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El Reg visits two shrines to computing history as the UK lifts coronavirus lockdown


Day trip to Swindon?

Swindon has a great little museum of computing, focussing on the consumer side. I was slightly alarmed by how many of the exhibits I also had in my house...

Say a stealthy 'hi' to Gluent, Tachyum and VAST Data


Vast Data has come out of hiding...

...with Howard Marks on board. Looks interesting but only for some use cases. Three videos available :https://youtu.be/d7YO5bLMPNw

Microsoft resurfaces Surface kit alongside Windows 10 update


But look how pretty the headphones are!

Imagine owning a complete matching grey suite of such goodies! I wonder if they do Surface slacks and loafers too?


(actually I quite like them - maybe a different colour though)

Mac users get to join the OneDrive Files On-Demand festivities


I want it on my computer!

I've already been caught out once with an application that wouldn't open because the data file it needed had been sent to 'cloud only' by OneDrive without me knowing and I didn't have an internet connection.

If I want something to be in the cloud only I'll put it there myself thanks for asking.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 7, 8.1 support forums


Poor Zune

I love my Zune