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These boffins' deepfake AI vids are next-gen. But don't take our word for it. Why not ask Zuck or Kim Kardashian...


Underrated comment

Crime doesn't pay? Crime doesn't do secure coding, either: Akamai bug-hunters find hijack hole in bank phishing kit


Crime doesn't pay

> Larry Cashdollar

Living up to his name

Labs are for nerds, it's simply Kaspersky now – just hold still while we cyber-immunise you


Re: Changing the wrong bit

Since Casper is a flying ghost, I'll go for Casper's Sky

Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


Re: Call recording too.

I use a 'classic' recorder and plug it on my mobile handset. It might sound cumbersome but it works on every smartphone I have and leave no trace on the device

The knives are out for cloud gaming as Nvidia flashes blade-based box packing 40 RTX GPUs


Crypto, then gaming

At least, Nvidia has found another market for its overpowered contraptions. Smart move

How to make people sit up and use 2-factor auth: Show 'em a vid reusing a toothbrush to scrub a toilet – then compare it to password reuse

Black Helicopters

The elephant in the room

> why people aren't using Yubico security keys or Google’s hardware tokens for multi-factor authentication

I am not 100% confident with Google-based stuff, especially after Nest controversy

So. To the question we really wanted answering: How real is 5G?


Re: But why?

apparently for beaming 4K video from car

Personal data slurped in Airbus hack – but firm's industrial smarts could be what crooks are after


Yes, he is using the French acronym

MikroTik routers grab their pickaxes, descend into the crypto mines


Coinhive is so 2017

Would be curious to see the ROI of this attack, every *decent* antivirus or adblocker now block Coinhive scripts