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NASA counts down to nuclear tank invasion of Mars

james marley

Excuse my ignorance...

...but won't a 21 foot tether be too short from 20 metres up?

Tesco: buy a DVD, get the download free

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Given what broadband is like in the north east of scotland, I would put money on the physical one arriving before the download completes.

Volunteer biker gang foils Westminster CCTV car fleet

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Thumb Down

Parking Violations you say?

Like leaving your CCTV Camera car sat on double yellows?

US Navy's robot stealth carrier plane unveiled

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@Peter Flynn

"Quick question - Why does it need that "cockpit" when its a robot? Surely it just needs a camera."

Duh, so the robot can see out!

Google News farce triggers Wall Street sell-off

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@Test Man

Nope no-one voted Tony Blair to be prime mininster, his local constituency voted him to be their MP, Labour then got a majority, by having the most MP's and voted him to be their leader and as such he was then PM. When he stood down the Labour Party voted to see who they should have as a leader and they chose Gordon Brown.

There is no way that the UK voters can actually choose their PM they just get to vote on the short list.

DARPA in Tom'n'Jerry robo-brain quest

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Paris Hilton

Cat intelligence. Really.

I can leave my backdoor wide open and my cat will happily walk outside round to the front of the house and jump onto the living room window and proceed to miaow until someone lets him in the front door.

**Please insert own PH and pussy joke here**

Greenpeace: UK gov trying to strangle wind power

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I think you'll find the scottish highlands already have large amounts of hydro power generation (mostly from the 1950's) and a nuclear power plant, so I don't think you really need to extend the national grid up to us. We also have cars, colour tv and inside toilets.

Panic attack brings down Russian nuke pages

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Black Helicopters

Are you sure?

The website provides you "with advance notice of nuclear accidents ". That sounds to me like those accidents are planned therefore not accidents.

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH

james marley

Better than ebay...

just buy your vehicles from here ... http://www.witham-sv.com/index1.html. Quite often they have "family" saloons that are fully bullet proofed. Much more comfy than body armour.

Mines the one with the keys to the Saxon in the pocket.

Australian man killed by suicide robot

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Dead Vulture

@We have a winner

at the ripe old age of 83 he might already have been effectivly removed from the gene pool so probably doesn't qualify.

Red Green Ken v Porsche in battle of the polls

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Go Porsche

I back Porsche on this one. If it is congestion charging surely it should be based on congestion (ie how big your car is) rather than CO2 emmisions which are an environmental issue (depending on who you believe). So your average Porsche is a lot less long than a bendy bus so should pay an appropriate amount less. To get the sums per person right you take the number of occupents per foot of vehicle and there you go. So the average car will have 1 and therefore still cost more than a full bendy bus.

Just get Ken to admit that its nothing to do with congestion and all to do with the environment.

Now I'm off to file a patent for a bus that is 200ft tall but a footprint of only 6 sqare feet.

US may shoot down spy sat to safeguard tech secrets

james marley

I'm surprised...

...Boeing haven't sold the idea to congress of mounting a massive baseball mitt on top of a 747 for several squllion dollar$.

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

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I feel cheated...

..surely there should have been some cheap gag about how many americans it takes to change a light bulb.

Boeing announces 'Laser Gunship' completion

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Re: War Criminals

"By Steve

Posted Tuesday 11th December 2007 15:22 GMT

Presumably this would make American airmen, their commanders and the commander in chief war criminals

Since lasers are expressly prohibited under the geneva convention as anti personnel weapons.

Would only apply if the americans had actually signed up to the Geneva convention which I do believe they didn't get round to doing. Thats how come they can get away with using napalm and such like on Iraqi civilians even though it is banned by most of the rest of the world.

Creative Zen media player

james marley

re: Bundled Software

The advantage of these is that you don't need the bundled software either copy the files across using windows explorer or let WMP do it. Throw the bunled apps CD away.

Unimpressed Sheilas mock boy racers' todgers

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I demand a recount...

"For the record though, I thought it was a pretty good attempt at getting through. Even found myself waving my pinkie at some dickhead in an X5 that went zooming past me. Cos lets face it, anyone with an X5 had NO dick whatsoever!"

I think you will find that there is always a dick in an X5.

Anyone seen my coat

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

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"Last time I looked, I couldn't buy Vista for £40. (Well, not a legit version anyway.) Mind you, I probably *would* be able to if it didn't come pre-installed, because then MS would have to charge a realistic market price for the CD-ROM-in-a-box version."

True you can't buy it for £40 but you can buy an OEM copy of Vista for £70 so its reasonable to assume that a company shipping serveral hundred/thousands gets it way cheaper than that, so £40 then sounds like a good discount.

It'll never happen as other people have stated most users can't even cope with Windows which is way easier to use than Linux.

787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer

james marley


" However, if you subject carbon fibre composite material to high energy impact while simultaneously burning it with a high temperature flame - typically 1000ºC (typical aircraft crash conditions) significant quantities of respirable fibres may be released."

I can't help but think if it is on fire and burning at 1000ºC you might have a bit more trouble than worrying about a sudden onset of Asthma from carbon fibre inhalation.

Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

james marley

Makes a nice change...

...George Bush talking out of someone else's arse.