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Yahoo! Unveils! Another! Social! Networking! Also-Ran!

Paul Stregevsky

Can! you! guys! knock! it off! already! with! the Yahoo! exclamation! marks!

It! was! funny! the! first! 87! times!

Sharp shows 'world's first' 1080p 22in LCD TV

Paul Stregevsky

But Lenovo's 22-incher has even higher resolution

As reported by The Register six weeks ago, the L220X can display 1920 x 1200, which surpasses HD (1920 x 1080):


It shouldn't be difficult to turn the L220X into a dual-purpose monitor/TV.

Audioengine shrinks audiophile speakers for desktops

Paul Stregevsky

or M-Audio AV30 or AV40

...currently about $102 (AV30) and $145 (AV40) shipped on U.S. Amazon.

But Audioengine's niche is its physical integration with iPod.

Thai police nab manhunt suspect

Paul Stregevsky

Sci-Fi gets it wrong

In a Season 1 episode of the "new" Battlestar Galactica, the captain waits patiently as the ship's computer enhanced a surveillance photo so someone in the photo can be identified. Gimme a break: Their ships can time-warp but their computer needs hours to enhance a photo?

Watson suspended by research lab after race row

Paul Stregevsky

If Watson had said, "Blacks are smarter than whites..."

Does anyone seriously believe he'd be in trouble for saying that?

AOL axes another 2,000 jobs

Paul Stregevsky

The best predictor whether a company will lay off workers is...

"Has the company laid off workers recently?" Companies that perform poorly get hooked on layoffs as the way out of nonprofit status. It seldom works out that way.

US teen trades hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z

Paul Stregevsky

Heads should roll at AT&T...

...for committing the company into signing a 5-year "exclusive" deal that hackers are already opening up to one and all. This situation reminds me of the computer security firm that, in the early 2000s, sold the recording industry an "unbreakable" protection scheme for music CDs. Within a week of its deployment, a teen posted on his blog that he was able to bypass the copy protection by holding down the Shift key during bootup. Word spread quickly, and the security firm became the laughing stock of the news world. Rather than admit their stupid mistake, the security company--its value and name now in ruins--sued the boy.


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