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Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

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200mb haha

this is a waste of time 200 megabit what a waste of time even trying why dont they sort out the problems today get a bigger network and stop capping there users do what sky does and give it truly unlimited no charges no caps no nothing just unlimited is unlimited sky can do it why cant others oh i forgot virign is a small network which cant cope haha no wonder good job i ant with virgin phew

BT chief: People don't need fibre to the home


People don't need fibre to the home

haha thats a joke right cause people do need fibre and they need it now how many internet connections on bts network struggle to get the speeds thats been advertised buy isps that say you get 10meg or 20 meg and only end up getten 3 meg or less. i think its time the government stepped in and shook bt up there a bunch of hippy lazy pricks who cant even do shit for us people who are struggling with the crapest speeds ever get ya finger out bt and install fibre to our homes. fibre to the cabinet isnt good enough because it still has to go down the aging crappy copper line to our house no point. although i have notcied somthing wierd in my street the green box which used to be at the end of my street has moved i hope that if fttc is deployed that this wont decrease my speed even more.

Brits 'a bunch of yellow bastards', says irate Yank


tipical americans

see no wonder inocent people in america get killed and carry guns around cause there pocksey goverment cant do shit to stop it at least in the uk where trying to reduce it and this is tipical americans they prefer to fight using guns and not with there fists what cowards they are they think having a gun makes them such big arseholes well guess what americans get a life you dont need guns to fight. screw you yankees

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity


tomany versions hum

it seems microsoft hasnt gotten the message about how many versions of windows they make whats it gonna take an atom bomb heh. seriously microsoft stop making to many damn versions its most annoying its just to get more money out of us poor people struggling as it is without you making loads of confusion and fuss.

'MS rep' claims he predicted NXE RRoD woes


360 rocks

i experienced a red ring of death well before this new update arrived but it hasnt stopped me loving my 360. microsoft really should of corrected and tested there systems before they release them to the public and fixed this rrod problem and also make sure the system doesnt overheat or develop faults with hardware as thease issues give the 360 a bad reputation my 360 died due to a motherboard fault

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP



id say go on microsoft you know you can do it im with microsoft on this one if they make windows 7 compatible like xp and all of xps programs work under windows 7 then i will upgrade to it so come on microsoft you can do it

Michael Dell mulls 'Newcastle Utd investment'


the toon

ah yes newcastle united i live in newcastle and yes im a toon fan and im proud of it id say yes get mr dell in northern rock is going down hill and also it would be nice to see a different logo and change

Microsoft starts stoking hype for Windows 7


windows ah yes

if microsoft do everything right and get windows 7 perfect as it can be better than vista and better than xp then im upgraing to it. untill that time unless i see some results microsoft im sorry guys but im sticking to xp for a few more years if i see good reviews on windows then i might get it but if i get more bad revierws then im sorry i dont mind buying microsoft stuff but not if its going to be like vista am memory hog and application compatibility issues

Why flying cars are better than electric ones


haha flying cars eh

whatever next this is back to the future alright all we need is a hover board as your replacement skateboard haha lol although could it really be possible for a flying car hum you never know put it this way if it does happen then good by to congesting and congesting charges :)

PS3 sale price spurs costs Sony dear


haha what a suprize

well ya see all you noobs out there saying ps3 is the greatest console ever haha no way microsoft is killing sony and its ps3 and very soon you will see sony die with its ps3 never liked what they did to the ps3 anyway its to big and bulky not many good games apart from the odd one also ps3 online experience is crap compared to microsofts online hahahah ps3 sucks

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

Black Helicopters

dear oh dear

virgin are really pushing there luck with there service first they bust peoples internet speed now there joining forces with the bpi to stop downloading haha this gets worse by the minute i wouldnt waste my time with virgin i feel sorry for there customers if i were you id leave virgin quick and fast join another cable isp oh wait i think virgin is the only cable provider damn thats bad luck least sky dont report me for what i download have fun virgin youll end up out of buisness you will loose customers

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


hi there

well well well virgin is throttling users i managed to switch from bt to sky and i must say going from bts 8mb service to skys 16mb service what a difference it made i can download 700mb movies with in 30 mins or less if it really went fast but poor little virgin media have to trottle there users by slown them down that to me is not how a isp should run or work virgin should be sued for this people pay for high speed internet but virgin prefer to kill your speeds good job i moved from bt to sky haha skys the best isp in my opinion it was rated 2nd place for the best isp of 2008 bt came further down the list so it was a good choice i made to switch although plusnet i think there called was 1st but they have usage limits sky dont although every isp does have usage limits somewhere but at least mine dont trottle my usage little tip for people who download alot dont do it in one go space it out then it might not be to bad on your usage have fun vm you will loose customers faster than you can say optical cable :)

Faster broadband through bonding


bonding wtf is bonding

ok let me get this straight the only way to get fast broadband is to put another line in ya home to join it with your current line this i have to see this will be a laugh i cant honestly see this working why not just rip out all the old lines and put fucking new ones in. i mean jeesus christ its not that hard surly and also it will cost customers a fortune by doing this i might aswell move to a fucking cable area cause bts lines and speed suck inless bt seriously do something major and some big improvments why dont bt join h20 and start installing fibre optic all over

High Court orders Manhunt 2 release to be re-evaluated



they should of never banned this game in the first place its a war over nothing. games arnt real i think the bbfc need to look at the movies now cannibal movies chainsaw movies etc etc ive seen those movies and by god there awful especially the cannibal movies. i mean pulling someones guts out of there body or sticking a women on a spike from her private parts going up through her mouth this is not entertainment fucking hell. manhunt is not real cant people see that anyway thought id be the first to post haha lets hope manhunt gets released uncut and unedited

Rockstar to battle BBFC over Manhunt 2 ban



look i played manhunt the first one on i think the ps2 if i remember correctly yes it was violent and gory but what difference is manhunt 2 gonna be yes ripping of a guys testicals is abit strong but come on guys its only a game for gods sake it isnt real why cant the bbfc see this how come they start banning games but movies like hostal saw and canibal movies dont get banned yet they do get edited or cut slightly but not banned this just dont make any sence. the bbfc should be ashamed of themselfs bunch of c**ts i tell ya one thing though the more times they refuse this game the more im gonna buy the uncut version and i will get it and see for myself how bad it is ive played loads of violent games they dont bother me in fact i quite like the violence in the game because it makes it more fun to play i am 100% behind rockstar and i hope they release a uncut version of it as il be the first to grab it as for movies huh its a disgrace the way the bbfc go on movies are more real than games and yes people should be allowed to make there own decisions on what they buy whats happend to the human rights thease days

BT prepares for superfast broadband investment chinwag



look i ant been funny but its fair enough to put fibre optic to new homes new buildings but what about exsisting people who are on crappy copper wires i am in a bt area with copper wires i know because my speed sucks at certain times of day also i did a speed test on my line and im only getten 6 and a half mb when i am paying for 8mb bt you seriously need to upgrade exsisting lines in copper areas this is just not good enough if somone at bt is reading this message then please do something about this issue if bt wants to keep its consumers happy and stand any chance of compeating < think its spelt correctly with likes of virgin or any foran companys who are already on 100mb or higher then they really are gonna have to seriously start upgrading lines all across the uk. this country is lacking behind the rest

AMD takes world CPU share from Intel


hope indeed

even though i have a old pentium 4 intel im simply gonna change to amd as im already sick of intel they just dominate things to much so come on amd you can do it baby im right behind ya

Sky to offer broadband to non-TV punters



why do thease company offer faster broadband if people cant get thease speeds its stupid bt upgrade your lines your lacking in competition all the other world are on 100mb or higher where not even there simple as that get fibre optic now