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MacOS wakes to a bright Catalina sunrise – and broken Adobe apps

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Left behind and loving it

I am writing this on a 201- 17" MacBook Pro (DuoCore) running OSX 10.6.8. I suffered MacOS updates until finally saying 'screw this' as the updates broke my Office 2011, Adobe CS, Sibelius music notation, ProTools LE, and a number of smaller, very useful programs. Replacing all this was out of the question for this retiree, so I went back to the last installation disc I possessed and have been running like this for about two years now.

Only downside so far is the inability to stream some video. I have to use an outated version of Firefox (48.0.2) and consequently an outdated version of Flash. I do have Mohave loaded as an optional boot, but I have never really needed to go there. I keep a cheap PC laptop handy if I need to look at something the Mac won't load.

The huge plus side is the inability to stream some video. No autoplay crap (although embedded GIFs still show). I run AdBlocker, but the old OS still helps to eliminate 100% of ads on my computer (sorry, El Reg). I also still have those nice bouncing icons on a magnifying dock, a prettier Gallery mode (then Cover Flow) in Finder (I don't do videos so don't need the new view), and, really, a better experience, since Apple now designs for its iStuff leaving computer faithful behind.

Won't leave this until dead or someone comes up with a 17" laptop (glorious thing!) running Linux that supports legacy Mac software.

Just what we all needed, lactose-free 'beer' from northern hipsters – it's the Vegan Sorbet Sour

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Re: we rely upon readers to tell us what colour it turns your, er, you know.


NASA's Chandra probe suddenly becomes an EX-ray space telescope (for now, anyway)

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I know right?

It's easy to be a fly on the wall, just get yourself a degree in engineering. You already have the wonderment of how things work, the apparent desire to improve yourself, and the expert command of horribly, horribly outdated catchphrases.

It's never too late to get that degree. I was a technician for a large corp who's name starts and ends with X and was designing circuit boards using ProE. Finally got my BS in Engineering when I turned 50, along with bigger board designs and a 5% raise.

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engineering sense

NASA contracts probably includes significant penalties for probes failing before required lifespan, and rewards for extended life. Common business and engineering sense would ensure that these probes are designed for 4x-5x required lifespan, so longevity is not at all surprising.

Beardy Branson: Wacky hyperloop tube maglev cheaper than railways

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"Brit who moved to Canada"

I live in Portland, Oregon and fairly recently took a lovely Amtrak trip to Detroit and back - three days each way and much cheaper than airfare.

That said, I'm somewhat nervous whenever I take the train to Seattle to take in a Mariners baseball or Seahawks American Football game. There's a 40-mile stretch of fairly unstable earth well south of Seattle and annually there's either a mudslide or a derailment that closes the track.

600MPH on the Pacific Coast? I'd like to see the movie when The Earthquake hits. I was watching the 1989 baseball World Series when the big San Francisco earthquaqe hit and pancaked a hundred-plus souls under the collapsed double-deck Nimitz Highway. No thanks.

I don't understand the downvote(s) on Brit's post. Must not understand.


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