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US chief spook pushes electronic dragnet policy

Tampa Dave

RIPA --- HA!

Your RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) is nothing, compared to our (US) Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Yearly Organized, Actualized Security Systems.


Oh yeah, badness incarnate! So secret it's only just now, dropped trowl.

Tampa, Florida, USA.

Boffins dredge up oldest living animal

Tampa Dave

Beardless clam is illegal.

Boffins beware!

BTW: were these vertical or horizontal???

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

Tampa Dave

It's an Apple.

Who cares?


Who gives a fsck?

Hey stupid people: you're too stupid to use GNU/Linux, but not smart enought to pay less for M$.

File system check (fsck) yo sef, vfat.

World's most gullible supermarket chain falls victim to online scam

Tampa Dave

Competence: the greatest threat to job security.

The trick to getting and keeping a job, is to make the ``executive'' look good. It's what they want; what they do.

If you seem worth a shit, well... you're fired!

New tune for Microsoft software design?

Tampa Dave

Buxton == punk.


And hey!

This guy fits with M$.

He's a punk, and I'm glad to see it where it is.

M$ is dying. Vultures take note.

Safe drinking guidelines 'plucked out of the air'

Tampa Dave

I need a curry.

Never put food into a parched palete!

Sorted, where's my curry?

Orange UK's chief exec gets shuffled

Tampa Dave
Paris Hilton

Orange....??? This is a UK rag, right?

What's this about an orange?

I keep seeing ``orange'' ``orange'' ``orange''. You guys don't grow oranges! WE grow oranges!

Huh? yp/nis, anyone?? eh?? I think we need to sue.

And I don't NEED yo stinking Oranges!

BTW: be glad you ain't got ``OJ''! He'd kick Bobby's ass in a heartbeat.

David, Tampa, Florida.

God's own Orange grow'n land. (F*ck California!)

ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'

Tampa Dave


nuf said.

It's adsl! No one cool uses adsl.

Consider this a free and un-documented feature.

Nintendo to dish out free Wiimote 'condoms'

Tampa Dave

Is it Wii.... or Weeeeeeee.....?

So where are the sex toys??


Attacking multicore CPUs

Tampa Dave

At the least, with the coming chip densities and virtualization software, this could really blow up.

We've got dual and quad core kit right now. Fact is, oct core is next, and then what... hex core. Chips are becoming clusters of systems. On the software side, virtualization is growing the size of exploitable code.

Fore warned is fore armed. And yes, design is the answer, because it is the problem.

I think it's a good reminder.

AMD finally goes native with Barcelona

Tampa Dave

Oh yeah!!!

I've been waiting for these.

IMHO, this is the best 64bit kit. Period.

Coming Tuesday: 5 Microsoft patches

Tampa Dave

What this all about???

``Microsoft patches??''

What the hell is a ``microsoft''??

Couldn't be too important, if I've never heard of it.

Mac, Linux BBC iPlayers in the offing, says PM

Tampa Dave

Why don't they simply distribute via a commonly supported format?


We need some serious, global ip law reform. Content is now, has been for some time, and will all the more so --- be a public good, freely available and distributable.


Pioneer, Philips revamp Blu-ray players

Tampa Dave

Wow! An El Reg article with.... pictures!

Now I have seen everything.

Uh, except a man eat his own head.

Meet Mark Radcliffe: The man who rules open source law

Tampa Dave


I think this will encourage companies to adopt free and open software.

Let's say company ``A'' is using a prominant piece of software, and they are modifying/enriching the product to better meet their needs, why wouldn't they opt to include their corporate identity to the product? They are a developer/contributor of the product.

Now. Company ``B, C, ...'' sees that this software product really is advantageous, and decides to adopt it. Since A, B, C, ... are competitors in the same market, they'll also want to get their name listed. As adoptors they also contribute, and thus earn equal status with the rest of the contributors.

Further out, once this practice gains the attention of the enterprise market, it will become a thing, to be a contributor of relevent free and open software products. It's a social thing, a publicity thing, and something that would happen anyway should a large organization contribute significantly to the cause.

Ultimately, I think that what will happen with this, is that lots of organization will contribute, exploding the development of free and open software, and instead of full-blown logo saturation (say a two minute logo slide show every time you start the application), it will settle into acknowledgement of contribution, and the right for the company to promote on its own, the status as a free and open software contributor.

That's how I see it.

Microsoft settles eight year patent case with Eolas

Tampa Dave

Where's Dogbert when you need him???

I think I should patent the binary number system. And written language, and the distinctive use of sounds to encode meaning. And the drinking of water. Sex! The right to die. The right to live. The names El Reg, BOFH....

Pay me now!


What I'd really like to see is a viable patent holder, who's been massively violated by M$ in a core technology, win a ``cease and desist'' order. Kind of like M$ NT's blatent ripoff of BSD's ipv4 stack.

``Good bye M$. And go f#$ck! yourself on the way down.''

It could happen. It should have happened. It likely will happen.

FUD back at you, M$, creeps.

Windows Server 2008 'brisket' release delayed

Tampa Dave

Lots of fiber in Apples.


Fiber. For regularity.

Tampa Dave

Redmond must be full of meat eaters.

If they were vegetarians, they'd be able to pinch that ``brisket'' off in no time --- no worries.

Go Fiber!!