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Google launches universal search


These extra features are already available...

...over the web from Google's own servers. So effectively this "announcement" says that Google has managed the amazing technological feat of getting a web bot to crawl its own servers.

Be astounded at this marvel of marvels! What will they come up with next?

New North Korean missile tested in Iran



I wonder what the US sources base that number on. My guess is that the great circle distance between Tehran and all the major European capitals is less than that so they can persuade the Europeans that there is a threat to them from the evil Iranians as a pretext to war.

Personally I wont believe on trust any information the current US administration provide with relation to any of the "axis of evil" countries as they have shown they have both the political desire and ability to falsify such information where it serves their warmongering interests

Intel consigns Cornish town to oblivion



Web users are not actually as retarded as the people of Penryn seem to think. If I wanted information about the town of Penryn in Cornwall, sure I would first enter "penryn" into google, but that only returned results about a technology product, I wouldn't assume that penryn no longer existed, I'd try "penryn cornwall", "penryn town" or "penryn holiday" all of which turn up no mention of intel. I'm a web developer and I know that people will simply enter different search terms if they don't get what the want in the first ten result of their first search.

Blockbuster says Game Over on Game Station UK



"Game Station is positioned for ongoing success"

I think they mean:

"Game Station is positioned to have most of its stores closed where they compete with one of GAME's exisiting outlets and the rest rebranded as GAME just in time for a nice juicy price-hike"

ah well you get better prices online anyway

P2P pinball lawyers say ignorance is no defence


Following the Absurdalogic through

Assertion 1: The owner of an item used in an unlawful act is liable for that act

Assertion 2: Zuxxez own the game, Dream Pinball 3D

Assertion 3: the game was unlawfully copied

something can not be copied without reading the original

therefore the game Dream Pinball 3D was used in an unlawful act

it therefore follows that the owner of that game, Zuxxez, is liable for the unlawful act of copying.

So they should sue themselves.


Sky goes dark for Virgin Media


So why can't virgin do what BT Vision are doing

and get the key content VODed, I know they have the ability, cos Uma Thurman just told me so.

Darwin Mr Popular again in Kansas


But are they teaching the third option...

... of Pastafarianism