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Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help

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Linus Torvalds please drop this bloatware fat baby in a puddle and take a long holiday.

Linus Torvalds

Hats off to your initial idea.

Shame it's gone the same way as all commercial O/S

Everyone has fed the baby on high carbs now you find you have a obese child that is emotionally out of control.

Like many parents you thought you where doing the right thing.

Stop feeding it.

Stop it

Move on man, get a life.

US Democrats call in Feds: There's something phishy going on with our voter database

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We don't need to talk more crap about this subject, it's been solved years back.



In 2017, the company began giving out physical security keys to all 85,000 employees. And since then, no employees have reported any confirmed takeovers of work-related accounts, Google said



Stop talking crap people wake up!

Voting machine maker vows to step up security, Fortnite bribes players to do 2FA – and more

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Re: So easy

LARS read about

FIDO and hardware security keys.

Man your stuck in the past.

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Re: ES&S harden its voting machines from hackers

Do they use hardware cryptography to do public key cryptography?

Have they linked to U2F security keys?

Did they build it on trusted secure core like SAML11?

All answers are nope, it's just normal IT with security in software and TCP/UDP/IP stack access.

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SMS 2FA gave us sweet FA security


Do people actually understand what they read.

Epic failure, lol.

I asked them to add U2F but nope.

Asked local MP Douglas Ross to have UK government link U2F to passports ID chip..

Then we have root of trust in hardware.

People are so slow with education.

So you're doing an IoT project. Cute. Let's start with the basics: Security

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oh and free PC Sudoku 17 puzzle


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SECURITY has to be abstracted away from the user problem domain!

https://www.switchedonscotland.com/ education only no sales at all.

Microsoft's five-billion-buck IoT R&D plan is just business as usual

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Never re-invent the wheel!

IoT hardware use SAML11


Humans use U2F


Been out for ages people hardware cryptography like 508a and new 608a


Can i have my $5 billion now Bill?

Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

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Re: I had to laugh

Do you know what IoT is mate?

Your talking about IT here talking peer to peer with IT.

These devices you say are IoT are Linux based IT mostly.

So funny thinking your educating when your part of the problem.

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Re: I had to laugh

Not about IoT.

It's about a step between IT & IoT.

Real IoT uses a secure IoT hub to talk to the TCP/UDP/IP world.

We use hardware cryptography that is tamper proof.

People are just not educated at all.

Security is not for you humans.

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Re: "'m looking forward to the call when I help her set up her subnets"

Your thinking IT here.

Please understand this is not IoT.

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You don't need this IT crap in your home, but we all need IoT!

We need to monitor our environments in order to save time & money on wastage.

IoT is for sensors & actuators over long distances no operating system involved very low level hardware.

Our local council don't check lights on the streets anymore.

They have out sourced the task of many hours checking thousands of lights by getting the public to report the lights not working. This is not the solution.

With IoT lights the state of the light and the time delays can be dynamic.

This means a light will report the problem with its brightness itself.

It will self check. Winter comes early the lights can be turned on, maybe even off to save money late at night.

The list of tasks IoT will monitor & action will become 10-100 times larger than the INTERNET.

You don't seem to read much do you, or at least educate yourself here.

Please educate yourself about the reality around you.

Comments from fools & ignorant people are hard to understand, but populate due to sheep mentality.

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Wake up people IoT is not IT!

Real IoT does not talk TCP/UDP/IP

IoT edge nodes talk to a IoT hub.

This IoT hub is the only part that talks over TCP/UDP/IP via MQTT & HTTPS

The hub should be based around a secure core like Microchip's SAML11.

The edge nodes should use 508a/608a from Atmel now Microchip!

for public key cryptography to talk over LoRa only.

Not LoRaWAN as it uses fixed symmetric AES keys per device that you need to store in a database. Madness here. No one stores AES keys in a database apart from fools.

These edge nodes can also use NFC/BLE adverts, but do not support the full BLE stack for TCP/IP access.

You must all understand IoT is a subset on the edge of IT.

Yes the venn diagram has a common area the IoT HUB.

Designs that use hardware cryptography in IoT are the same idea as U2F from FIDO is for human access control using the internet. In fact U2F can work over IoT for door access control also.

People really need to go back to school, your all very poorly educated here online.

N.B Personal IoT that does not talk to a IoT HUB but uses peer to peer can use TCP/UDP/IP but then these devices can and are used to attack the internet infrastructure. I don't count peer to peer as real IoT. Please understand this main point. The boundary between IT & IoT has two stages. One close range and the real IoT with long range measured in km.

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Disagree with definition of IoT, only fools build IoT with IP access. IDIOTS.

IoT is edge true.

We use LoRa modems to connect with a main LoRa hub, example IoT.

But it never talks direct with IT systems.

That would be mad from a design point of view.

To many attack vectors.

This LoRa hub represents many edge nodes and uses secure technology

to talk over TCP/IP to the back end.

We pick MQTT for this over TCP/IP.

To say all IoT uses IP is mad and totally wrong.

The understanding of IoT & IT is easy to see, when you build systems.

Most folk don't understand the difference.

We don't let 100,000,000 IoT edge nodes attack the IP infrastructure that would be madness people.



Meet the LPWAN clan: The Internet of Things' low power contenders

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They says years but its really hours.


Total agree most people are fools, thinking IoT is IT.

This is the problem poor education for people.


Even the sellers or LoRaWAN in Scotland advertise WiFi on telephone poles with LoRaWAN @ Inverness uni talks. I pointed out it was a false image they did not know!

I was asked to be quite about this point.

I ran tests for Semtech way back 2016/17 on their own hardware with GPS tracking IoT LoRaWAN kit. It lasted a few hours if lucky.

See my education site https://switchedonscotland.com/

You see the GPS is a beast with power.

When you think of a year long, this is a IoT device in deep sleep for 99.999% of the time.

Then and only then can you have the coin cell last.

So ten yeas might happen if the IoT is never used!

A Dark Germ

IoT is about sensors & actuators connecting to a IoT hub.

Your missing the point of IoT.

IoT is not IT in the field.

IoT is all about sensors & actuators that send small amounts of data at periodic times or on request.

Your confused . com like most people these days.

Time to return to school i think.

Please understand the problem domain before applying a solution.

LoRa modems are free to use and can cover a vast range with small amounts of data less then 255 bytes.

WiFi is IT, OK.

Your off topic here 100%

A Dark Germ

LoRa modems for me, dump LoRaWAN it's not secure.

LoRa modems are my pick for FREE to PLAY with IoT

I will not PAY to PLAY with IoT.

Using LoRa modems not LoRaWAN.

Can clone on LoRaWAN on TTN a year back.

Poor SECURITY model, uses symmetric keys!

Will not use LoRaWAN for bespoke projects will only use it for class demo to show how not to build SECURE systems..

Adding 508a/608a from Atmel for hardware public key cryptography on our projects.

SAML11 for the Secure boot IoT hub talking to your back-end via MQTT over TCP/IP.

N.B. Even LoRa modems you need to apply the 1% rule here in UK/EU.

Talk for 1 second wait for 99 seconds before use again.

This is for fair sharing.

I am in Forres, want to work on the A96.uk IoT project with me?

Covering 100 mile road Inverness to Aberdeen concept.

me@a96.uk for all Scotland IoT projects.

Patch Tuesday heats up with pair of exploited zero-days squashed – plus 58 other vulns fixed

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Why do people buy an operating system that has never been finished?

Why after all these years do we not have a FIXED operating system?

They will never finish the bloatware because they sell subscriptions not product!

All you people seem to forget your buying into a LIE.

Wake ALL up stupid people.

When you buy a toaster machine, does it only toast when it wants and only in one small corner?

No it does as advertised, it toasts to your needs.

This is called a requirement.

You need to know what your requirement is!

Wake up, smell the coffee.

Your all acting like SHEEP.

SMS 2FA gave us sweet FA security, says Reddit: Hackers stole database backup of user account info, posts, messages

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FIDO/FIDO2 people wake up to U2F security tokens.

Pointless story about a failed companies with idiots in charge.

Write one about phishing being stopped 100% with U2F security tokens with Google

Oh it's been done, lol..

Wake up SHEEP, been out for years.


Google unwraps its gateway drug: Edge TPU chips for IoT AI code

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Don't see the point of ML on an edge device.

Normally an edge device is a very low power simple functioning device.

It the device is running Linux then it is IT.

IoT runs from micro-controllers 'MCU' that are low power and don't require high CPU use.

Google is like all IT companies trying to reach into IoT land.

They forget IoT talks to IT devices, these do the heavy work of TCP/IP MQTT & security when talking to the back-end system.

We have a boarder like BREXIT!

I wish people would understand the sales pitches are just Google pushing small folk out of the IoT business. Bullies in fact like all corporations.

2FA? We've heard of it: White hats weirded out by lack of account security in enterprise

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Re: 2FA can be worse than just letting things be

U2F this is!

A Dark Germ

Re: Taking a Right Liberty .....

They implemented U2F from FIDO.

2FA does not work.

Why are so many people confused with 2FA & U2F.

2FA using PIN's via e-mail/phone second channel dont work.

They can be hacked.

You need U2F from FIDO/FIDO2


UK Home Office warns tech staff not to tweet negative Donald Trump posts

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Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a joke, why can we not just all say it.

You would not want him with your child.

Half of all Windows 10 users thought: BSOD it, let's get the latest build

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BSOD no its not, it's a GREEN SOD

Why do you call it a BSOD when it's a GREEN error screen under Windows 1803

Happens every day, some times twice a day.

GSOD since 2016, wake up people!

Windows is so highly coupled it falls over every day!

Mad date : 1803: 17134.81

Sometimes after it reboots, mostly it just sits until the power is turned off & on again.

Computers are not like they where 20 years ago.

They used to work 24/7/365 with out a hitch.

Now this subscription CRAP is killing the planet.

Billions of hours of users frustration while Micro$oft takes the piss out of us all.

SHEEP! are you all SNP followers?