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Yar, thar she blows: Corp-cash-stealing email whaling attacks now a $12.5bn industry


Re: Two factor of sorts can work here

NEVER underestimate the 'lack of common sense' aka 'stupidity' of the average person. Just because you don't send money to the Nigerian Prince, doesn't mean other people won't continue to do so.

Also, when you get a message at 4:30 on a Friday with an URGENT tag and a tight ass boss, some people panic and just do it without verification.


Re: Banks culpable?

In the United States ( and the EU I think), in order to open a bank account, you have to show several forms of identification to prove identity. Additionally, banks are required to complete a Suspicious Activity Report' (SAR) for any strange transactions or behaviors. I think wiring in large amounts of money and then moving that money would qualify.

I can't speak for Asia - or other countries, but I would think that there is some kind of verification or authentication system in place. Of course documents can be forged, but I don't think this is as easy or straightforward as it is being made out to be.


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