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Amazon tried to entice Latin American officials with $5m in Kindles, AWS credits for .amazon

noodle heimer

A bunch of kindles?

unless the kindle has gotten very good at Portuguese, and unless Amazon has gotten very good at furnishing ebooks in Portuguese, that's a truly insulting offer.

The Amazon Brazil ebook toplist makes me think "insulting." ebook selection even in Spanish is weak, and that's despite the large numbers of Spanish readers in Amazon's home market.


If Amazon wants the domain, they needn't sweeten the pot - they need a much bigger pot.

A no-strings goodwill offer to help rebuild the museum which recently burned might be a good start.

Sprint, T-Mobile US sitting in a tree, M-E-R-G-I-N-G

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Thoughts about Sprint's MPLS network?

Readers - and maybe vultures? - any thoughts on how Sprint's wireline offerings, in particular their much-touted MPLS offerings, will fare after the merger? Is that a business tmo has any interest in at all, something they may spin out to satisfy regulators?

I haven't seen any coverage in the tech press on this, and frankly I don't care much about cell coverage.

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook

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Take it from a performer

Wbich, Neal, you once were:

“Go back to the pre-recorded era. If you wanted to hear Caruso, you went to go see Caruso and it’s coming back to that. The t-shirt and the album are peripherals of the actual performance. Everything revolves around the gig,”

That's Richard Thompson. Once upon a time, Neal, you were a guitar god. And you toured, and people went to see you, and got something honest out of the transaction.

Now you expect to live off your back catalog and sling audiophool hokum like the Pono.

Shut up and play your goddamn guitar. If you're good and you're determined you can make a living at it. Superstardom is an accident of the mid 20th century, not a star placed in the Firmament by Jehovah around which the universe must revolve.

Me, I'm a listener - but I buy concert tickets every year.

If Australian animals don't poison you or eat you, they'll BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE

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Re: Fascinating

If you read the abstract, I think what this is riffing on is the fact that Aboriginal fire managers are aware of the issue and relatively prepared to deal with it - but non-Aboriginal fire managers have been dismissing it as a silly tale told by ignorant savages, safely ignored as a cause of controlled burns hopping fire breaks.

The importance of getting the observation reported in a peer-reviewed journal is to slap the non-Aboriginal fire managers with a clue bat.

Microsoft patches Windows to cool off Intel's Meltdown – wait, antivirus? Slow your roll

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Re: Huge Baby Huge

Yes, it appears to be a rewrite of most of the core pieces of the Windows directory - I took a look around C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download once it downloaded, and have decided I'm willing to wait a few days to hear what other problems this behemoth causes.

Contrary to what Intel is bleating about it, it looks to be all Windows components being patched. And an enormous and rather terrifying number of them, all patched at once.

I dont' see anything that looks like a microcode update from Intel to address the root cause.

Parity calamity! Wallet code bug destroys $280m in Ethereum

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Re: This is when I know I'm getting old...

Ay, but the irretrievable MTBF on that clay media was epic!

Also, epoch.

Shadow Broker hacking group auctions off claimed NSA online spy tools

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Analysts are saying it looks like the real deal

The folks who first IDed the Equation Group at Kaspersky are saying the binaries use encryption the way the EG uses it, and consider that to be good evidence this is a real exposure.

At least one ASA vulnerability is new and useful, a good insider attack tool.

Lester Haines: RIP

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way too fucking soon

ouch. Enjoy every sandwich, as Mr. Zevon pointed out.

Man-in-the-middle biz Blue Coat bought by Symantec: Infosec bods are worried

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Re: Unhappy memories

A fairly significant Bluecoat acquisition was Netronome, which gave the company an ASIC that could break SSL at wire speeds well north of 10 gbps (circa 2010, so I would expect the performance has gotten much better since.)

Now we add ISPs and governments throwing these systems in and running transparently, along with the dishonesty of Symantec around certificate management and its important to trust to begin with... Awesome.

'Unauthorized code' that decrypts VPNs found in Juniper's ScreenOS

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A few years back, I had an SSG 550 series go titsup and pulled the memory for a peek.

The workstation I was looking at it on pointed out that there was a trojan in the filesystem.

My impression is that Juniper's been a target for this kind of thing for a long time. I'll need to see where the sample is - I'm fairly sure I still have it or can find it.

Help! What does 'personal conduct unrelated to operations or financials' mean?

noodle heimer

board chairman's son?

not too good to get caught with your hand wrapped around certain tills....

Chromecast gains wired Ethernet dongle

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firetv basically blows chromecast out of the water.

add kodi and you have the big three - amazon, Netflix and your local files. launched with Ethernet and dedicated audio out. sideloading apps is trivial.

I get the impression that roku is very good also, but don't know if Amazon video is available for it or not. my memory is that it wasn't at the time the fire launched.

Silicon Valley jolted by magnitude 6.1 quake – its biggest in 25 years

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sod-all to do with Silly Valley

here in Oakland, we slept through the quake. Saw the news and checked the logging - 4 of 4 Vallejo locations online and no reported issues overnight. Not one call. One unmanned site lost house power for three hours. And that level of non-issue was 8 miles from the quake.

In Silly Valley they might have felt it, but jolted? really? I gather the author of this piece is a new arrival. he ought to read up on the Hayward fault which runs near his home in Oakland and is capable of very large motion. its proximity to bedrock means its tremors are less diminished with distance than many faults, and virtually all the drinking water feeding the mains in the east bay passes across it. We have a lot of water in three gallon jugs distributed in the house - enough for two dogs and three people for a bit, and more for our neighbors as I'd like them to have incentive to help.

Edward Snowden's not a one-off: US.gov hunts new secret doc leaker

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How sure are they that they'd finished resetting the passwords? The doc's only three months after Snowden left. I've had access-via-incompetence at old worksites for far, far longer than that.

Victim of Tor-hidden revenge smut site sues Tor Project developers

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Re: Streisand effect in 3...2...1....

I'd like to thank the Reg for bringing this to my attention, and the good folks at the tor2web subsidiary of the DEA for letting me access this website without needing to install a Tor client.

HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert

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Re: For security - consider BlackBerry

Blackberry rolls over for law enforcement on a regular basis. And there are few rollovers for law enforcement that aren't also accessible by hackers.

http://en.rsf.org/blackberry-gives-way-to-pressure-11-10-2011,41159.html gives a summary of several instances of government pressure and varying degrees of caving.

We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Sorry, 'audiophiles', only IT will break the sound barrier

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the most important note in this essay (IMHO, of course)

Was that for amplifiers, performance is measured, and for speakers, almost anything *but* performance is measured.

If you go look at stereophile equipment reviews, especially those for speakers, what's striking is how many measurements they make on things that don't matter. Impedance changes as a function of input frequency, for example. They always measure it, and it's a proxy for nothing predictable. Instead, they could do much more thorough measurements of sound pressure time and amplitude response to simple and more complex inputs, seeing as it's the sound pressure that we actually hear.

But what they really, really never do: compare, in the same measurement, recordings played through otherwise identical systems with only the speakers being different - this despite the fact that they often refer to a pair of speakers as "my reference speakers for years were..."

head to head performance metrics across vendors, as we're used to seeing for all other electronics? Nope!

Instead, volumes of meaningless stuff that sounds like wine snobs talking. Except that the number of people who are physiologically able to reliably (ie, measurably and repeatedly) distinguish some of the facets of wine being snobbed over is probably higher than those who can accomplish the same thing with audio.

The up side for the rest of us: the cast-off gear from two or three decades ago can sound as good as the very expensive stuff sold today. (All the moreso when the ebay seller misreads the label on what he's punting.)

Casio to enter tablet market with twin-cam scanner

noodle heimer


Usually, I hope a technical site will mention the OS that a new piece of gear will be running.

Which in this instance is Android, for anyone who hasn't skipped to the link.

OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3

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the lack of SaX2 in the 12.x line is going to be fun

For years, SuSE has relead heavily on SaX2 to manipulate the xorg.conf file and actually get xwindows visible.

With 12.1 landing and the Sandy Bridge chips (and associated new graphics capacity) coming online just as SaX2 is dropped hard... big fun.

I still have a viable SaX2 on an 11.3, and may have it on an 11.4 that was done as an upgrade, but on new installs, I don't have it any longer and it is truly annoying at times not to have it. (as, for instance, I was setting up a new laptop a few weeks ago - so, completely fresh install on new hardware.)

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'

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maybe, just maybe

they've noticed that the 7" tablet from BN - a store with, like Apple, actual physical storefronts - is currently the best-seling Android tablet. This despite or because it's being pitched as an e-reader.

I think Apple has realized that there is a good-sized chunk of the market that wants a smaller display.

I'm curious about whether they want to go to 7" or down to 5" -- I had a chance to play with the Samsung 5" android mini tablet / big media player this weekend, and it is a very nice size point.

Genuinely pocketable. About the size of the Tungsten T3, extended.

FBI fat-thumbs data centre raid

noodle heimer

Already happened

@BB: My favorite piece of news about the (probably pre-LulzSec) hack of Sony was that it was launched from an Amazon Cloud Services box.

Lots of bandwidth, Amazon quite obviously has no effing idea what anyone's doing in there, their own router teams included, and who wants to be Sony had lots of permit ecs2.* rules in their firewalls - and that's assuming they bothered with firewalls on those connections at all.

They might not have; they might have believed the bandwidth salesmen who told them MPLS=VPN.

Engineering student cracks major riddle of the universe

noodle heimer

re: the single most important question

the better-looking one is the one who did the math.

I think the author of this rather curiously spurty essay didn't realize who was whom on the team when composing it in hopes of obtaining a face to face interview.

Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say

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in my jurisdiction

The fact that I have encryption flipped on is, in the eyes of the law, enough to define my router as a protected computer system.

Accidentally stumbling upon it looking for your own AP is one thing. Recording it, geotagging the address, and phoning home to store it with Google? That's quite different.

(You _do_ understand that a MAC address is broadcast whether or not SSID broadcasting is suppressed, I hope.)

noodle heimer

So very glad that my hardware is of service to you and google

Great. You like Google's location service.

Google doesn't own my access point, nor collect any fees from me in exchange for using it to sell ads.

And yet, if you're on my block, my access point's MAC address is being monetized by Google to make your phone give you better location signal and push ads to your phone.

I'd like to see everyone who's got a MAC in their database send them a bill for providing location services.

Testing confirms Samsung keylogger rumour just a false alarm

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vipre was developed by Sunbelt

before Sunbelt was bought by GFI. I never did understand what, exactly, GFI thought the value of Sunbelt was.

During the brief period when I trialed their antispam/antivirus box, I learned that they were using another outfit's good and very expensive definitions on it - and to cut costs, didn't actually license it properly but paid per update. This meant that it wasn't auto-updating but only updating when something really nasty was on the loose.

after their staff pulled the truth like taffy on a mailing list discussing the issue, I sent it back.

And I will never again do business with a company in Florida. Seriously. I've had nothing but bad experiences with folks who decide to run businesses from there.

Comodo-gate hacker brags about forged certificate exploit

noodle heimer

shouldn't be very hard to verify

If the guy's right it shouldn't be hard to verify the claim. A plaintext password left in a DLL is very likely to be available in caches. Also, the Comodo partner could simply own up.

Amazon is best hope of a viable alternative to iPad

noodle heimer

nookery rocks

For me - and on the desktop, I'm a gearhead, running multiple VMs and wanting plenty of ram and computing power, and a few T of storage in the living room - the Nook is an excellent tablet.

The tablet is mostly about consumption - about a nice thing to read the news with the evening, or a book or two.

The blazing fast CPU isn't a big deal to me (though if I watched movies on a tab, the Nook might start to seem slow) on a tablet. I want control of the OS and I want easy file management.

The nook's trivially rootable, my model most often boots the BN firmware rooted so I can use an RSS reader but was running a mod this weekend to look at bluetooth support (keyboard, good; microphone, not so good yet in my hands.)

It's the first device I've come across to rival the 12 year old niche Palm Pilots have filled for me, with the addition of b-folders for locally accessible address database.

I hope Amazon makes a 500 dollar device - I'd hate to see them make a 300 dollar device and have the nook dev community get more interested in Kindles.

Nuance Flext9

noodle heimer

Don't miss graffiti, use it

Probably the third thing I hunted up once I got the color nook was graffiti.

It's early days yet, but the nook may finally be a useable replacement for my TX.

B-folders to migrate over the contact database. Graffiti for input. NewsRob for avantgo-like offline newsreading ability (based on a synchout to Google Reader.)

Also, I'm buying apps. NewsRob and Graffiti were no brainers. I want to encourage this community.

This keyboard certainly looks worth checking out , though.

Open sourcerers port media centre to iOS

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Does it actually run over the network, not via bonjour?

If xbmc discards bonjour in favor of actual networking, it would be very interesting. If it's still using bonjour, less so, as it took me several days to sort-of, kind-of get the ipad working at the house - I run a wifi network on a different lan segment from the nas and handing the bonjour traffic off was, at least for me, not working at all.

Aircraft bombs may mean end to in-flight Wi-Fi, mobile

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we can only hope

that this will be implemented. Along with a serious cell signal jammer on every plane.

That would almost make up for the Shoes Off Theater on every fucking flight (at least here in the US.)

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'

noodle heimer

the main info here

Is that the APS has breached its own rules by ignoring a petition from sufficient APS members to start a group, and instead launching its own survey about interest in a different group.

I agree with him, that is problematic and grounds for walking.

However, his letter on things beyond the APS politics is quite weak. He approvingly cites convicted fraud Monckton's silly book and - surprising to see from a scientist - chose to read the selected email disclosed by hackers, and not the responses to the leaks from those whose email had been stolen.

WD rolls out 3TB today

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work fine for me

granted, that's in a synology box, so it's software raid in linux, but the OS is installed on the first partition, which is an mdraid.

I've run the green power part both in raid5, raid6 and raid10 configurations.

I have not tried putting an OS on them and booting a gui from them. Entirely possilbe that'd blow.

Apple TV: Third time unlucky, Mr Jobs

noodle heimer

The announcement did get me to buy a device

But not an AppleTV.

I do not have a large library of files transcoded into h.264 - I have a large library of files in a range of formats accumulated over the years. I've never much liked itunes, even though I have an ipod.

I do like lots of storage, and have a 4 bay nas in the house. I wanted to be able to use it as well as netflix.

I picked up the WD live tv plus box last night, and so far I'm impressed.

It seamlessly picks up the DLNA served media. It doesn't obligate me to have a PC switched on (and doesn't interrupt watching movies if I need to reboot the system, or do work on a different box.) It costs 20 bucks more than the new Apple box but seems to support the widest collection of file formats from a media server that anyone supports today.

And it has netflix, which I may or may not keep.

Flaw could expose 'millions' of home routers

noodle heimer

you *are* joking, one hopes

A small script can easily be tucked away on a legit website. Local government

websites are good target environments for trying to inject malware. An ad with

a malicious payload embedded was successfully put into the NYTimes queue

not long ago.

The attack runs a trusted script on your PC, so you needn't click on anything

to be popped.

As for the unlisted Trendnet.... Untested too, but I have a suspicion that AC

here would be happy to buy it as a hardened router. You can include the

spreadsheet as evidence.

NSA: Secret 'Perfect Citizen' project does not spy on US

noodle heimer

not to worry

It's only 100 million US.

the NSA can't brew tea for that little money.

This just about covers a quarter of the Raytheon project managers' bill to spend an afternoon reading up on Snort and recommending the NSA make something just like that, only for SCADA commands too, and not just in TCP/IP, and with a neat dashboard.

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine

noodle heimer


I haven't run across a linux app that can read and create visio diagrams.

Am I missing something? If I'm not, an update to this piece specifically addressing Visio would be of interest, since Open Office doesn't read visios (or at least the variant I use doesn't.)

Similar questions apply to Project.

Apple reels as Steve Jobs Flashturbates

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Not a hater, not a fanboi

I have not used a Mac in production for some years now. I recently bought, then gave away, an ipad after getting tired of the lack of internal filer. I do have MacOS installed on a couple of the systems I use regularly, so that I can answer questions about it when they come up.

At the office and at home I use more and more linux - SuSE at work, and Ubuntu on the CULV laptop I replaced the ipad with.

So, having heard the hoo-ha about Apple's site demo'ing HTML 5, I tried visiting.

In Firefox, I'm told to go get Safari. Not available for my platform.

In (webkit driven) Konqueror, I am not told to get Safari. The page just fails to work - the initial page loads, but all of the links just reload the page.

Brilliant start for a demo of an open source technology.

Wireless mics get national frequency early

noodle heimer

thank you

Thanks very much for posting this. I was much less interested in wireless mic specs than I was in the implications for astronomy, and I was disappointed by the subhead once I'd read the article.

Microsoft rejects porn, iPad protesters fake it

noodle heimer

so, the native apps

Are basically prohibited from implementing the top two uses for any computing device.


Prisoner of iTunes - the iPad file transfer horror

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How my mum got her ipad

This is exactly how my mom wound up with an ipad.

And she loves it. It lets her listen to music and read email and websites. She's never been able to sort out a computer with a GUI before, in part due to not wanting to.

I haven't yet shown her the youtube video explaining that the ipad is the magical and revolutionary computing device for housecats. Seems unsporting.

I have a large library of technical PDFs which I'd hoped to consult using the pad. But needing to use any of the kludges on offer was a complete fail - it simply wasn't worth the hassle to get the files on, and then to quickly update which were and which were not on it an ongoing way.

A second issue is that my home network has a Netscreen running it, and Netscreens don't put the wireless network and the wired network in the same subnet. Nor do they make passing broadcast traffic between routed subnets trivial.

Consequently, many bonjour based apps worked terribly in terms of reaching my filer. I was able, ultimately, to watch video from the filer - but I have a television for that, and if I want to watch something while out of sight of the TV, I want that something to be displayed on a screen that can be easily stood up, then repositioned.

Now I have a CULV laptop for my dicking around the house toy. It runs win7 if I need it to, but spends most of its time running ubuntu. It has a useable local file system and is able to reach things in the house by IP address rather than by broadcast.

It is not magical and revolutionary, but it is very much more functional for me.

Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

noodle heimer

how much longer will the npr app live? the abc app?

Boy, if they don't like apps that look like desktops, how much longer will the NPR or ABC apps live?

What, forever, because they're driven by major players?

Usenet's home shuts down today

noodle heimer

They're. Not. Motherfucking. Called. Boards.

Newsgroups. That's the ticket.

The thing which distinguished newsgroups for me - and continues to do so, in principle - was that they were truly a many-to-many medium. Any individual post had one author, but when posting you knew many others would read and many others could comment and in an unmoderated group, there was no one with veto power.

Also very importantly, no one owned all of usenet or all of a newsgroup, in the way that entities own websites - and are thus in principle liable for their content.

Sadly, as other tools became available many of the best writers retreated to less noisy forums, and I think few understood how much less interesting and surprising an owned and/or owned and moderated platforms were going to have to be.

Oracle charges $90 for Sun's free ODF plug-in

noodle heimer

well, yes

"It's like someone fell out of a time vortex from 1990."


You've seen photos of the man, right? This is entirely in keeping with the "greed is good now won't someone put two in my center of mass" attitude that the man simply radiates, a hot stream of Bush era piss off simply fountaining out upon you.

Until now, only corporate types went near anything Ellison touched. He's the anti-Jobs, moreso than Gates, really. But now, with the Sun buy, I think his exposure to the world will start to go up, up, up.

Buster's World gives Guardian Professional balloon-sized headache

noodle heimer

what on earth

is the point of that stupid dog website, the .net one?

Looking at it is like flashing back to geocities circa 1999 or so, back when pets with their own websites had just heated up the doublewide community in the rural South.

E-book readers are a satisfied lot

noodle heimer

still liking the Palm OS best

I've been using various Palms for around 10 years now, for contact management and for extensive use as an e-reader.

I relied on Handspring devices for five years, then tried (and did not like) the Sony variant and am now happy on a T3.

I started using Avantgo as a newsreader, and moved into RSS once AG was killed.

The great thing that the Kindle has done for me is create many more ebooks than initially were available (aside from hardcore dork things, which have always been available as PDFs and hence were things I could load up.)

The kindle and the Apple and the JooJoo are larger than I want to tote and give me much less control over what lands on the reader and how I use it.

Granted, you're now limited to buying used devices off Ebay if this is what you want to keep Ludding along with, but I hope by the time I finally have to give up on these, someone will have come up with something close to as good.

Webmasters fume as Google profiles signed-out searchers

noodle heimer

those crying are not webmasters

The title claims webmasters are up in arms about this.

The webmasters I know are fine with this. They design pages, do some front-ends for databases, and generally work on getting things out there for people to read on websites. Honest work.

Metz' piece does not quote any upset webmasters, either, despite the title - though the lede gets it right. SEO types are unhappy. Especially the lazy ones who wanted to be able to keep selling the same old crap to every new customer for the same outrageous fees.

Boo hoo hoo.

Cisco and Juniper 'clientless' VPNs expose netizens

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it's not a fucking tenant

good christ.

Who is driving your spellchecker now? Spellcheck would have offered both tenet and tenant as alternate spellings for whatever was fat-fingered in, so someone obviously doesn't know much about, hm, words.

The author should be off the hook; if the author used the word tenet, one hopes...

okay. scratch that.

Where did using tenant come from there? And can that person's left pinky fingernail be torn out as a way to raise staff morale and inspire them to stop making everyone look like droolers?

And can the resulting Staff Morale and Inspiration Lifting Exercise (SMILE) be posted to Youtube?

Asus intros netbook with desktop CPU

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if it's light, it's a win

If this comes in at around a kilo, charger included, it's not competing against budget boatanchor notebooks, it's competing against higher end machines, the Thinkpad ultralights and high-end lightweight Macs. These are machines people buy with weight as a factor more important than cost.

If the screen opens properly it may be something I'll buy - I gave a netbook to my sister last year for Christmas, after figuring out how bad the keyboard was for the actual work I do, which involves typing but does not need a lot oomph. The screen was a problem, also, since it didn't fully open.

Sis liked it, I enjoyed playing with it, but even as a personal machine, it didn't work out.

This? This might do well for me.

Rapid7 penetrates Metaspolit

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first, kill all the lawyers...

Dunno. Seems to me that putting pockets behind Metasploit not be a good idea. Particularly not a security company's pockets.

Unlike Snort, Metasploit is an intrusive tool.

Seems to me that the first time some script kiddie starts poking around some company that uses logging with Metasploit and a few weeks later a Nexpose sales call comes in, an argument could be made that Rapid7 is deliberately beefing up Metasploit to drive sales of its security consultancy.

Is Symantec entering the hardware business?

noodle heimer

call me stupid but

wouldn't it help to have the comparable NetApp performance score somewhere in this article?

I do appreciate the detail the article gives explaining the paternity of the joint venture.