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Mozilla CEO quits, pushes pivot to data privacy champion... but what about Firefox?


But you won't replace it with Chrome I hope..


Re: A lot of hardcore Firefox fans are now happy Chrome users.

I'm Firefox for over ten years now. And I don't need to use Chrome.

What are our top picks from the vast world of retro tech? Let's find out


Re: Lotus Notes is still being developed

So YOU'RE the one who sold his soul.

Resist, fellows - Notes is evil

UK PM promises faster justice for Post Office Horizon victims


Re: How is Fujitsu not in the dock?

Weird logic. So the uninvolved Japanese team are at fault for not catching the errors.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but you appear to be letting the actually guilty people off scot free.

Nobody is a winner here.

Scientists mull Solar Radiation Management – a potential climate-change stop-gap


Re: Its pretty easy to

What's the weather like up there in cloud cuckoo land?

Regulator says stranger entered hospital, treated a patient, took a document ... then vanished


Doesn't sound that big a drama

Funny yeah. No harm done.

Wish you could sing like Charli XCX or possess any musical talent? YouTube AI might make that happen


Re: So basically, it's autotune stepped up a notch.

A SECOND post from Jake, aren't we lucky!

Given your first post is a mea culpa where you reveal you've not heard of any of these artists, it sounds a bit bloody rich for you to, seconds later, pass judgement on these artists as if you are in any way knowledgeable.

"I've never heard of anyone here. But have my opinion anyway!"

Still. You've yet to crowbar Linux, or indeed IR35, into this topic.

Lawyer guilty of arrogance after ignoring tech support


Guy was an arse BUT..

If you're setting up a desk for someone, I'd say yes, power needs to be on and all cables need to be connected; it does seem like some setup was missed.

Not that being absolutely baffled by the idea of a connected power cable is forgivable, high powered lawyer or no.

UK launches SKYNET – not a doomsday plot, just shopping for improved satellite comms


Why that name?

AI has the squares worried about Terminators already

This won't help!

First ever 64-bit version of Windows rediscovered … and a C compiler for it too


Windows 2000 64bit

Automatically qualifies as the best version of Windows on a 64 bit system.

Bank rewrote ads for infosec jobs to stop scaring away women


Re: Autistic People too

If they're minimum requirements then it is a list of things you need

So missing them is in fact gonna make you unsuitable.

How the Internet Archive faces potential destruction at the hands of Big Four publishers


Re: The IA have themselves to blame

Mage, your take was wrong.

Will you come back and apologise please

Fewer bonuses for Apple staff in latest cost-cutting measure



They should be the first to drop.

Docking the bonuses of lower staff is not going to be as effective as it affecting all.

I will keep dreaming

Now Google to shove its answer to ChatGPT into Gmail, Docs, apps via APIs, more


Re: Does it have to work?

"Please name an originally innovative product from MS."


Bosses failing to offer hybrid work lose out in recruitment


Being required to be in the office

Let's face it. there's only two reasons they ask this

1) the job requires it. Not all jobs that exist can be done remotely.

2) For a perceived benefit of the boss / the company / someone else who resolutely Isn't You so likely does not and will not have your best interests in mind.

Quality of work is everything.

Doom QA testers form Microsoft's first labor union in the US


good for them

QA is a difficult and underrated job

Unions are a good thing.

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs


Re: Only 2?

Why you see this as a point of pride is baffling


Re: What does the contract say?

"Which is a lie, they were doing the job. Not well but that's an excuse: They were paid in peanuts so what did they expect?"

You're not entitled to even peanuts if not doing the job.

And you don't necessarily deserve your job if you are not doing it well.

You don't half talk shit mate


Re: Anyone speaking up for the boss...

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Conflict of interest at the top should absolutely be prevented. I think for public office especially it should be banned outright

But don't excuse the fellows here. The jobs were 1) at the same time and 2) not actually being completed - to not see a problem here is basically wanting your cake and eating it

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Re: Here we go again

What is a neutral take on this then? Surely you have a concept of it if you think this article is the opposite.

I don't expect a reply. As you sound a right wing coward.

Twitter, Musk, and a week of bad decisions


rich n dumb

He peaked years ago. Lost touch.

Anyone admiring Musk now... Er, get priorities.

Still, if he takes Twitter down I won't lose sleep!

It's official: UK telcos legally obligated to remove Huawei kit


Re: It's official

I could Care Less!!

Microsoft feels the need, the need for speed in Teams


speed increase

A 290% speed increase isn't anything when it's stuck loading absolutely still, unresponsive.

Royal Mail customer data leak shutters online Click and Drop


Re: "The root cause is now under investigation."

You may believe that but my experiences show other evidences.

Also merely being the public sector is not the same as a nationalised industry


nationalise Royal Mail

Or better yet, go back in time and not take it private.

Apple exec confirms iPhones will switch to USB-C because 'we have no choice'


Re: Waiting…

I've never ever heard anyone give THAT as the reason for not buying Apple. Stupid interface, walled garden, cost, cultishness, ugly design, etc, yes all of those, but "they use a process of reducing darkness"? Absolutely never.

Elon Musk shows what being Chief Twit is all about across weird weekend


Re: Seeing Musk acting directly makes me wonder ....

He is decent at impregnation.

RIP: Kathleen Booth, the inventor of assembly language


I can't help but feel, like the concepts you describe, the addition of "incels and snowflakes" etc devalue your post

Thank you Kathleen Booth

Let's not sully the sentiment by harkening to anything of less worth.

Meta fined record-breaking $24.6m for deliberately ignoring political ad law


fedbook by name

Fedbook by nature

If you're still on Windows 7/8.1, it's time to say goodbye to Google Chrome


what's the downside?

See question.

This maglev turntable costs more than an average luxury electric car




Biden administration to dole out $900m for electric vehicle infrastructure



He ain't perfect but this is good news.

Shame some folks want the insane tangerine man back

IBM wins contract to support NHS App


It'll also be offshore-manned, meaning medical records will be accessible by minimum wage employees in Hyderabad.


Ex IBM and NHS employee here

IBM running the NHS app?

From the NHS's point of view never say "it can't get any worse"

UK's NHS goes to market for $2b HR and payroll system


Re: Why the dollar amount?

Not really an answer is it mate.

I used to work in the NHS myself but thanks for the lecture.

Anyway, NHS contracts were always, to my knowledge, in sterling, not dollars


Why the dollar amount?

$ why? The NHS is British as is this site


Re: £1.7 Billion

$2bn you mean. As on the headline.

More and more CS students are interested in AI – and there aren't enough lecturers


Re: There aren't enough lecturers

That's cause you can't spot a joke!

Cyberattack shuts down unemployment, labor websites across the US


Very weird targets

Was going to joke that some American republican group did this,

But I see there's already a narrative about the government doing this.

End-of-life smartphone? Penguins at postmarketOS aim to revive it


Re: 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste

Demon driver, you are part of the problem.

Activision to begin union negotiations with workers from Raven Software


Re: The tech industry needs a union...

I agree.

Everyone says this however.

Nobody actually bothers. I'm in the gaming industry now, so this is good news!

But you tech people. What are you waiting for? It's not going to be easy, but wishing won't make it so.

Why is IBM selling post-quantum crypto when it's still a pre-quantum company?


Why IBM anything? A universal answer

They don't, broadly, know what they're doing, so will latch onto something before it hits inevitable roadblocks (such as them not really having a handle on it)

AI drug algorithms can be flipped to invent bioweapons


Re: Why is anyone surprised by this?

People love a good Skynet story.

Like AI in the full meaning even exists. True autonomy doesn't exist in man made systems.

Humans could come along and make this a bad deal.

But then humans can make cars killing machines. Yet again, it's alllllll about us.



Don't do this

Don't use em?

Amazon to spend £1.8bn on UK infrastructure over next 2 years


Re: Eh?

Perhaps Amazon wish to conquer other worlds yet unseen by us for their market dominance.

It wouldn't surprise me.

Interpol: Policing model needs to change with cybercrime


Re: Going after digital crimes?

You'll get up votes but seriously I think all the scam calls people get are worse

Not to mention heroin dealer crypto

Or Russian digital warfare..

UK regulators accept Google's Privacy Sandbox promises


There's a word for this.


Can you get excited about the iPhone 13? We've tried



My Mix 4 doesn't have one.

Apple are behind. Especially with these wireless charging speeds

Hot not-Spot-bot spot: The code behind Xiaomi's CyberDog? Ubuntu


Re: Wake me up

I feel you, but

I don't have a spare 75k hanging around, nor would I blow it on a robot dawg.

I admire Xiaomi even trying to do it at this price point.

AI-enhanced frog stem cells start to replicate in entirely new ways


Re: Sounds like...

Given how humanity is gone, I welcome our new overlords...