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NAB mainframe turns its TOESUP* after power outage, offline 7 hours


Re: UPS upgrades

Not new at all, when I worked for IBM in the min 2000's we had two outages at it's major Sydney DC that impacted at least 2 airlines, multiple banks and many, many other businesses, fortunately around midnight or so both times.

The first involved some wanker driving his car into the local power substation, which caused the DC to switch to UPS, whose batteries hadn't been checked for far too long. Causing the entire DC to go dark before the generator could kick in.

The second was when testing the newly installed batteries, some other wanker had forgotten to turn the diesel supply back on to the generator with expected results.

IBM manglement has not had a clue for years, ignoring tech advice from tech staff is the start of it...

The more things change the more they stay the same.