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Carphone results cheer

Andrew Radley

Err accounting query

How exactly do you increase the number of users, increase your revenue per user and still have a decline in revenues?

Phorm launches data pimping fight back

Andrew Radley

But what if

I used to work for an organisation that was looking to offer an anti-malware and parental control service, embedded into ISP networks. The thing is that the technology to do this must look at the browsing content, otherwise you cannot detect malware, nor prevent customers going to websites they had requested be blocked.

Now, this was an entirely opt-in service and was also going to be chargeable (so was completely transparent) and was also completely tailorable on a per-subscriber basis.

Now, given that the outcome of the service is significantly different to that of Phorm, would the readers of El-Reg feel any different about it?

Nokia releases 8GB N95 smartphone

Andrew Radley

Oh the battery life....

Please God let them have improved the battery life.

What's the point of all that functionality when it stops working two thirds of the way through the day due to a dead battery?

Vista's Long Goodbye strikes again

Andrew Radley

Err, Don't think so

Surely the delays on a broadband line are 'latency', not packet throughput, so this is possible to experience on a high speed broadband line, particularly if you've got a newish laptop which does include bluetooth, wireless & wired LAN.


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