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Faster, Network! Kill! Kill!

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Don't forget that this year will see the release of InfiniBand switch products capable of 300Gb/s switch to switch connectivity! 120Gb/s InfiniBand switch to switch is already shipping - stick that Ethernet! - How do I know this... I'm an InfiniBand trainer :)

Parallels bares all with server hypervisor

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Mac mini - you know there's a market

So... the next step... a revised Quad-Core >2GHz >4GB Apple Mac Mini running BARE-METAL hypervisor and there you have LOTS of happy customers. Small businesses and home-media-server needs would all be answered.

HP excessive packaging world record put to the test

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Adobe postal tubes for CS4

Excess packaging and meaningless advertising mailshots that use those huge cardboard tubes to convey 1 silly poster from Adobe CS4 adds to the emissions nightmare.

The message of CS4...who cares... but the wastage... I care.

Adobe STOP it!

Slash your way inside Apple's Mac Mini

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Just needs eSata Raid0+1/5 & Blu-Ray

...still waiting for the ultimate home media server and REALLY do want it to be a Mac Mini but its STILL not quite there yet! :(

Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe

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Rather than blabber on... I like the apostrophe... it's been in my name for years, even on birth certificates and bank accounts and I'm not about to remove it for idiocracy's sake.

The apostrophe in my name signifies belonging/family of or son-of, in much the same way the Irish use O' at the start of many of their surnames. The Scandinavians use son at the end of theirs.

My name: Paul Isaac's

Don't let English grammar suffer at the hands of those that want to not understand or cast idle fears that poor SQL programmers can't cope with it.

Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros

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No HDMI, No Blu-Ray, No Sale!

I use a 2.4GHz MacBook Pro... any reason to upgrade... no... no HDMI for my HDTV, no Blu-Ray to watch the movies I've bought.

Surely the film producers may want to trial a product they build... film onto blu-ray, watch blu-ray film.... oops...can't.

Academic wants to 'free up' English spelling

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A fantastic film highlighting the stupidity of dumbing down. We've achieved so much in a structured society, would we achieve more in an unstructured one? I doubt it. Let's have phonetic programming languages and see if we all spell the same code in the same way and let the compiler then try and work things out...

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

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RROD Twice! Halo3

Anyone experienced RROD like me? Play Halo3 in 2-player,same screen/console mode for about 45mins == RROD. Sent 360 way for repair. Came back2 weeks later, instantly wanted to play Halo 3 again...30mins of 2-player, same screen/console == RROD Again...so...when it came back... Halo3 has stayed firmly in its box...no RROD yet!

HTC TyTN II smartphone

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...versus XDA Exec...

I've got an XDA Exec (HTC Universal, rebranded).

You're singing the praises of the TytnII..but tell me why it lacks a 640x480 LCD (the Exec has it)...tell me why is lacks a faster processor (Exec is >500MHz).

Basically, other than GPS and MicroSD/HC, 128MB Ram the rest is Below what the Exec offers... but chances of O2 rebranding a better Exec...nil, cos they sunk their minds into an iPhone...which lacks most of the above (inc.Exec features)

Oh...and I managed to successfully upgrade my Exec from WindowsMobile5 to WindowsMobile6...so the Exec still beats the TytnII for keeping up appearances.

Sony preps HD-ready Vaio all-in-one iMac-alike

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Am I missing something...but surely you personally wouldn't bother with a display with a vertical resolution of 1050 when 1080p True-HD is probably what you'd want to watch...yes, there may be little content at the moment but the average person will use the PC for at least 18months...more than enough time for 1080p content to develop.


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