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The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right

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Re: They're all too big

I recently bought a vintage iPod touch off ebay (I'm an ipod fanatic, sorry).

It's the perfect size and weight, and ios 6 looks gorgeous. If Apple applied the iOS 6 look again and started to produce a new phone of that size, I'd be lining up to buy one. Makes my iPhone 13 mini look... well, huge, to be honest.

Singapore may split liability for phishing losses between banks and victims

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While I get that this is a good idea, it will encourage banks to close accounts of people who've been scammed - they're a risk, right? And run a list of people who've been scammed so other banks know not to open an account for them (although that's probably illegal, but no doubt will happen behind the scenes). Plus the infernal gazillion checks they already run (that probably catch about 0.005% of all scams) will get worse.

Maybe it's a step in the right direction, but I fear the unintended consequences could be worse than the disease.

(Plus people will probably start to say "who cares if it's a scam, the bank will refund me", which is also bad.)

Where's the "I'm seriously conflicted and while I can see both sides of the argument I'm not sure this is the right answer to the right problem" icon?

Google Bard can now tap into your Gmail, Docs, more

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Re: Spot the problem

Can't see them on my Google account (yet), but I'll be manually disabling the first thing I do the moment I see them.

Portable Large Language Models – not the iPhone 15 – are the future of the smartphone

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There seems to be a typo in some HTML formatting as the line

Nor does the iPhone 15 - although Apple's spec sheets .

falls short. Feels like there's supposed to be a link at the end?

Microsoft’s AI investments skyrocketed in 2022 – and so did its water consumption

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Data centres are going to be prime targets when water consumption rules come in. Because the second farmers start complaining, the farmers will get precedence. A populace without three square meals is far more angry than one that can't use AI to cheat on its homework.

Microsoft to kill off third-party printer drivers in Windows

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How is this not cartel behaviour?

I think this is something the EU and the FTC should be investigating. It definitely smells anti-competitive to me.

Lawyer's Microsoft email snafu goes from $1.75M lawsuit to Ctrl+Alt+Settle

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Re: Typical lawyering

I suspect that he felt MS had a decent chance of getting the jurisdiction motion, and decided that their settlement was enough to pay for the hassle of moving to a more reliable email service. Like Google.

Hahahahahahaha, no but seriously...

From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars?

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Re: re: WASM is the new Flash. Or Active X. Take your pick.

I think it's probably about as popular as it's going to get. The question for me is going to be whether its credibility survives its first serious documented security issue that hits the news. At that point I expect to see the usual knee jerk reactions of corporations banning it on their networks, while still relying on it for their corporate websites.

I know it took a while for Flash to die, and all three ActiveX users were quite upset when it was found to be about as secure as locking your bike with a string of sausages, but I just can't see how reinventing the wheel as a triangle again isn't going to have some of the same triangle-shaped issues.

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WASM is the new Flash. Or Active X. Take your pick.

Despite having had to work with it, I somehow expect it'll go the same way as both of those fairly soon.

UK admits 'spy clause' can't be used for scanning encrypted chat – it's not 'feasible'

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Re: No one would ever willingly let a complete stranger read all of your mail

I suppose you could implement filtering by IP range or browser agent, or maybe both? Or perhaps password protect those sections? But that'll depend on what tools your web host provides I guess.

Microsoft: China stole secret key that unlocked US govt email from crash debug dump

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Re: Alternative explanation..

I think your suggestion gains a bit of credibility from the fact that the US government seems not to care.

Whereas someone like me in charge, I'd be asking three letter agencies to evaluate that company with a view to perhaps excluding them from all government procurement for the next 20 years. Which, yes, I know, would cost a lot, but I'd think even a half-competent government can probably build their own data centers and go fully open source for about the same price.

X may train its AI models on your social media posts

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Time to see if redact will work on xitter these days, methinks...

Microsoft billing 3 cents a minute to revisit tedious Teams meetings via API

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The difference between Teams and a transcription business is the latter is more likely to get things right.

Snowflake's Instacart protestations hint at challenges for poster child of the data cloud

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I think it's marketing speak for "all your data is on our cloud service, pay us money or we delete it"

Farewell WordPad, we hardly knew ye

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"The software giant hasn't explained the decision to wipe WordPad"

But they did recommend paying them more money. Which I think says it all.

Cops drill into chat apps, sink plot to smuggle tonnes of coke into Europe

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Surely this makes a mockery of the encryption bills. They're targeting WhatsApp, while real criminals are using 4RealSupaSecureCriminalChat sideloaded from DodgyAppsRUs.

Judas Halfording Priest...

BOFH: What a beautiful tinfoil hat, Boss!

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Re: Blockers

That's not a crease, it's a notch filter! Specially adapted to block the specific range of rays as emitted by ... (opens dictionary at random) .... snakes. I think.

Official: Microsoft unbundles Teams in Europe

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This, coming on the "we're not going to push Edge so hard in the EU" suggests Microsoft are getting very, very scared of anti-trust legislation again.

I think we're past the time regulators gave them an ultimatum: Windows, Office or Azure. Pick one, sell the other two - including all IP. And if you don't, we'll break you up our way.

Microsoft ain't happy with Russia-led UN cybercrime treaty

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Making penetration testing and so on illegal feels to me like it might be a key part of Russia and China's goals. I mean, I can imagine they'd love to be able to extradite and imprison the employees of Western firms who take down their lucrative scam and ransomware outfits.

After injecting pop-up ads for Bing into Windows, Microsoft now bends to Europe on links

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Re: How about the UK?

Of course they didn't comment. To comment would basically be to admit that it's a monopolistic power grab and get the US authorities interested in them again. And that's the last thing they want.

Perhaps AI is going to take away coding jobs – of those who trust this tech too much

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Ah yes, people are finally waking up to the fact that AI is just like blockchain and the Metaverse - nothing but hype and terrible products.

Anyone want to guess when "no AI will be used in the fulfilment of this contract" starts to become standard?

After years of fighting Right to Repair, Apple U-turns-ish in California

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I can think of two reasons why Apple would do this. (1) it hurts the competition more than it hurts them. (2) they've spotted something that will make repairs harder, not easier, for end users, and they want it passed quick before anyone knows it.

And yes, I've been an Apple user for years, myself, before you ask.

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps

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How this is not monopolist behaviour? Surely this shows that's to break MS in (at least) two - one half to sell software and not allowed to touch cloud services, and the other half cloud services and not allowed to sell software. No common personnel, no favouritism allowed between the two.

Microsoft teases Python scripting in Excel

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Re: Something libreoffice can.

What LIbreOffice can't do is VBA.

As someone who has made a good living from VBA for several years, I can confidently assert that Excel isn't that great at it, either.

Criminals go full Viking on CloudNordic, wipe all servers and customer data

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Re: Where are the backups?

A lot of cloud services "back up" by just using ftp to copy across to another server in the same room.

Another good reason to avoid cloud services, if you ask me. Because you know every cloud service - even the big players like AWS and Google Cloud - are going to be doing it this way.

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times

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The definition of "bias" is subjective based on your own personal Overton window. As an example, a lot of the more mainstream Republicans - the ones who don't believe in the whole "QAnon" business - would regard Richard Nixon as left-wing.

Before you can assess whether AI is left- or right-wing biased, we need to have a clear definition of what is and isn't bias, and I'm not convinced that was their starting point. Would be interesting to see who funded this study - though I have my suspicions.

SUSE to flip back into private ownership after just two-and-a-bit years

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Re: "merging it with an unlisted Luxembourg entity"

That's more or less what I was thinking.

The "unlisted Luxembourg entity" could be anyone.

"Microsoft SUSE Linux"? Ugh, I'm worried now.

Hands up who wants a PC? Lenovo reports declining returns

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The big selling point of Thinkpads was ease of repairability and upgradability. The trend towards soldered-in memory and non-upgradable storage means a lot of people who were previously happy to pay a premium to buy a Thinkpad don't see the point any more. One of their big selling points has gone, so why bother?

Discord.io pulls the cord after crooks steal 760K users' info

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Re: Honesty

This isn't discord though, it's a third party service that connects to it. Like imgur used to be in regards to Reddit.

Oracle's revised Java licensing terms 2-5x more expensive for most orgs

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Does this count? A C# dev kit for Visual Studio Code... that requires a Visual Studio licence.

And so it begins.


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And now, wait for Microsoft to realise that they can do the same thing with .Net...

PowerShell? More like PowerHell: Microsoft won't fix flaws in package gallery ripe for supply chain attacks

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I've never understood what the business case for PowerShell actually was.

"Let's create another, totally incompatible shell that nobody knows how to use and then force people to use it whether they want to or not"

"Wouldn't it just be easier for the users, and cheaper for us, to improve the tools we already have?"

"Heresy! You're fired"

Indian armed forces gives Windows its marching orders, but only for desktop warriors

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Black Helicopters

I have a sneaking suspicion that ditching Windows may be also have something to do with government paranoia. India's membership in the BRICS consortium and friendliness with China and Russia probably makes India believe that it's a top target for US surveillance - especially with their extensive use of English in government.

UK voter data within reach of miscreants who hacked Electoral Commission

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No doubt the UK government will use this as evidence to make Voter ID more strict as well as the banning encryption nonsense.

Europe sticks a monopoly probe into Adobe-Figma merger

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Re: Just a minute

I've never known an Adobe takeover that wasn't designed to extinguish a competitor.

RIP Bram Moolenaar: Coding world mourns Vim creator

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Re: Curious

I have a feeling they replaced the charitable message with their own modification message. Very bad.

Soon the most popular 'real' desktop will be the Linux desktop

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The whole "Windows in the cloud" thing is going to be looked at askance by a lot of people. Not only will it cost more (of course), it will give the US government the power to order Microsoft to hand over your data (Cloud act) or worse.

That said, the NSA and GCHQ must be loving the idea.

Meta says it'll ask Euro peeps nicely before hitting them with personalized ads

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Re: Income

Oh I don't know. TV advertising persuaded me to buy a subscription to F1TV. Not because they advertised on TV, but in order to stop seeing adverts...

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Re: Nice one Boris

Because someone has to complain to trigger things. If nobody complains, nothing gets done. That's just how bureaucracies are all around the world.

UK watchdog reopens consultation on Microsoft's bid for Activision Blizzard

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Probably they just withdraw from that marketplace I'd think. It wouldn't be out of the range of possibility that the regulators could make it a very difficult place for them to do business should they so choose.

Musk's X tries to win advertisers back with discounts

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Re: Watching Musk run this into the ground...

There's a few replacements on the way, BlueSky seems the most promising so far.

Google's next big idea for browser security looks like another freedom grab to some

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There will be plenty of holes to exploit anyway, this sort of scheme is ripe for abuse, especially given the false sense of security it provides.

Zippy´s Sausage Factory

The moment this starts governments will want to take over that certification. And believe me, they will. Google won't know what hit them.

/edit: thinking about the laws currently getting passed in the UK, for a start...

Cigna sued for using software to deny healthcare insurance claims

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And yet many Americans still think a universal taxpayer-supported healthcare system is the work of the devil. I don't understand it myself.

FTC boss Khan shrugs off Microsoft, Meta defeats: 'Losing two is okay'

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Re: Monopoly

Every time they say "this will increase efficiencies, better customer service blah blah blah" what they really mean is "greater profits, more layoffs, more stock options, higher share price".

In ALL cases.

Logitech reports broad declines as pre-pandemic buying cycles return

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I've just bought a vintage keyboard from ebay - works perfectly. I'd be using it right now if it didn't desperately need a clean (job for later - no, it's not going in the dishwasher).

So how they are managing to make so much out of peripherals, I wonder? Maybe because everyone nowadays makes them to break irreparably almost the day after the warranty ends. Or worse, puts a one-way "recycle" setting on them and makes it way too easy to click...

Linux lover consumed a quarter of the network

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Re: Charlie Says

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a jiffy bag stuffed with CD-Rs

Lawyer sees almost 1,000 complainants sign up to Capita breach class action

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Given recent developments, my money's on Azure.

Now, where did I put that popcorn?

Antitrust clouds continue to gather over Microsoft's European business

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Re: Cry me a river

How's the weather in Redmond today?

Twitter name and blue bird logo to be 'blowtorched' off company branding

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Re: "This is an X Twitter"

X is going to mark the spot where he buried it.

As for the "everything company", I'm guessing this will alienate more advertisers? Making it the "nothing company" fairly soon if it ceases to exist.