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Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!


Re: Definition of theft / fraud

Fraud. If the data didnt have value, Facebook wouldn't want it. And there was deception involved as people thought they were authenticating themselves, not providing Facebook with their intellectual property. Hell, a ex-Intel engineer is being sued by Intel for among other things taking employee contact information with him when he left for Micron:


Amazon boss snubs 'expensive', 'sub-optimal' relational databases. Here's looking at you, Larry


Ah yes, tying executive compensation to the racial, sexual and gender makeup of top management. Such an excellent way to prove that you should judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, and what they stick in where. We are all just the same, and just as capable aren't we? No possible differences in job performance due to those traits right?

So you've 'seen' the black hole. Now for the interesting bit – how all that raw data was stored


Re: Helium filled at high altitude.

It never occurred to you that fans are commodity components and are readily available at higher speeds?

As you wrap up this month's patch installs, don't forget these Intel fixes


Re: On most operating systems these will be installed automatically

The Linux kernel contains microcode updates as well.

Patch blues-day: Microsoft yanks code after some PCs are rendered super secure (and unbootable) following update


How retarded is the author, that he thinks that this is somehow Microsoft's fault for these programs which hook undocumented API calls?

The biggest barrier to AI? It may be the AI companies themselves


What again is this problem with the video of the Christchurch killings be streamed? When an air strike is shown on the nightly news, people dont complain. When their tax dollars pay for it, they don't do any more than complain, and certainly they do not stop paying taxes less the government ultimately come after them with lethal force. It just seems as if they're uncomfortable with being reminded that the state (and corporations) are ultimately helpless at preventing harm from coming to them in their own neighborhoods by their neighbors.

2019: The year all-flash finally goes lamestream – but you know we were into it before it was cool


Re: Meh

Tape has the difference that the media is dirt cheap compared to HDDs which offer similar capacities, and more importantly have significantly higher URE rates. The LTO5 drive I have at home is only 1.5TB and about $20 per tape on Amazon, a 1TB WD Blue HDD is $45. More importantly the LTO5 tape has 10^17 URE rates whereas the WD blue has 10^14. Since tape is relegated almost exclusively to backup storage, URE rates are a big deal. Sure you can find HDDs and Flash with similar URE rates but they are silly expensive.

NPM clings to its cuddly image – as senior staff vote with their feet: Now longtime product boss quits JS package biz


Considering that her direct reports were terminated, it sounds like she knew her head was next on the chopping block and decided to exit in a very public manner in hopes that someone would take pity on her and offer her a new job.

And here's Intel's Epyc response: Up-to 56-core, 4GHz 14nm second-gen Xeon SP chips, Agilex FPGAs, persistent mem


Re: So - 56 cores instead of 64

There are massive architectural differences. The number of cores which share L3 cache for one. And the ability for large VMs (or threadpools) to do work without having to span NUMA boundaries and the incurred latency penalties for another. To the number of sockets which they can scale to.

Someone's spreading an MBR-trashing copy of the Christchurch killer's 'manifesto' – and we're OK with this, maybe?


Is the author of this story retarded or just pretending to be, how about the "security" company which published this information too? Office hasnt allowed VBScript to run by default for well over a decade. Hell I cant even edit Excel docs which have been downloaded from the internet without clicking extra buttons.

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes


Re: Why did it require two?

Because more than 55 million people die every year, and the few hundred which died from these two accidents are nothing more than a rounding error.

It's a hard drive ahead: Seagate hits the density problem with HAMR, WD infects MAMR with shingles


Tape drives have very limited uses cases and only support a very limited number of seek cycles

Adi Shamir visa snub: US govt slammed after the S in RSA blocked from his own RSA conf


Re: Though it's only fair...

What I dont understand is why they didnt plan for this contingency and just do video conferencing.

Another way to look at Amazon's counterfeit-busting Project Zero: Making merchants cough up protection money


Re: Buyer Beware

Amazon really doesnt care about customer feedback. I've posted negative reviews because products I purchased came with cards saying the seller would give you free stuff if you left a positive review, and included a picture of the card in my review. The review was flagged and required approval from Amazon staff once I clicked the submit button and they denied me the ability to post it. So they're basically allowing vendors to bribe people for positive reviews, and denying the ability for customers to alert other people of these practices.

Prodigy chip brainiacs Tachyum hook up with Euro HPC consortium


"The chip has fewer and shorter wires than an x86 CPU, due to its smaller, simpler core, Tachyum has said, claiming its compiler makes many parts of the hardware found in a typical processor redundant."

So its Intel Itanium all over again?

Storage mad lads VAST Data tell world+dog: We've just inhaled $80m. Oh, and here's how we do that 'no more tiers' thing


A high performance flash array whos primary method of access is NFS and it doesnt support 4.1 and multipathing?

After IBM SoftLayer fails to scrub bare-metal box firmware of any lurking spies, alarm raised over cloud server security


What good does reflashing the BMC's firmware do? The only (supported) way of doing that is from the BMC itself, and if it had been compromised, then it could just ignore the new firmware and report a successful reflash. I really doubt they're removing the EEPROM/flash from the motherboard and flashing it and resoldering it.

Who needs malware? IBM says most hackers just PowerShell through boxes now, leaving little in the way of footprints


Re: Cue the corporate stupidity

StorageSpaces Direct is the same way. Also Server Manager is just a front end to PowerShell scripts.


PowerShell is a horribly verbose language with exceptionally poor performance.

Visited the Grand Canyon since 2000? You'll have great photos – and maybe a teensy bit of unwanted radiation


Re: Amazingly reasonable reporting here

They're still widely used here in the US for glow in the dark gun sights

Cop films chap on body-worn cam because he 'complains about cops a lot'. Chap complains


Re: No wonder

You dont understand what the words "break in" mean do you?

Defaulting to legacy Internet Explorer just to keep that one, weird app working? Knock it off


Re: I've always felt uncomfortable with this statement

The problem isnt that the web UI is broken, its that you're not using a CLI that'll work with a terminal from the 1970s or a SSH client 10 years from now.

Mumsnet data leak: Moaning parents could see other users' privates after cloud migration


Re: Mumsnet penetrated

How are they not a communication provider, if all their customers do is whine about their lives on it? That is the very definition of communication provider.

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign


Re: Nothing like having your work day extended a few more hours because 'The Cloud' is unavailable.

You do realize this would be the use case for 2019?

A second preview of .NET Core 3? Shucks, Microsoft. You spoil us


Re: Coincidentally ...

Here in the US if you see something like that it isnt clueless recruiters, its H1B visa fraud. So they can say they couldnt find an American applicant with the required skills.

Whats(goes)App must come down... World in shock as Zuck decides to intertwine Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp


Re: Telegram

Because a program which you have to log in with your phone number is that much better to keeping you from being tracked.

The Apple Mac is 35 years old. Behold the beige box of the future


Re: Typical el Reg

"light years ahead"

Funny because my mid-2014 rMBP has a severely pitted case because my sweat has dissolved it. I've only ever had this problem with macs because no one else bothers to use an anodized aluminum case. The aluminum safety on my pistol isnt pitted at all. Sure i've held it a lot less, but it also isnt anodized and is just bare metal.

Intel boss: Expect chip shortages into mid-2019, stumbling server processor sales this year


Re: Expect chip shortages into mid-2019...

You have no idea what competitive even means do you? You're comparing a chip which scales to 8 sockets to one which can only scale to 2. Show me anything from AMD which even scales to 8 sockets How daft are you?

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently


Re: Google are crafty

Because SSL inspection isnt common on any modern firewall?


Re: Google are cunts

Because that content would still take up resources of one kind or another.

Get in the bin: Let's Encrypt gives admins until February 13 to switch off TLS-SNI-01


Re: so you can validate via DNS...

"How is that different from any other SSL certificate provider?"


Cops told: No, you can't have a warrant to force a big bunch of people to unlock their phones by fingerprint, face scans


Re: An example of why some things should always go in front of a judge

I hate to break it to you, but the judiciary is a branch of government.

Facebooker swatted, Kaspersky snares an NSA thief, NASA server exposed, and more


Re: Take down the power grid? Old News.

Sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Their cursors moving around the screen? Because things like ssh, rdp or x window servers all of which allow multiple sessions dont exist? I really doubt state sponsored attackers would put so little effort in to their malware that it is nothing more than goto assist.


"You can see why this would be an extremely useful tool to anyone wanting to infiltrate the US space agency."

Pretty sure all this information would be available under a FOIA request.

Talk about beating heads against brick walls... Hard disk drive unit shipments slowly spinning down


Re: Or drop in system sales?

"Many of the "SSD" sold in popular entry level kit are nothing like "enterprise" SSD either and can be slower sequential write"

What SSDs are you referring to? SD cards? Just about any consumer grade SSD of the past 5 years beats a comparable HDD at sequential write throughput

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


Re: I think I can spare 7Gb out of the 8Tb I'm using for storage at the moment.

Funny because my Windows VM templates are well under 10GB each. I really have no idea how the people in these threads have no idea how to install Windows from a Microsoft ISO instead of the bloatware riddled vendor supplied disk, and to remove unnecessary feature installers, or the uninstallation files for updates.

Jeep hacking lawsuit shifts into gear for trial after US Supremes refuse to hit the brakes


Re: So...

Because those systems do have business being on the same bus. So people cant watch video or browse the internet on their head unit while the vehicle is being driven. So you can display diagnostic information such as the TPMS sensor values on the head unit. Thats like asking why would you ever want a monitor to be connected to your computer, because someone could hack your computer because DisplayPort can carry USB data.

And lo! Tim Cook becometh tech Jesus. But with more awards


Re: Well duh

"at least they tell me up-front what I need to pay them and what I'll get for it"

They tell you that your keyboard will break if it gets dust on it? That the CPU will heavily throttle due to overheating if you use it for anything more than casual web browsing, or if it is a phone more than a couple years old? That any cable from them will biodegrade after a year or two of use because they dont want to use PVC? That their cases will dissolve and corrode from contact with skin?

I think I found the fanboi.

Windows 10 or Cisco Advanced Malware Protection: Pick one


Software which hooks undocumented system calls may be incompatible with future versions of a operating system? Who would have thought.

What a meth: Woman held for 3 months after cops mistake candy floss for hard drugs


"The moral of the story? Ensure every suspicious nook and cranny of your motor is clear of anything even remotely resembling a controlled substance."

Or just tell the cops to go fvck themselves when they ask to search your car, and cite the tth amendment.

Euro consumer groups: We think Android tracking is illegal


Re: (sees mention of Google maps in headline ...)

"Waze is the answer"

You do realize Waze is owned/developed by Google?



"And that's not even considering that every citizen has a voice in choosing its government in a democracy."

They actually don't. Since you're bringing up US politics, in virtually every election, the largest constituent has been those who have abstained as they thought none of the politicians were fit for office. Their voices are however routinely ignored by NPCs.

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here


Re: I rather like it, but for one detail

HP EliteBooks

Oracle sued by app sales rep: I made tens of millions for Larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claim


It begs the question if Oracle discriminates against her for her gender, why did they even hire her in the first place?

Azure, Office 365 go super-secure: Multi-factor auth borked in Europe, Asia, USA


US too

I have some customers in the US who are now locked out of their email accounts on their desktops. Microsoft says its not a big deal because their phone is still working.

John McAfee is 'liable' for 2012 death of Belize neighbour, rules court


Re: Extradiction unlikely

Are you daft? You do understand this is a civil case not a criminal one? And since the law enforcement organizations in Belize dropped the charges against him, there is criminal case to extradite him on anyways.

Solid state of fear: Euro boffins bust open SSD, Bitlocker encryption (it's really, really dumb)


Not sure why you (or the twitter guy) is blaming Microsoft. They're just using a standards based API. Its the drive vendor's fault for this vulnerability. Also this has nothing to do with SSDs, there are plenty of self encrypting HDDs.

Cloudflare invites folk to dabble in the 'distributed web' with InterPlanetary File System gateway


" users can host content themselves without big hosts as gatekeepers"

With the Cloudflare gateway this will still happen as evidenced by what they did with The DailyStormer.

Desktop hypervisor fiends. Both of you. VMware's testing a new cut of Workstation


It would be nice after all these years they would fix fundamental problems with their desktop hypervisors like Fusion being utterly incapable for automatically reconnecting to a vCenter server after the computer goes to sleep, instead of adding features like a REST API which few will use. Bugs like this show that their developers never actually use their own products in their daily workflows.