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Unihertz Titan Pocket: Like asking Mum for a BlackBerry and she tells you 'but we've got a BlackBerry at home'


Re: New Blackberry phone coming soon

The speed (ho, ho) with which crumblies here have adopted powered wheelchairs, and the speed (not ho, ho) at which they drive them though the underground/subway stations here mean that the aforesaid powered wheels are definitely high tech. Perhaps Onward Mobility would do better to concentrate on these devices rather than vapourware phones.

The announcement, much ballyhooed, mentioned some sort of introduction, in other words a device you could see and, for some, touch in the first half of 2021. Only six weeks to go then.

I like Unihertz. Yes, on their website they do feature as many PR and communications people as engineers, and the engineers, apart from the founder, have the youthful sheen of secondary/high school graduates, but their phones are solid (don't drop the original Titan on the floor, or you'll be replacing the floor). I have found my Titan to work as advertised. It has a capacitive keyboard, like the BlackBerry, so you can scroll up and down pretty well. This feature is touted for the Titan Pocket, so this may assuage one of the grumps of the reviewer.

Most importantly, my Titan got its upgrade to Android 10 as promised. My now neglected BlackBerry Key 2 is still languishing in the abandoned garden of Android 8.1. My Planet Cosmo came with Android 9. Which it still has. The update cleaned up many of the problems reported with the software and made it much nicer to use. Battery life on the Titan is gobsmackingly good (6000 mAh) and the Pocket should be long-lived for its specifications. I love my Cosmo, but you have to remember to turn off the outside cover display, otherwise you don't get through the day.

I love my keyboard devices, as you may have gathered. I have my Planet Astro on order, and I yield to no-one for my love for Martin Riddiford, the chief designer of Planet, who also designed the Psions of my youth. Yes, I had plenty of them, too. And yes, I did order the Titan Pocket at launch. Of course I'll order the new BlackBerry if it ever gets built and released outside its rumoured market of The Bank of America, which was so seriously concerned about the lack of security, apparently, that they talked to Onward Mobility about making an updated BB.

I fully accept that most people are quite content to tap and slide on glass. If my unscientific researches are correct, most people, and all young people here, have prehensile thumbs. But if your business is words and not some weird iteration of a game that revolves around the destruction of as many beings and objects as possible, there is nothing that beats productivity, because productivity includes accuracy as well as speed, than a PKB, My Sony Xperia 1 II (stupid name, brilliant phone) has a specification that knocks spots off anything else I own. However, it only replaced the Key 2 as my daily driver in November, and that because certain apps were abandoning Android 8. The sale price of a limited edition Sony with 12 gb of memory also played a part. However, I still miss the accuracy ad comfort of the BB, despite a grudging acceptance that GBoard does have a lot going for it. If GBoard didn't slide, but only tapped, I'd still be on the BB.

So each to their own. I am not trying to convert anyone into getting a phone with a PKB, but these phones certainly have their place. Forgive the slight rant, and the diversion down memory lane, but some of us will pursue the delights of PKBs until the bitter end.

Typed on a wonderful Zergo split mechanical keyboard. Someone passed on a rumour that mechanical kbs may be having something of a resurgence ...

That Salesforce outage: Global DNS downfall started by one engineer trying a quick fix


Chief What? Correction

Sorry, Chief Availability Officer. RTFM and all that. In this case, read the article properly. However, an even more weird a title. Is he the bloke that reporters ring up at 3.00 am to check on the truth of a rumour? In that case he would be the Chief Sense of Humour Removed Officer.


Chief What?

Chief Accessibility Officer!

Now there's a title looking for a purpose; possibly accessing the engineer's internal organs.

HTC U12+: You said we should wait and review the retail product. Hate to break it to you, but...


Re: "If high enough they will 'improve' things to prove they are esential to the company,"

I think it was Edward Turner. The rumour was that they put the Leader/Arrow engine into a Tiger Cub frame. Lovely concept but a twin engine in a single may have been a touch wide.


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