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Zoom adds Choose Your Own Routing Adventure to keep chats out of China


As an about to launch Zoom-competitor, i am lovin’ this Zoom-bashing. But are people just enjoying a pile-on, or are they genuinely concerned about China. If so, will these same bashers ensure all their other web traffic goes no-where near China? And will they check every item they plan to purchase via Amazon, etc to ensure it wasn’t made in China?

Singapore to open-source national Coronavirus encounter-tracing app and the Bluetooth research behind it


Highly suspect reliability

Having worked in BLE bluetooth with beacons for a couple of years, i have yet to see a single person get anything reliable out of the RSSI (relative strength indicator). It is the dream we all have to be able to make bluetooth beacons a reliable discovery product (and no, not for nefarious reasons). One minute a beacon is 5 metres away and the next it has magically moved to 15 metres. So effectively working with dozens of different broadcasting handsets rather than just a single beacon from one manufacturer, well,... I am highly doubtful that this app will be reliable.

Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion


split between free and paid

Out of interest, does anyone know what the split is between free and paid users on Github?


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