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BOFH: It's not generative AI at all, it's degenerate AI


Re: Three?

The guy from security is the third one. Someone has to keep the rabble out.

Salesforce likes to play the diversity nice guy in public – Black ex-employee claims the reality is quite different


Lead Design Researcher

Could someone please explain in simple words what a Lead Design Researcher does?

I have no understanding why a company hires a lorry driver, a baker, a janitor, an account or a secretary. But how would a lead design researcher bring in some cash for my company?

Careful now, UK court ruling says email signature blocks can sign binding contracts


Common sense for once?

Am I the only one who thinks this ruling makes a lot of sense. There was clearly an intention in the mail to sell at the given conditions. This isn't a case where people claimed they hadn't signed or the terms have been changed. They just have sellers remorse and try to wriggle out on a technicality.

It's nice to see that a judge ruled in favour of what's seen as common sense.

The great leveller: Nokia waves magic wand over unfair wage differences, and *poof* they're gone


From afar

Seems there's only a wage-gap when people don't look too closely. What a surprise!

If one could get away with paying women 20% less for the same work, why would any sane employer still hire men? Those 20% would have a far better use as profit for the shareholders or management bonus, going by the universal CEO-handbook.

Roses are red, this is sublime: We fed OpenAI's latest chat bot a classic Reg headline


Perfect Spambot

I agree that this bot is dangerous, but not for the reasons stated. The content it produces is garbage, even when it's written in understandable English. Could it be confused by something written by a human? Sure, just read how all those NPC are regurgitate their party-line. It's hard on the same level.

With this bot spamming forums and discussions until any semblance of content is gone will be easy. For the moderators, it'll become a nightmare to sort out your average angry internet-citizen with too many pet-peeves from a bot. Keeping up a no-censorship policy will become even harder if you still want to keep useful content.

The icon because it'll make flamewars even easier.

BT's outgoing CEO: He's officially gone, but he'll score £1m in pay, pension until Oct


Would you take on a gig like CEO of BT?

To answer your question: Sure, where do I need to sign up?

The big advantage of being a CEO (or other high level manager) is that you can't do wrong, as long as you don't draw the attention of the SEC / Feds / Inspector Knacker. Today I'd add the risk of #metoo to that list.

Even if you do wrong, you always have the the following list of valid excuses:

- Your predecessor. (Works only for a limited time)

- The competition didn't do better

- Unions / EU-legislators blocked all the cunning plans from being a success

- The Chinese / online companies entered the marked and ruined it

- It's a recession / tsunami / Brexit or some other reasons why punters don't consume enough

And what happens in the end? You get the boot and a golden parachute allowing you to retire or you get hired by another clueless company needing your experience. Worst case you become a speaker for hire on various junket-conferences.

All you need is a thick skin and the capacity to spout enough buzzwords per minute (bpm) to keep the vultures from landing.

If you're marginally competent at the game, you'll do a big reorganisation, merge with or acquire some other big business in the same dire straits as you. Failing this, you can also spin off various division or sell them. All this makes you look active and leader-ly while making sure last years numbers can't be compared with next years.


Gardening leave

> I thought EU employment law made that sort of thing illegal?

> Or are CXOs not covered because of their seniority?

Yes and no. What's at work here is that Mr. Patterson is on gardening leave. He's still employed by BT - thus he can't work anywhere else - but he's not allowed to do anything. And BT can have him twiddle his thumbs as long as the check is paid every month.

What you meant are restrictions after your current employer stop paying you. Those are problematic.

F***=off, Google tells its staff: Any mention of nookie now banned from internal files, URLs


From Petting to Fucking in a Car

Google is always a source of insprirations and education.

Did you ever wonder - for no specific reason - how long it takes to get from Petting to Fucking in a car?

35 minutes, according to google maps if you go via Tittmoning.


No data on how long it takes in a bus. Seems the bus services in Germany and Austria don't want to use them to for this purpose.


Discrimination suite waiting to happen.

Here in Austria, there's a small but existing population of people with Fucker as family name:


Also there are quite a few Wanker out there:


So what happens, if the Google discriminates against them based on their name? Or doesn't process their job application correctly because of their name? Can they sue?

Seems like Google tries to get rid of all aCUMen.

Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


Logic bombs are unprofessional

Implementing logic bombs is unprofessional and can get you into problems.

However oversights in documenting procedures are for your ISO-9000 or ISO-14000 compliance people to handle.

Also, if temporary measures not documented in the operational manual are taken, make sure they don't become a regular part of your operation, always put a time limit on them so they disable themselves when not needed any more or after they *should* have been reviewed. Extend those times at your discretion.

So please, don't be unprofessional and create code to wilfully damage your employers systems. Just follow procedures as documented. That's creates just as much chaos and is a lot harder to repair.

The nuclear explosion for obvious reasons as nothing is a destructive as strictly following procedures.


Been there

As a team we decided to train our replacements from the Indian subcontinent very, very conscientiously. We spent 3 month dragging out operational manual we ever had and impressed on them how important following those guidelines exactly is.

We even let them do small practice tasks, sometimes aiding them a little like a fairy would do in the background to smooth over parts where reality dared to defy the prescribed operational procedure. The new offshore team had a good feeling and we documented meticulously our efforts and how many percent of our task were handed over. We even got the severance bonus.

As you all can imagine, things got entertaining when the fairies in the background had their last day and the newly trained offshore team tried to do some real work following those official guidelines.

Chaos without end, as most guidelines were totally disjointed from reality and many crucial tasks never made it into the operational manuals. Many of these magic task made certain the billing system, the ordering system and inventory management system involved made sure those systems exchanged data.

The perfect irony of it was, we even had an official task to make sure the operational procedures matched the manuals. We usually resolved discrepancies by having the trainees remove stuff not documented.

The company never recovered from this outsourcing exercise.

The coat, because we took them when we left.