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US Patent Office exposes Apple secret plan

David Wright

Just in time ...

... 12 o'clock approaches rapidly!

I have your coat for you!

Palm offers free Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

David Wright

You forgot to mention the best bit ...

You can now charge the 750v directly from the sync cable!

No more carrying around of the plug-charger.

I put it on yesterday, nothing early-shatteringly different, fonts seem a little crisper.

My install failed the first time but I think it was because Vista decided to install new hardware drivers for the installer, (it saw it as a different piece of hardware when the phone went in to update mode).

Also, following the update it went to a bright white screen after the stylus alignment. I thought I'd bricked it!

Several soft resets and running the 750v recovery tool (included with download) seemed to fix it though.

The download instructions for the recoverery tool direct you to the wrong place though if you are using Vista. If you need to run it, it can be found at:


or mine was anyway.


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