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Riders line up for world's first e-bike race


is it just me ?


6.5m vehicles to be tracked by 2012



So? I don't get the point in the artical, other than fishing for "OMG. Teh gov trk people!!! BADBAD!!!".

90% of these will be logistics companys traking lorries for oporational reasons, not to track the driver. The other 10% will probably be security vans.

ESA chooses British army officer as astronaut


@Remy Redert

Ye. Like all good British Heros he will be smoking his pipe as he climes to the craft, tapping it out on the side, and tucking it in to his top pocket befor entering.

Sophos punts anti-virus for Klingons


@Tim Brown

Lorem ipsum isen't latin. Its rubbish that looks like latin. But I think that was the point the author was making...

Hippus HandshoeMouse



For the same effect you could just get a trakerball.

Organised crime cops seek international hacking powers


RE:Warrantless secret searches

Your living in a land of nonsense. There are alot of things to complain about, but saying there is a fear of being critical of the police in the UK? What utter rubbish. I think you may have read one to many spy thrillers.

Intel hit with largest ever EU fine


@Geoff Campbell & Luke

@Geoff Campbell

Only if AMD said "you can have these for free as long as you only use AMD chips".


No. Just No. If your trying to be funny, please use the joke icon, cos the joke isent very clear.

Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house


I do feer

that there will be alot of people cut off. Working in credit control I know that you do get people (mostly little old ladys) that will send a cheque for there bill to the company.

It will be In an envolope to the head office, marked "To Paul" or whoever the talked to last.

It will have no infomation on it about who its from or what its for, just "Mrs Smith" as the payer name.

These people will be hit hard if the changes to meter disconection go through, as the companys will just cut them off without looking for there payment. Yes these people are a pain (They think that everyone in a company with 200,000 cusotmers should know who they are when they phone up saying "Hello. Its Mrs Smith." and get anoyed when you don't) but they are cusotmers, and you should try and help them.

Pirate-pursuing lawyers get DDo$ money transfer slap

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Not helping them selfs look like victims.

I doubt it will work anyway.

Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples


RE:Not strictly "innocent"

Yes strictly "innocent". You don't dicide whos guilty, nither do the CPS. No trial. Person is innocent. Simple realy. And if you think that is up to the police to dicide then Im glad you no longer work for them. You seem to be one of the people giving the police a bad name. "I got im for being black in the wrong place. The blood is from where he resited arrest. He said "it wont me that done it" then I 'it 'im for lieing"

Please go and write out 100 times "Innocent unless proven guilty" untill you learn one of the basic pemises of UK law.

"If they never commit another crime they shouldn't have anything to worry about..."

Is your DNA on there? And that is not the point, the point is the attitude of people like you, and the government, to treat everyone like criminals. Keep them living in fear and guilt at all times. This will do nothing but keep them unhappy.


But this....

Just makes it worse. There is no longer the "just incase" argument they used to have. The 6/12 year split highlights the feeling that this mad bint thinks that no-one arrested is inocent, and it is just a matter of getting more evidence next time.

I do hope that the EU don't cave in this one.

Obama declares war on Ireland over tech tax avoidance


Some people

realy dont get it do that...

For a start personal tax is not the same as corprate tax. Just because you pay 50% tax it dose not meen a company dose. Infact that is an indecator that you are paid more, because the company can afford to.

Also, small countrys can have low tax because they are small. They lower there tax and lots of companys move there for tax reasons, so more than make it up. Litchtenstine (SP?) has more companys than people. Big countrys cannot do this because they cannot attract enough companys to make up the loss.

All the US wants is companys to play fair and not game the system.

Torture case against Boeing subsidiary resuscitated


@Miami Mike

How about the UK bomb the hell out of the country funding terrorisum in the UK for the past 30 years? Pick up and tourture whoever we like because they "might" be terrorists? Violate international law and our own law to do this?

Itll probably never happen because I can bet there is a lockout on the Trident targeting system preventing them being fired at the US.

LoTR fan film set for net premiere


Its well done

Now, anyone want to volentear to sort out there website?

Swiss woman rolled over Facebook


Matt Bryant

Please refer to earlyer posts. Posting on face book is not exactly taxing, and saying you sould be working if you can post on facebook is stupid. I hope the company gets all thats coming to them.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet passes hover thrust test


@ Tim


Perhaps 40550 is what is what they were hoping for, safety margin and all, not the minimum thrust needed to fly?

Private ID scans leave fetish club-goers feeling exposed



Club, as in NightCLUB, not as in members club. D'oh.

Darling's £0.5bn offshore windfarm 'leccy-bill stealth levy


half a billion powers half a million?

Um. No. What about all the other costs? Coal 'leccy is cheep. Its the rest of the costs that add up.

Lost laptops cost companies $50k apiece



You still beleave the "beancounter" BS? My, your boss has got you well trained. Go have a look in to it. Finance will tell people how much they have to spend, then your boss will have dicided that him getting a new BMW was more important than encription. Finance don't ever get to tell people what to spend money on, only how much the company can afford to spend. They don't actualy care what the project is, its up to upper management to dicide if something is worthwile spending the money you have on somthing.



This is utter rubbish for two reasons.

1) The Data should only be "lost" if someone dosent back up there data. Not a difficult thing to do, and somthing you should always do if your carrying around that much infomation.

2) Are they trying to claim that the avrage stolen laptop is taken by someone who cares what is on it. Most theifs will look for "like bank info and stuff", but your avrage laptop stealing scrote woulden't know what to do with even that.

Budget reaction: Credit insurance good, all else bad



Should probably start acting like buisness people and not a trade union:

"The FSB welcomed the increase in capital allowances but regretted that nothing was done to combat late payments. The FSB wants Companies House to name and shame firms which do not pay on time."

Companies house don't have this data, and there are plenty of companys who do sell this data (£10ish a pop. Not much realy). Also, it would be illigal under both UK and EU law for the government to get involved in this.

Tree huggers will confuse shoppers, says Amazon


@ Richard

Some pasty faced guy in a suit who is scared of messing his hair v a lental chewing pasafist hippy. It dosent sound fun to me.

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc


RE:"Error messages in German"

Yep. And they were SOOO proud to be using the same system as lots of big companys. The never thought to stop and ask some people about it. If they had someone would have told them SAP is not an accounts system and is no good for them because the dont "sell" anything and have no product things would have been much better.

Apple rides fanbois to popularity crown (again)


I realy dont understand

the anger at Vista. It works fine, and my PC (Which runs everything I need at home) cost me £180 brand new (sans moniter). Not a "small amount" less than an Apple, but about 1/4 the price, or less.

Lotus offers to end e-car silent running


Can the add it to old lotuses

to hid the noise of bits falling off and the squeek from your dash borde?

NASA: Clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap


And now...

we will get a load of "I told you so" posts from people how said global warming is not happaneing, but changing there story to say "I said CO2 was not a problem"

Sonar causes (temporary) deafness in dolphins


@Frumious Bandersnatch

I agree!

Ok.... A little more.

Two things you say are things that realy get to me.

1) Companys and people saying how "green" they are, yet happily eating cod, not because of cost, but because they think its fine.

2) Passing on the costs and damage, not to great great grand children, but to there children. So many of the people you see campaining about green issues are people with time and money, who made this in the 70s and 80s. They expect there children to pay the costs, the ones with little time and money. The one example that most anoyes me is recycling. It is all build on the assumption that you have room for three bins, both in your garden and your kitchin, and that noone lives in a flat, yet we are forced to live in a small flat BECAUSE the same people who bang on about this are the ones with nice country homes who don't want any building near them, so we are stuck in a flat that costs more than my parants genaration paid for there house (alowing for inflation of course)


Dungeons & Dragons slays its digital distribution


@Eddie Edwards

It dosent take that much. Sell a million copies of an album and is doing ok. Selling 10,000 of a book cam make it a huge hit.

There is a huge problem with piracy in book publishing at the moment, and this will only get worse as e-paper becomes more and more prevalent.

Unfortunatly WotC tryed to do somthing clever, and it went wrong for them. There is now way people can use the excuse "well I wanted to have a look befor buying" with books.

@the other Paul.... I think it is more a case of a group buying one set of books and others downloading them, but then how many groups have ever used more than one set of books? We have 1 set of the books we want to use, plus 3 PH's and thats it.

EC blasts mobile masts away from schools and hospitals


Microwave masts

Like the huge powefull ones used by the Ambulence service? Both on top of hospitals and on the ambulences themselfs?

Wolverine leak claims first victim?



There remains the problem that, as an unreleased film, this may fall in to the catagory of theft and not copyright. Whilst it may not have any value as such, it can be argued that he was a party to the theft of a film not ment for public viewing. This is not an "on the market" film, but some rushes.

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official


What about...

the salts in the bacon replacing the lost electrolights as well?

Touchy Google wraps protective arm around Chrome EULA


RE:Why do Google need an EULA anyway?

Um... to protect there service and say what you can do with it... Perhaps...


MPs battle to save great British pub


And it has nothing to do with

the smoking ban. No. Never. Stoping people smoking in pubs had no bad effects at all. The people who said that is would were all wrong and this is all to do with supermarkets selling cheap beer.

How gov scapegoats systems for man-made errors



Rather than all this rubbish about "they should have checked" "no they shouldent" we should look at the fact that a child died. Others will have been off ill, with good reason.

The Head should have at least known about ones that died. All it would have taken was some basic thought to have run a report with the letters and checked this. They should ahve had a list of pupils who had left or been cronicly ill that year to check against. 150 lines? I have just checked my SAP reports and that is about 2 1/2 sides of a4. Not much to check against a list of probably 10 people at most.

Infact I do the same sort of thing morning.

Bucks village repels Street View spycar


I don't like street view...

but it sounds more like they were braking the law.

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students


Hes Scum....

Only because he is in the NUS to get a job as an MP, not to make things better for people. He clearly see's polotics as a career choice...

Most undergraduates 'show fear when asked to do maths'


Something occoured to me

The other day...

I was watching a program on BBC 2 about Alan Davis and maths. They talked about school maths being like Gramma, and real maths. Perhaps it is time that we started teaching there big ideas in Maths and science, as we do in English. I am not sugesting we scrap the basics, just add in some disscution and interest. Tell the children about the theory of Space Time, or the concept of Bran physics. Use infomation about the LHC. Even basic stuff like building model bridges and the like rather than just sitting copying off the board. Perhaps then we would not just get more of them interested but also remove some of the fear of science (Ohhh... EM radiation. Its radiation. BAD!!!!) from the world.

Conficker botnet remains dormant - for now


RE:My Money's on

Na. That would cause real dammage.

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest


offered tea and a sympathetic ear

Tea? I thought you normaly offerd a double and a full strength superking? Always works for me.

'Big Brother' - the price of self-driving cars



Id love to see where they plan to fit one of these (Arial and all) on a striped down street fighter. Im sure there is a way, but I get the feeling they think that everyone travles in a deathcage.

PC firms slammed in latest Greenpeace eco report

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Greenpeace should f*** off and go back to harrasing whaling boats. This scale makes things worse rather than better by encoraging greenwashing and changing chemicals based on whatever the sandle warers at Greenpeace have dicided is the big nasty this month.

Irish boffins tackle cow-fart ecopocalypse with fish oil

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Editorial comment true to El Reg's policy. Never let a good story get in the way of a cheap joke.

More of this please!

Leaked memo says Conficker pwns Parliament


@David Ramsay

"Well lets face it the solution is to ensure that MP's use Mac's.

Totally impervious to current hacks and will also mean that IT staff in parliament are out of a job!

Saves money in the long run 11"

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaagagagasewerffwefno.... Ha...

Please go to the top of the page.

Search for pwn to own.

Come back and say sorry for saying somthign so stupid/

Blizzard: Game designers aren't Shakespeare


Green Hills of Stranglethorn?

Goblin AH in Booty bay. Pick up the pages for a few silve. Hand in. Not bad, just pointless.

Worst qusts? The travel to ones, where the places you have to find are difficult to get to and have not direct path, and your following a f**king riddle.

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions


Still don't get this...

"It is standard policy in many large corporates that machines are left on so that software patches and virus updates can be remotely installed while the machines are not in use."

It just seems like a soding lazy IT department. I have never worked in a company that dose this.

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief


RE:Matt Bryant

I was going to write a long post about how stupid what your saying is, but please go away and come back when someone beats Scooter Libby in the felon stakes, and Obama pardons them.

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power


RE:Scotland or UK?

1) When will Scots realise we are one nation.

2) When will you realise that you will not get the Gas. Under international law it will be split. Oh, and Shetland (and most of the gas feilds are in there water) don't want independence, and if it were to happen they would want to remain part of the UK as they consider Scotland to be staling there gas because of the way the Scots and gas companys have treated the locals.

Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket



Now I have supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Dow, a deer, a female.... going round in alternation. GARGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

Royal Mail disses runaway post van man



Please remove the adverts which cover half the page with no way to close them (The stupid MS Advert)



Did he write to them and royal mail work out who he has, in the past, used for legal advice, or did he get a solicitor to write to them demading money?

It seems like the second, and he deserves a responce like that. I don't doubt it was a nice act, but he got exactly what I would expect in that situation, the driver said sorry and thank you, and nothing more was said. He has probably got the driver fired now.