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RIP Sir Clive Sinclair: British home computer trailblazer dies aged 81

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Re: Fraudulent too...

Who pissed on your chips?

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A legend, a king, an icon

Pouring one out into my ZX for Sir Clive.

I don't feel proud of being British most days.

But this man sure kindles that.

CityFibre scores extra £1bn+ of funding to plumb in up to eight million British homes by 2025

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Sorry this is off topic but

Sir Clive Sinclair dead.

A true icon of British computing.

I look forward.. If that's the term.. To El Reg paying tribute.

Anyway, to be on topic: broadband fine, but quality over quantity.

Software piracy pushes companies to be more competitive, study claims

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Piracy, then

I've pirated. I'm a member of a piracy site.

But we all buy if good enough.

Weird how it works. With games, it's why I miss demos.

Try before you buy. And if you like, you buy.

I KNOW not everyone is that moral. Just, I understand first hand: a good product engenders love for it, and reward for those who make it.

To me a lot of piracy could be solved with a good demo period. What have they got to hide?

Can we talk about Kevin McCarthy promising revenge if Big Tech aids probe into January insurrection?

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Piss take?

Please. You're giving it away.

Claim you WOOOSHed me and the other down voters if your fragile ego must.

If I am an idiot for talking seriously about political discourse though I'll be happily stupid compared to your "ironic" quote.

If you have a side? Say it plainly. Quoted, "ironic" bullshit is still bullshit.


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As long as you don't find them equally disgusting.

I hate it when people do this "they're all the same" mantra.

Broadly, perhaps.

But that allows the worst ones to escape unscathed, without special notice. And thus normalises their evil.

Vivo X60 Pro: Branding was plastered all over the Euros, but does the phone perform better than the English team?

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Re: WiFi Calling? No, didn't think so

Xiaomi on EE has it.

Google Play puts Android apps on notice: No naughty JavaScript, Python, Lua

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Re: Wandavision Agnes Wink.jpg

A troll-like comparison. I use my phone for MORE because I have more control.

I've got root with adaway. Filtering DNS,and I can see what requests are made in real-time and block accordingly.

YouTube Vanced for no ads. Blockada

Sir, if you are saying blocking this ad crap is like driving a car 20mph down a motorway, I say you're sucking off Satan for decrying the blocking of snoops.

Still. Here I am replying to a post made in sneeringly poor comparisons. You seem American.

What is your greatest weakness? The definitive list of the many kinds of interviewer you will meet in Hell

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Re: What's my greatest weakness?


Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far

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Seems too simplified for its own good

Happy 'Freedom Day': Stats suggest many in England don't want it or think it's a terrible idea

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To vote Tory you need to be evil


All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

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Valve hardware and a bad track record

The battery life sounds a big hurdle here, but I think a bigger issue is the poor track record Valve have with abandoning their hardware efforts.

Remember Steam Machines being touted?

And the Steam Link devices... I had one. Pretty good. But no longer made or supported.

The Steam Controller too, a decent pad... Abandoned.

Buyer beware. Their corporate structure, being so... fluid... Doesn't make me think they have a dedicated hardware division.

Giant predatory ancient insects pioneered mobile comms 310,000,000 years ago

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Re: Wings...

In what context?

I wouldn't trade the hands on the ends of my arms for wings. I'd be an even worse plumber

Xiaomi my heart is still beating: Reg hack takes Chinese giant's new fitness band for a spin

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I love mine

It's great. And you can sideload custom themes.

Only downside is it scratches so easily!

When free and open source actually means £6k-£8k per package: Atos's £136m contract with NHS England

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Re: Coincidence?


In before Jake!

UK's Vodafone network runs trials on standalone 5G in London, Manchester and Cardiff

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Good news, but..

Shame it's Vodafone!

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer

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McAfee Expired

... The headline that should have been.

UK watchdog fines biz £130k for 900,000+ direct marketing calls to folk who had opted out

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Jail time for the directors

Enough said.

Brit IT firms wound up by court order after fooling folk into paying for 'support' over fake computer errors

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Jail for the directors

Three months for every victim, no suspension of sentences.

BMA and Royal College of GPs refuse to endorse NHS Digital's data grab from surgeries in England

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Doesn't matter. You can't not bother just cause of that. Don't spread this.

The common factor in all your failed job applications: Your CV

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Tech CVs might not be understood

Touched on in the article for sure, but the keyword obsession by the tech-illiterate is worth remembering.

You must be dreaming if you think the first eyes to scan your CV are one's homed in a skull that understands anything technical.

So it is sadly necessary to be fairly exhaustive - mention what you used, and why, and to what result.

Also. Cover letters. These separate you from the illiterati.

Compsci boffin publishes proof-of-concept code for 54-year-old zero-day in Universal Turing Machine

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"where in the design process should we start trying to implement security features?"

The concept stage. The concept is not complete without preventative security considerations.

Facebook Oversight Board upholds decision to ban Trump, asks FB to look at own 'potential contribution' to 'narrative of electoral fraud'

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Re: This thread is doomed.

Yeah, we will probably get someone crying about FREE SPEECH FOR THE DONALD sooner or later.

Meh. Eff him

Apple vs Epic Games trial kicks off featuring the same old arguments, hundreds of angry Zoombombing tweens

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I want Epic to win

I suppose.

AWS on track to be bigger than IBM by Christmas, once Kyndryl is spun out

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Bigger than IBM

A backhanded compliment if I ever heard one!

Red Hat OpenShifts gears at summit to pin its future on 'open hybrid cloud'

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Re: OpenWhat?

Or for people who drop their Fs...

Transport Scotland has £47m to drag its traffic management systems into the 21st century

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Re: Let's hope

One thumb down from a stoat the baw

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Let's hope

They don't spend all of it on some crap consultant.

You know the drill

Some wee firm ay bampots tekin em fir a wee ride

From cash machines to commercial kitchen appliances, Doom really will run on almost anything

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Come Get Some was Duke Nukem...


Brit Salesforce exec Gavin Patterson becomes transfer target for controversial European Super League

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Makes sense

Someone from Salesforce would be behind selling out..

Unity devs warned of breaking changes ahead in video game engine as team gets to grips with mutating face of .NET

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Oh No


*balls of hay tumble by*

Average convicted British computer criminal is young, male, not highly skilled, researcher finds

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Re: Sampling problem: that's only the people that got caught

More deets PLz

Yahoo! Answers! will! be! wiped! from! the! internet! next! month!

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Answers was really funny though. The absolutely basic questions people would ask. Then immatediely descending into abuse.

Of course, now there's everything else for that remit

Xiaomi grows fast, warns chip shortages will impact product releases

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Happening everywhere

Same reason Sony have a PS5 shortage, and numerous other tech companies.

I like Xiaomi. They do good pens.

Phones are generally great too. Though I use the Xiaomi.eu debloated firmware, the default level of packed in crap apps is a bit high.

Linux Mint users in hot water for being slow with security updates, running old versions

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Check out the dude who thinks Windows updates make for reliability!

UK watchdog fines two firms £270k for cold-calling 531,000 people who had opted out

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Speak to the service provider

One thing I manage, though not with spoofs..

Truecaller and sundry other apps will show the company hosting the number you're calling from..

Ive had about half a dozen times when I've rang that provider - usually UK based telcos, leasing out numbers to a company who are the scammers - and basically politely but sternly read em the rights and advised they're in for it when it's clear their customer has broken their contract.

Sometimes I've been thanked, sometimes nothing back. But a decent amount of times, the number I captured stops working.

I do resent having to go to such mad lengths though.

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Jail time for directors

Draconian, sure.

Working? You betcha.

And if it doesn't? Do it anyway.

No phish for the likes of you, thank you very much! Google finds email villains are picky about demographics, country

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Re: I don't find Google blocks too well


I'm saying I CAN'T filter it.

There is no option.

But I do have family who email me pics anyway.

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I don't find Google blocks too well

Still using a Gmail account like an idiot, I do get spam through to the inbox on occasion.

Like this Tesco email, the entire content is an image with zero text. And Gmail does not let you filter messages that are just an image (nor am I sure I would always want to). With no words in the body, it is difficult to filter at all, as the senders change every time.

More research, more action welcome.

Web prank horror: Man shot dead while pretending to rob someone at knife-point for a YouTube video

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You beg to differ just for something to say. Wind it in.

ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen 1: Workhorse that does the business – and dares you to push that red button

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Re: I have one!

Also it does take micro SD cards.

The charge time is impressive. Think its a 40watt charger. I have actually slow charged it with a bog standard USBC brick for my blower, though paranoid about the battery this way, it works.

And it really is light. I went for it instead it the Carbon. I don't think I made the wrong choice!

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Re: "grille on the bottom"

Nope. It's cool. A lot lot cooler than other reviews suggest. I'd say any warmth comes out the side more than the bottom anyway. The bottom seems for air flow.

MrMerrymaker Silver badge

I have one!

Be careful, DHL lost it for two weeks.

Great laptop though. Battery life. Got one of the higher NITS screens. Almost silent.

Fully recommended as a Thinkpad in 2021, especially as you swerve the Intel tax!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to step down this summer, AWS boss Andy Jassy to step up

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Re: Regardless, it’s hard not to be impressed by the wave of innovations that Amazon has provided

While I could spend all day slating Amazon, and you're absolutely free to dismiss their successes, I think you're being a bit unfair here on El Reg.

I see, so any positivity is sucking and slurping out of fear of reprisal...

How about this: it's a difference of opinion rather than an indication of corruption?

Samsung Galaxy S21: Lots of little downgrades, but this phone is more than the sum of its parts

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Root lets you block the massive bombardment of ads. I mean, Blokada is good but Adaway even solves in-app ads

If you can't see a benefit to root I don't think you're looking hard enough. Don't be an advertising sap all your life!

We regret to inform you the professor teaching your online course is already dead

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Re: It's official

The future ain't what it used to be.

Four cold calling marketing firms fined almost £500k by ICO

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Non law abiding scammers

I'm a lot more bothered by the (usually overseas, spoofing they're HM Revenue) illegal calls where they spoof a UK number, and just lie, anything they can to get your card deets.

Can nothing be done? Because nothing is being done. I'm thinking on a technical level. The phone companies do nothing. (and I don't mean "do something" for me personally. I want to GET THEM.)

Honor has flown the nest: Announces first phone as an independent firm, inks deals with supply chain big dogs

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Re: To the author : Thank you

I used to think that but then I got the Xiaomi mi 10 ultra and its charging Dock. Its faster than my previous phone on the mains and, being a Dock, is pretty hard to screw up!

Just saying, if you want to criticise the old standard, fine but it's not only developing well, but I have the next big thing already. It's out there.

So what can we expect from a Joe Biden White House when it comes to tech? We'll try to answer that right now

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Re: Project fear mark III

With the utmost respect, sir, you are a fucking doolally nutcase



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