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Hot new application for blockchain: How does botnet control sound?


You sir, got the main principle behind the research. kudos.


Re: No worse than something on a web page

The bots themselves does not need to d/l the whole network. there is such a thing called 'light node', which only d/l the block headers. they almost as safe as the full nodes, and takes considerable less amount of data and network. This is what i used for my POC, and this is what people use to run nodes on mobile / IOT devices.

Regarding the reddit suggestion, the problem with that is that, reddit, if reported, will take it down in a heart beat. do you want to put the fate of your entire net on the mercy of some support guy in reddit?


Re: No worse than something on a web page

The strength of the blockchain by being decentralized and immutable. i.e. once something gets written to it - it can never be deleted and cannot be modified. This is why you can be sure a bot will always find its CnC server and the data being posted by it will not be modified.

Other CnC methods all have some governance over them. web page can be take down by the ISP, facebook page owned by facebook and they will take it down if abuse is reported. even the NTP server can be blocked since it has a specific IP address.

Regarding the public part, then yes, everybody can read what is written on the blockchain, but this is where encryption comes into place.

You can read more about it at the git page for the project: https://github.com/platdrag/UnblockableChains


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