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Dell retreat from Limerick will leave 9,500 casualties

Oisin McGuigan

We should have been ready for this

Seriously, the Govt program for prosperity and fairness in Ireland was to spread the wealth and investment across the nation instead of pooling it in Dublin. For one company to pull out and the whole city to be that dependent on it is not in line with the original Mission statement of the PP&F. Cork are next I bet you!!! If Pfizer or EMC pull out then the knock on effect would be bad but poor limerick, seriously!!!! All they get is rain there and its just started to pour....Shame on you Irish Govt!!!

Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping

Oisin McGuigan

Antivirus!!....Whats the point?

And the question here is, Why teh hell do we pay for Antivirus. It may be hard to inject the code and it may be even harder to read the code but at teh end of the day if Antivirus companies cannot clean our machines and OS manufacturers cannot remove the exploit then why in gods name to we pay them ridiculous amounts of money? Its quite like a scam in my opinion, they can cover you for 95% of scenarios but the other 5% you are always screwed. I understand it's a firefighting technology to which we protect ourselves in an array of ways but this kind of vuln is years and years old!!! Norton...pwah, but I'm surprised at trend and Eset. Tisk Tisk. Gimme back my money....

Microsoft 24 hours late with IE8 pwn protection

Oisin McGuigan

Like we didnt see this coming?

10/10 to MS for consistency. Like we didn't expect it. ..... Duh....

IE is old news, 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 they will still be doing the same old same old.

On the flip side, what browser is without vulns? I dunno, Well done to the hacker for highlighting it for all our benefits is what I say instead of keeping it quiet!

AT&T wants to run your data center

Oisin McGuigan


Haha, they can't even manage themselves let alone a data center!!! They are the most incompetant baffoons ever to have cast their ugly shadow upon IT. Let me picture the scenario;

IT Guy calls AT&T helpline " My Datacenter is down, what is going on"

AT&T Helpline: "Sir, Can I get your name"

IT Guy: "John Smith, Your phone system already asked me that question, now whats going on"

AT&T Helpline "Please state your problem"

IT Guy: " My fu@king datacenter is down and I'm fu@ked!!! I said that already"

AT&T Helpline " Oh sir, that's not my dept, I'll transfer you now"

IT Guy " This is the number I was given"

AT&T Helpline: Ring. ring...

Replay the above scenario until you are fired.

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

Oisin McGuigan

Who cares!!

Theres always Firefox!!!! Why bother with just another spin off!!!!

Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1

Oisin McGuigan

13 Moths Later

13 Months later Vista is propped up on its feet by a zimmerframe made of 435MB of what should have happened pre-Vista, stumbles forth and then.........Falls flat on its flabby face! Ubuntu rushes over and asks are you ok? Ubuntu screams for help 'Anyone?!!! Please help!!!!! Vista is in trouble and needs help!!', Vista coughs and splutters and shudders all over. XP sniggers as big brother breathes his last breath. It's over... XP and Ubuntu go for a pint and laugh at what Bill had in mind for them.

Tom Cruise does splits in birthday boogie vid

Oisin McGuigan

All proceeds will go to needy Scientology Offices.

I guess the evil overlord of the galaxy is a long way from Toms mind now!!!!!!

Vista SP1 on track for mid-March release?

Oisin McGuigan
Gates Horns

That wonderful V word

Vista doesn't need a blood transfusion! It needs Euthanasia!!!!! Bury Bills Legacy.....

AOL buys a friend for $850m

Oisin McGuigan


So let me see. The future of Bebo will be full of useless applications that slow the whole thing down, have loads of really annoying notifications, be ugly, be over restricted and not pay any attention to peoples input (If AOL get their mits on it). So, pretty much Facebook...... Oh, well, Orkut it is then!!!!!

Microsoft jump starts IE 8 with community push

Oisin McGuigan
Gates Halo

Real original...

Nice to see that they are doing something original............They're pretty much gonna just copy Firefox 3, debrand and stick an nice little MS sticker on it and have a nice little PR launch for it!!! Geez M$, Prove me wrong!!!!!! I bet you won't.

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

Oisin McGuigan

Took you long enough

I figured that long enough ago. Good article though. It really really is an upgrade, I agree. Maybe they should have launched Vista when XP was first launched. We all would have been a lot happier pre-SP1.

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees

Oisin McGuigan

Wheres comreg in all this

COMREG the Irish telecommunications authority should know about this. 3 aren't the first Irish company to get away with this. The company 'Irish Broadband' have the worst record in Irish internet history as far as poor service, line degradation, overutilisation and just crappy service is concerned. COMREG really should be investigating this and remunerating broadband customers for their troubles. If you want a quick fix just change to a better company like magnet. I did and there was no turning back. The cancellation phone call was funny when I was asked why I am canceling, my reply was simply 'Cos your service is shite' to which acceptance was immediate...

MS tweaks Vista with minor updates

Oisin McGuigan

Whats the point

They can patch all they like, Return to XP and run your computer the way the manufacturer intended it to be run. Nothing is Vista compatible anymore cos they keep changing it!! Went back to XP last night after 6 months and it was like a breath of fresh air. Fresh, unfreezing, un-hanging, hardware compatible air!

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

Oisin McGuigan

Vista POO

Lets face it, M$ have a long running history of mistakes and just when everyone began to love XP SP2 and have a little confidence in M$ they blew it on a biblical scale. Yet, we run into their little mistakes eager and willing to be the tasters of modern computing. Well M$, you got it so so wrong and now were happy with XP SP2 and we are used to computers that simply work and do all the things they want it to do. Vista is more secure but hey, ask yourself this? How many Virus outbreaks have been out for SP2 in the last 12 months? 'Hardly any', Is it unstable? 'No', hows Hardware compatibility doing? 'Bloody Great for XP users!!!'.

This goes to show that newer is not necessarily better and straight jacket style security is not what modern computing is about. What have they learned from XP? 'Not very much in my opinion'.

China slaps ban on reincarnation

Oisin McGuigan

What about cats?

Do they have to apply? thats a lot of paperwork for a cat!

>>Have you chosen reincarnation? turn yourself in now!!<<

A Man walks into police station in Manhattan and says

' Hello officer I have a crime to admit to. I didn't apply for reincarnation but did it anyway. I'm really sorry'

The police officer promptly tests him for drugs and cavity searches him before admitting him.

In China you go to Prison?

I'd be interested in the alternatives?

Who are they kidding?

AMD coughs up wad of cash for virtual desktop project

Oisin McGuigan

More payouts?

You mean getting more into debt don't you?

I like AMD but lately they've been gambling their future.

I hope they stand the test of time, no one likes a monopoly.

Vista's Long Goodbye strikes again

Oisin McGuigan

Waste of time

MS, just give up! Its not broken, It just doesn't work!!!! Its crap and you made a mess of it like you always do! 'Windows Vista is the most secure Operating System on the market'

Well yeah! cos no one can get it to work!!!!

This is the last straw for me, Rolling back tonight as this answers why all my media players hang and crash and cause endless trouble. Goodbye Vista, Hello XP SP2.