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123-Reg is at it again: Registrar charges chap for domains he didn’t order – and didn't want


123-Reg customer records are just broken

I think it's fair to say that 123-Reg's customer records are just broken.

Back in September 2017, after they increased their prices massively, I shifted all my services over to Mythic Beasts and cancelled my 123-Reg account.

Cue September 2019 and I get warning emails from 123-Reg claiming the services that they no longer host are at risk, and I need to pay them £150 to renew.

Unsurprisingly, no response to any correspondence with 123-Reg.

It's a good job my credit card had expired in those two years !

Wipro wasn't a one-off: Same hacking crew targeted scores of firms, big and small – researchers


Hmm... Expedia

> Targeted companies included <snip> Expedia ...

I wonder if that explains my credit card being cloned having used ebookers earlier in the year ?

Halleluja! The Second Coming of Windows Subsystem For Linux blesses Insider faithful


How Big ?!

> The VM issue also rears its head with the file system which is now a VHD using the ext4 file system and configured with an initial size of 256GB.

Now I know Windows systems can get bloated but that's a tad large !


Ah - should say initial *max* size ...

Heathrow Airport drops £50m on CT scanners to help smooth passage through security checks


Already at Schiphol...

Assuming it's the same tech, they've already got them at Schiphol.

Quite annoying as you're approaching the security line, thinking I've got to down this bottle of pop before being let through, only to be told you don't have to do that anymore !


How to (slowly) steal secrets over the network from chip security holes: NetSpectre summoned


[In]Spectre Gadget

Was Dr Claw a co-author of the paper ?


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