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Virgin sacks the Facebook 13, BA customers stink

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The Reality?

So staff have genuine misgivings? Problem. Not really - they're concerned about the planes safety record - is that a cause to be sacked, not at all.

They're concerned about the cleanliness of planes - cause to be sacked,nope.

They make complaints about the customer, cause to be sacked? Nope - but doing so in a public place in full public view damages the airlines reputation. It's not a smart thing to do. Cause to be sacked - yes.

I don't feel as if the Virgin brand has done itself any favours by not making it clear EXACTLY what the staff were sacked for.

Paris because she's probably a demon in the sack.

French Senate passes bill to disconnect filesharers

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Sleeping Your Way To Success

He who has the most power always wins, democracy is dollars with a smile. Don't get me wrong I'm no communist.

Has anyone else pointed out that France has decided to take this action since the frog PM was screwing, "sorry married" that singer?

Call it a conspiracy theory, but if you can't get into bed with the consumers and screw them, the p2p companies to make money, the internet service providers...then leaders of our democracies will do (literally).

I also trade in a digital enviroment small time, so I am sympathetic. However, the music industry is akin to a dictatorship - that's been attached by the masses - it's trying to reaccert its authority. Too much power is in the hands of too few.

Paris, because she screwed her way to fame also.

* I've done my best to tone down my langujage....I hope your happy with the compromise ;)

New York talks net giants into child pornography crackdown

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Lack Of Balance Of Article

Don't get me wrong, I think kiddie porn is wrong and should be blocked off.

I'm a little disappointed that the reg authors have failed to look at the wider implications:

1. An unelected body dictating

2. The blocking off of all usenet

3. The fact this comes years after Usenets peak

4. What this means for other websites/other usenet groups - whilst most people would agree that kiddie porn is wrong, other stuff is more debatable


UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders



When they decide to move to a new planet they'll set up a new new york new new england,.....could be a real ass to figure out where someone means if they have a stammer.

Tiscali subscribers to be sold to Vodafone tomorrow: report



I'd question the strategy here....Vodafone is a PREMIUM brand with PREMIUM pricing and a good service, excellent coverage.

Tiscali, is a cheap skate false economy brand with shit service, poor customer support and poor everything.

I'd expect some rising prices, and some serious investment in infrastructure. The problem is is that it may alienate some of the subscriber base with the price increases, and price increases are unlikely for some time due to contracts.

Unless they hardcore invest in unbundling with their oodles of cash.

Spammers open new front on social networking sites



Whom ever coined "poked full of Viagra" ought to get a promotion ;)


I Was A Teenage Bot Master


RE: ImaGnuber

My point was that four and a half years is a long time.

I think the real issue on hand is what are you trying to achieve?

- Prevention?

- Punishment?

- Reform in the individual?

- Correct the problem?

I just don't think the real issue is being tackled, sure the kid needs to be stopped from doing it, I just don't think four and a half years behind bars is going to do any long term good for the kid or society.

In addition, I can't see that any real harm was done. Sure, they broke a few laws...and should be stopped and punished...but they didn't kill anyone, cause any mental problems, physically hurt anyone...

I agree with the synical stance of By b, however, much of this newer bot net stuff is seriously advanced pieces of kit that a basic firewall/AV may or may not prevent.

Don't get me wrong here, I think that bot nets are bad evil things...I just question the way its being dealt with.

Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales


Law in general

This is the problem with law, and the world in general...its not a case of rights or wrongs, its about who has the most money, the most power and the most influence.

South Koreans clone sniffer dog


Play Ball

There is a huge assumption here that its genetics that determine the dogs willingness to play ball...or rather not play ball and play sniff sniff...

The rise of the Malware Mafia



Nah...some of the more recently UK law has been pretty good at cleaning up case law and conflicts and stuffs.

eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal



@ Andy...there are some MASSIVE problems in writing applications for profit on Facebook at this moment in time.


There have been auction programs on Facebook, but the enviroment is based on VIRAL marketing pretty much exclusively.

Domain hijackers forced to return numeric names

Jobs Horns


The whole .EU thing was a huge scam as well, a few companies got there grubby hands on most of the most popular domains.

Very unfair.

Very, very, very, very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook moves to cut down application annoyances


Reply To Ian

No...they don't need it installed.

But that in turn, limits the potential growth of the application = a dilema.


Petitions & Polls

Here's the problem...

Those of us that have created applications *unashamed plug* Petitions & Polls (Search for me - Dan Offer ;)) for example, that create GENUINE useful additional functionality. I've spent quite a lot of time and money developing this - and wish I hadn't bothered. Facebook have been horrific in changing things, and limiting the scope of growth for those of us that have just released their applications.

Only have one way really to promote their applications: invites/profile listings

The problem is that many applications go out of their way to SPAM other users, using the "social proof" of the user...to generate additional users. The only way to generate profit is (1) A large user base AND (2) Active users.

Many current applications, lack the ability to CUSTOMISE and have inaccurate user notification procedures.

The shere volume of "invite application spam" DEVALUES other applications that add genuine funtionality and are genuinely useful to users of Facebook.

The general perception of Facebook applications by users has become "Oh no, not another useless Facebook application" - this has made it a problem for enterprising developers like myself.

Furthermore, Facebook has had a tendancy to "steal ideas" and functionality of plugins (i.e. User Wall) of applications that people have spent time and money on creating their "plugin business" and integrated it within their portal. Rendering other peoples plugins useless.

I was initially optimistic, with this application - opportunity, for both users and developers...now, my faith is wavering.

*Shameless plug* my application:

Petitions and Polls