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Notes/Domino is alive! Second beta of version 10 is imminent


Re: The way things are going with Office 36x (where x >>> 0)

We're currently handling about 35 different companies (/O's) and 100+ mail domains aggregated into a single Domino domain. It's actually rather easy to manage all things aside in compared to what would need to be done in Microsoft world. Administration is quite easy. The client needs an overall (toss it and start over). I'd say that I'm partial to the idea that companies that don't wish to go full cloud may have a viable option here if the clients are improved and 3rd party vendors maintain add-ons (they are pulling out in many cases). The biggest shortcomings IMO are .nsf size management (email quota, document retention, archiving, etc.) around email and signature management (IBM should include, for example, the Crossware product at n/c).


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