I used to carry with me specifically for breaking glass or wood doors down. Management ONCE asked if it was necessary, and I just responded that I could bring the tomahawk (same line) instead. Never a question after that, but I was put on the Saftey committee responsible for fire drills, alarms, exit notices and such.

Which then gave me the excuse to bring in 10 stories worth of climbing rope (7th floor) and 10 rappelling harnesses, with enough 550 cord to attach to them and haul back up. Management was grateful I never got to use it.

G4S call centre staff made 'test' 999 calls to hit performance targets


Not Surprising

Anyone who has any experience at any level in a call center has seen similar behavior. Internal, Outsourced, Off-Shored. Every single call center does something similar to this.

One reason is that the metrics are set based on profitability numbers. Either "take more calls" or in the case of a Service Level Agreement, balance the staff to the workload. This often means that centers will be understaffed for call volume, to try to balance cost vs performance.

Using the "Service Level Model" where XX% of calls must be answered in XX seconds, it almost requires this behavior for "fiscal responsability", at least if you believe the PHBs.

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know


Re: So the bar is now much higher for e-cig makers

Ahem, thank you for making the argument.

Reference: http://www.tobaccotactics.org/index.php/E-cigarettes

British American Tobacco: Vype


Lorillard (Later acquired by RJ Reynolds) : Blu


Phillip Morris, makers of your "Marlboroughs": Altria


the fact is that "big tobacco" ARE the ones pushing the regulations. Because they have financials to be able to afford the testing. In the US, we're looking at $1M per product/strength. So the small places, like "Dr Crimney's" that I use, are looking at for just ONE flavor $1M per strength. that's 0, 3, 6, 12. $4 Million dollars for one product line.

further, the limits on "refill size" is a blatant attempt to limit the amount of liquid to roughly that of one pack of ciggs.

Big Pharma wrote EU anti-vaping diktat, claims Tory ex-MEP


Re: Have to ask...

For the most part, the dose is set by the manufacturer. If you're making it yourself, then it's dependent on the amount of nic-juice you put in the mix. The juice comes at a set level, and there are many sources online to determine what you need to mix in what amounts.

Personally, I just buy juices that come in 0, 3, 6, 12mg strengths, and then dilute with "0" when necessary. ie: 50% 3mg and 50% 0mg will result in a 1.5mg liquid.

The majority of the juices I've seen have all had 0mg strengths available, and one reason is stated so that you can dilute the strength without diluting the flavors.

FBI's Tor pedo torpedoes torpedoed by United States judge


Re: Yet more evidence

Your post indicates a complete ignorance of the US and it's basic legal organization.

The US is a collection of states, much like the EU is a collection of small countries. Would you want Brussels to be able to tell Wales to do something because France wants it?

Our founding document, the Constitution, explicitly relegates all authority not specifically assigned to the Federal government to the individual states. It's the 10th Amendment.

In this case, you have a judge who didn't understand the extent of the warrant he was signing. And that is laid on the Fibbies whobasked for the warrant. Due diligence would require them to explain that until they have the IPs of the suspects, they have no clue what their geographical location is.

The only way they could have pulled this off is if the actual darknet site was hosted on a server in that judge's jurisdiction.

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK


Re: Question

Because in the US, you're innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, if they are unable to prove a likelihood of guilt with the evidence, then the extradition should not take place.

This is actually much more sinister. In the US, a suspect cannot be required to provide a password. In the UK, they can. They're using the UK to get the password to then use it as part of the US case.

The FCC, once seen as a telco-thrashing hero, is sadly losing the plot


Bias? What Bias?

perhaps, for clarity's sake,the author should admit his bias in political issues. Certainly, perusing his Twitter feed was enough to reveal it and explain his shadings and spin used in reporting this story.

IRS 'inadvertently' wiped hard drive Microsoft demanded in audit row


"Recycled", not "Reused"

Seeing as this is a government agency, the use of the word "recycled" leads me to believe that the hardware was sent to an EPA recycled to be either destroyed (the usual with fed drives) or maybe, possibly, refurbished and sold.

I worked for one of these recyclers for 3 years, and the standard we used with 3 letter agencies was to run a DOD wipe, then destroy the drives. (In one case, I got to plug it in, spin it up, and hit it with a hammer to pulverize the platter. In front of the "client" :) )

American cable giants go bananas after FCC slams broadband rollout


Re: "FCC's fault" & Comcast

I can't speak for Comcast, but Centurylink has 1Gb/s fiber in some areas of Seattle.

Apple: Samsung ripped off our phone patent! USPTO: What patent?


Bah. For both form and function I direct your attention to the HTC Mogul PPC-6800:


Reviewed in 2007, it predates the Apple patent by more than 5 years:


And that's just prior art based on devices that I've owned and can find info on. The rounded corners, the full sized screen. The only change was in the single button on the front, and the removal of the slide away keyboard.

US 'swatting' Bill will jail crank callers for five years to life


The Bill was introduced by Republicans Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) and Patrick Meehan (R-PA) and could "see perpetrators fined and jailed for up five years if no injury results."

Umm, are the editors even proof reading this stuff?

World's oldest person scoffs daily ration of bacon


As I often say

To my Muslim and Jewish co-workers

"My God loves me. He gives me bacon"

'Walter Mitty' IT manager admits to buying gun on dark web


Re: The real reason

.380 comes standard in a 50 round box.

Reg reader casts call centre spell with a SECRET WORD


Re: Ee are the same...

I'll be happy to accommodate you if you prefer that I read that script in Bad Jersey, Bad Philly, or Bad Valley Girl.

Of course, if you know the magic phrase I'll stop pretending to be "Peggy" (yes, I even do the accent) and fix or escalate your issue.

That magic phrase is "Multiple boxes, multiple OSes, I've already hard reset and reconfigured the modem" and be able to convince me of that (as opposed to just saying to to try to bypass valid troubleshooting)

In defense of the ISP, you would not believe how many "network admins" i have calling me who don't know what TCP/IP, IPv4, or DNS Resolution are



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