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End-to-end NVMe arrays poised to resurrect external storage


Hi, McObject rep here. McObject’s eXtremeDB is the DBMS used in the STAC-M3 benchmark with E8’s storage array. One detail overlooked in this article is that the other STAC-M3 reports (Dell with Samsung Z-SSDs, and Lenovo with direct-access Optane drives) were conducted with a competing DBMS. So, a direct comparison of E8, Z-SSD and Lenovo w/direct-access Optane is not possible with these reports. Some of the record-setting performance that was achieved is attributable to eXtremeDB vs. kdb+. How much? Impossible to say, but eXtremeDB has bested kdb+ in every STAC-M3 published with eXtremeDB since 2012. Usually with hardware that costs a fraction of the hardware used in kdb+ published STAC-M3 results.