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Mens mag debuts e-ink cover

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Yes, it's supposedly hackable, according to an article in Wired a month or so ago. The advert is on the inside because Ford financed a BIG chunk of the experiment, and they had a specially designed thin battery which should last a couple of weeks

MSI releases £235 desktop Eee PC rival ahead of Asus

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Looks like a mini-itx solution, but cheaper than DIY. Would make a perfect mythtv media-centre client.

O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

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Re: 3 mobile + laptop = 384k cap?

@Gil - are you connecting to your laptop via cable or bluetooth? If bluetooth then I would guess that your laptop's bluetooth connection doesn't support EDR, so that is your limiting factor.

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

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re: First touch screen device

Or the 770, n800, n810 or recently announced N810-we (wiMax)

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First touch device

ignoring the other touch "screen" devices Nokia sell, I'm fairly sure you touch the N95 to make it work. Unless I got an early version without psychic interface

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

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Common sense

coming out of a government agency! Who'd have thought it. But I've still set up TOR, even though I'm not with one of the ISP's who've sold out. Maybe I'll just switch all my traffic to Three mobile broadband on PAYG, and get myself about as anonymous as you can get. Cash only top-ups though, of course.

Three questions for the Jesus SDK

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VOIP over edge

@Chad - I've used VOIP over GPRS, using the GSM and G729 codecs. Just because skypes codec is so bloated that it doesn't work, doesn't mean that VOIP can't work.

The GSM codec was created to carry voice over, er, GSM networks, and GPRS runs on, er, GSM. So yes, edge is _easily_ quick enough to run VOIP.

Nokia N810 internet tablet

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So. I love my n800. I pair with my Nokia 6500 for 3g when I'm not near a wifi connection. With a wifi connection I use the n800 for making phone calls over SIP, but it works equally well with skype.

Adding a SIM slot would have significantly increased the cost. OK so a GSM modem is dirt-cheap to add, but you've got to factor in the cost of adding the additional required security software for sim access, the significantly increased testing costs (both in-house and FCC-type approval). And do you go gsm or cmda? umts or hsdpa? mobile tech progresses very quickly. By leaving it out nokia have cut the cost of the device and don't have to build different versions for different markets. Just compare the cost of the n810 to the HTC tytn 2, another gps smartphone device with a keyboard. The tytn is 50% more expensive, with a lesser quality screen.

It horses-for-courses. I use my n800 primarily for browsing and reading ebooks. The browsing experience blows the iPhone out of the water due to the higher resolution screen, and for the same reason ebooks are great.

HTC Advantage gets a facelift

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Re: Not an UMPC

And the resolution (640x480) sucks, but that's a limitation of windows mobile, not the hardware. More proof that it's not a UMPC. Although you don't have to run windows to be a UMPC.

Nokia wins hearts, minds with breakthrough mobile

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Nokia 6210

My mother-in-law is still using my old 6210. I miss that phone :(

999 comes to VoIP

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Mobile Phones

I use VOIP for most of my calls (still have BT because I can't get cable :( ). In the event of a power cut though, I'd just use one of the 3 mobiles we've got, the odds of them all being out of power is pretty low.

Dell's Linux sleight of hand

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But XP is cheaper

I've just spec'd up an Inspiron 6400 with both XP and Ubuntu, using the exact same components (as far as possible).

Ubuntu: £440.62 inc. VAT & Shipping

XP Home: £289.00 ex. VAT & Shipping (£339.58 inc Vat exc Shipping)

So, unless they're charging ~£100 for the shipping, that makes the XP version cheaper. Again.

HTC slides out TyTN II 'super 3G' smartphone

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looks nice

I used to love my XDA2, and then the TYTN, and this looks like a very worthy successor to the TYTN. But, I've since dropped them all in favour of the Nokia N800 and a slim 3g handset (which lives in the pocket)